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Wednesday, November 23, 2005

In The Bus Again

Today in 177...

I was sitting on the seat where there are two seats facing two seats in front of it. The on this particular stop, there was this guy who boarded. Dressed in an old-looking T-shirt and shorts, holding a plastic bag, and looks kind of old (around 40s I would say). He sat in front of me (the seat which faces mine).

Everything was fine until...
he started to dig his nose.

Eww...that's disgusting. And he's doing it in front of me! He digged for about...1 minute or so. Is his nose so big? Or is his fingers too small? No offence but I just find that act disgusting. After digging he started to smell his finger (the one used to dig his nose). Ouch! Like he can't smell it when it was in his nose like that...ironic huh? Smelling something that CAME from your weird.

That's not all, he started to dig his ears next. I was like, "This is going to be a long journey." This time, it lasted for about 30 seconds, not as long as his previous "act".

What he did next, made me alight the bus straight away.

He bit his finger.

(Well, I didn't alight straight away as my stop has not reached. But you get the idea. And if I remember correctly, I think he smiled at me.)

Note: No offence to the man in this story.


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