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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Best Speed Bump Ever

Found this video early in the morning (is 8.30am early?) and I thought it was quite interesting. Watch what happens to cars that encounter such speed bumps.

After watching the video, I came to a few conclusions.

1. The guy in the video makes a good show host.

2. The trajectory of the car in the video seems to be made up. The amount of time spent by the car in the air seems too long.

3. Speeding kills.

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Monday, November 26, 2007

Exams Are Over!!! exams for this semester is over. Anyway, I have two tags to do. One from Andreana and the other from Denise. I will do Andreana's first since she tagged me before Denise did. Another reason is that Denise's tag requires more can't do it within a short time :) goes...

7 Truths About Me

1. I have a blog.

Yes...the truth is out there and guess's here. I write a blog. Done.

2. I have a blog called Steph's Blog.

Yes. The answer to this second part is True and not False. Pretty simple True or False question. Sadly it didn't come out in my CA.

3. I am a guy.

Strange it may be, some people think that I am a girl! How sad that is. Do you know what this means? It means that some girls may think that I am a girl too! Lol...that's why I wrote in the "About Me" section that I am a guy. Some people don't read that part I guess.

4. I may look serious, but seriously I do talk crap sometimes.

I have friends who can testify to this.

5. I am single.

As sad as it is, I am single.

6. I am a student.

Yes, I am studying.

7. I study in NTU.

Yes, I study in the MIT of the East.

Looking back at my list, I feel that somehow, it's kinda Well, I guess that's what happens when you try to rush a tag. Need to sleep liao. Bye.

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Sunday, November 04, 2007

Girls And Their Personalities

Recently I read Theresia's blog and found a very interesting point of view from her. In her post, she states that there are a few guys that girls would like. They are:

01. The gentleman
02. The cool guy
03. The bad guy
04. The romantic guy
05. The muscular guy
06. The so-called know-everything guy
07. The arrogant guy
08. The musical guy
09. The good-looking guy
10. The X-factor guy

Personally, all these guys don't suit me (duh!).

Anyway from my experience of 21 years on Earth, I have seen and observed certain patterns displayed in girls. They are:

(Note: Conversations used in each type are purely fictional. They didn't actually happen.)

1. The hyper-active girl

She's the type who will laugh and squeal over the tiniest event.

Me: Hey, is that your friend over there?
Girl: Whooo!!! You are right man!

She goes over to her friend (who also happens to be type 1) and they both scream and squeal over the momentous occasion which was nothing more than bumping into each other while walking to lectures. Life will never be boring (or quiet) with them around.

2. The super silent girl

These girls are very silent. It's hard to get to know them because of their silent-ness.

Me: Hi. My name is Stephen and I am in this tutorial class.
Girl: ...
Me: ...
Girl: ...
Me: ...
Girl: ...
Me: ...
Girl: ...
Me: I think I am in the wrong class sorry.

However, I guess if you get to know them, they won't be that quiet anymore.

3. The tomboy girl

From one look, you'll think that she's a he. But hey! You are wrong! She's a she after all.

I don't know why certain girls like to dress up in a tomboyish way. Some even go to the extent of cutting short hair and if you look at them from the back, you won't suspect that she's a girl!

Once, I had a student from a girl's school. Apparently, there are girls who liked my student (my student's a girl too). My student looks kinda boy-ish but her actions and behavior were that of a girl. I asked her a question...

Me: Why do you dress so boy-ishly?
Student: So that guys won't find me attractive.
Me: Huh? Why?
Student: I am still studying now and I want to concentrate in my studies.
Me: Oh okay...then how about those girls who like you in your school.
Student: Well, I just tell them I am not interested.

Interesting...but I wonder how many tomboy-ish girls have the same reason.

4. The conservative girl

I've seen a lot of this while growing up. However, now I seldom see them anymore. Maybe it's because as they grow up they become influenced by society and hence become "open-minded"? I don't know.

Normally, they wear simple clothes that doesn't attract much attention.

However, sometimes you will meet up with the super-conservative girl. It's interesting to see what happens.

Me: Hey! This place is nice. Want to take a photo with me?
Girl: Er...sorry but I can't.
Me: Huh?
Girl: Well, you are just a friend and so I can't take a photo with you. I can only take a photo with the guy who will...
Me: By the you know the numerical value of root 2?

Okay...I guess it's nothing wrong with that. I mean if my girlfriend tells me that I am the first guy to take a photo with her I won't like -_- or do something similar. Actually I will feel honored. However, that's just me. Moderate amounts of conservatism is healthy :)

5. The girl who does not wear enough

If you walk around Orchard Road or sometimes in NTU, you can meet some girls who wear clothes that seem to have parabolic curves cut out from it. Hole here and hole there.

Surprisingly, these girls can withstand the fierce snowstorm in lecture theaters. I myself need a windbreaker to keep myself warm and there in front of me was a girl who stood fearlessly with pieces of cloth and still unscathed by the icy cold atmosphere.

Seriously...I don't know why they want to wear such an outfit. Once I heard an advice from someone (actually it's me lah). Let's say a girl wears revealing clothes for the purpose of getting a guy to like her. Then one fine day true enough, she got a boyfriend. But...if they boyfriend approached her just because she wears revealing clothes...then it's sad isn't it? I mean, the guy is just only interested in her because of what she wears and not because of who she is.

This is just my point of view on the 5th type. Maybe there's a higher-order reason why girls wear revealing clothes that my mind could not comprehend. The truth is out there...(or is it even there in the first place?).

Okay done...I guess 5 is enough for now. I can't think of anymore. Maybe after the exams I will expand the list.

Disclaimer: This post only contains my point of view. The contents of this post should not come out for your Final Exam.

However, in the event that a question like "Based on Theresia's Theories On Guys what is the 7th type?" or "What does Stephen wear when he feels cold" comes out for your exam, please don't find me. I didn't set the exam paper.

With that I wish everyone all the best for their exams :D

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Friday, November 02, 2007

How Come I Always See Him When I See You?

It happened yesterday. I had Life Science lecture. So I went to school early to print the lecture notes. I walked over to Lee Wee Nam and saw that there were some unused computers below. So I went down.

I walked to one computer second from the edge. I placed my bag down and log-in. Waited for awhile...

Done. Next I opened Internet Explorer and went to edventure. I clicked on the Life Science subject.

Then I heard a familiar voice...I didn't turn my head to see who it was as I was busy looking at my notes. They talked in Chinese but I'll just translate them to English. Apparently, the girl (whom I recognize) was talking to the guy beside me!

Girl: Hello!
Guy: Hi!
Girl: Printing notes is it?
Guy: the way...
Girl: ???
Guy: How come I always see him when I see you?

Lol...I didn't know what to say. What he said was true. Last Thursday, when I went to school early, I bumped into her while walking to LWN. After printing my notes, as I walked out, I bumped into her again. Today, I bumped into her again. So I guess, it wasn't surprising that the guy would ask the girl this question.

Girl: Where got?

Lol...what an answer. I tried to print my notes, but ALAS! There wasn't any printer connected to this computer. So I log-off and went to another computer. I was afraid that by doing so, the girl and guy may think that I was offended by that question and walked away. Aiya...the reason I walked away was because there wasn't any printer connected to the computer.

I went to another computer and printed the lecture notes. I went to the photocopying shop and ALAMAK! It was one slide per page! Shucks! I wasted $$$. Normally, I would have printed 2 slides per page and double-sided. I guess I was distracted by that comment. Never mind.

After printing, I walked out. I saw her again! Lol...I don't know what to say. I went to lecture.

After the lecture, I went to Lib 2 with my friend. We looked through some books. After that, we decided to go to Canteen B and have our lunch before Maths lecture. So we went there as I walked down the stairs, I saw her. She walked up the stairs. I didn't know whether she did look at me as I didn't look at her (I was busy trying to watch my footing so that I won't fall down the staircase). So she walked past me. It was super drama loh!

I don't know what all these means. What makes the whole thing more interesting is that this girl was the one who I suspect may have some interests in *ahem*.

Okay let me stray away from this topic now...

After maths lecture, I went to LWN with one Indonesian friend to study. While we studied, he mentioned something very meaningful. He mentioned that he's in some CCA that does Voluntary Work. In his CCA, he helps the blind people by giving them tuition. He told me that he was impressed by their determination to study despite their handicap. It wasn't easy for the blind to study, but still they studied. Inspiring isn't it?

It's a sad world, but if you are an employer, would you employ a healthy or a handicap person? The truth sometimes can be unkind, but despite that, these blind people still choose to study.

I was touched by this short piece of testimony from my friend. After knowing this, I will feel guilty if I don't study when I can see.

Exams are coming and I hope that this story will help all of us to be inspired to study hard. If the blind can study, what excuse do we, who can see, have?

All the best for your exams :D

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