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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Ronald McDonald In DDR

I never knew our well-known mascot for burgers could dance DDR.

While watching the video, I thought what would happen if some smart alec would go to tomorrow's NTU Career Fair dressed like that and perform a dance on 3 (mind you it's 3 and not 1) DDR

Actually it's kinda healthy. Imagine after eating all those carbs from an Extra Value Meal you exercise by following this video. Sounds like some show with the title "5mins of Exercise Fun with Ronald!".

What's next? Senior executives performing a rap video? I think I may have seen that somewhere before...

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Monday, January 28, 2008

A Letter To A Friend

Dear Ana,

So how's your problem with him? Has he said it? No? Well he maybe shy or just simply not interested.

It won't be fair to him if I advise you to avoid him. However, it will not be a wise thing either to go with him without knowing his intentions. It's tough to make a decision as I don't really know him yet. The only person who knows his personality and character is you. So I guess you have to think hard and really decide if you want to take that step.

Emotions are hard to avoid. I won't say things like, "Forget about him" or "Try not to think about it" as it's easy to say but seeing how you are affected by it, I guess it's not an easy thing.

You said that girls tend to be more emotional while boys tend to be more logical. From what I see, that's generally the case. True...girls tend to be more emotional that's why you should be extra careful before deciding. I must also warn you of the type of boys that enter a relationship without any sincerity but with ulterior motives. Beware of such people and stay far from them. They may be skilled in the use of language and words. However, those honeyed words hide a frightening motive. Be careful.

Well, I may have told you this before, but I will tell you again. Remember that your heart is precious. It is something that money cannot buy. So don't give it easily to anyone who sways your heart with nice-sounding words. If your love is given to the right person, you will be very happy as you know that your heart will be taken care of. At the same time, I am sure the right man will be honoured that you have given your heart (something that you have closely guarded) to him. However, if you give it to the wrong person...there maybe sad occurences that could have been avoided.

You see, when you love someone, that person somehow...some able to affect your day by the little things he do. For example, by not SMS-ing you, he's able to make you wait patiently for him for the whole day. This may affect your mood and when your mood is affected, it may affect the way you talk or behave. So you your heart to someone is as good as giving him a hold on your emotions. Why let someone who is insensitive to your heart take hold of your emotions? It would be better if it was given to the man who really understands you.

Understand that you only have one heart. Give it to someone who you know will be there for you. Someone who really cares for you. Someone who you know you can depend on. If he hasn't shown up in your life, then wait. It is much better than giving your heart to the wrong person. Treasure your heart and you won't regret it.

Enjoy your holiday in your hometown and I wish you all the best. I hope that this letter will be of some help.


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Sunday, January 20, 2008

Medan Trip 2007

Photo Time!

I don't know how many of you realised this but I have not posted any photos from my Medan trip! Lol..I think I better post them now lest I forget again...haha.

First of all, before the family went to Medan, we had to look for a suitable luggage. We found one and guess what? There was some weird nest on it!

According to my Dad, it was a wasp's nest. Apparently, the empty holes mean that the young ones are gone (thankfully they are gone).

We went to the airport and saw some nice pictures. So I decided to take some photos.

In the picture below, you can see my flight. It's the one going to "Medan" on the very first row.

While waiting for the flight, we heard some music. I looked over to where the music was and lo and behold...this was what I saw.

At first, I thought that they were guys in pink uniforms dancing ballet! I know the idea sounds weird but seriously, their faces somehow look manly. No offence's just my opinion.

Okay...the flight came and I took it. Here's a pic of what it's like from the plane. In case you are wondering, the lights belong to Singapore...yeah. And if you look carefully, the bright neon light actually spells "Stephen".

Nah...just joking.

I sat at the back row. So I had the opportunity to take a photo from the back. Some people are busy reading newspapers while others are sleeping. Well, the guy in front of me doesn't seem to have any dandruff.

Now here's an interesting picture.

It even has instructions on what NOT to throw inside. I can't believe that people actually throw bottles inside...sheesh.

Here's the instruction on how to open the toilet door.

"Please open door slowly". Somehow, the red and green man reminds me of the two stickmen at the top of my blog.

In case you are wondering, there's a toad/frog inside this shoe. Can you see it?

We had trouble trying to take a photo of it inside the shoe. So in the end we flipped the shoe and gave a strong pat. As expected, the toad/frog jumped out. Here's how it looks like.

Ahh...Christmas...this scene was taken when they were singing "Malam Kudus" (Silent Night). It's a pretty nice scene and atmosphere. I miss Christmas...

After Christmas was over, one of my Dad's friends invited us to dinner. Here's the picture of us and the food.

Right side = my family. Left side = My Dad's friends. The meal was nice and sumptuous.

Ooo...we had coconuts, sop asem (sour soup), sambal kangkong, cumi-cumi goreng (fried squid: this one was actually crispy...interesting), ayam goreng, gado-gado, some other dishes which I can't remember and finally RICE!! Yes, we had rice. No meal is complete without rice.

It's pretty easy to guess where I am. Clue: I am not the one on the table that looks like fried chicken.

This set of photos were taken a few days before we went back to Singapore. It's actually a roadside stall that sells kueh bamboo (bamboo cake) and putu mayang (some edible food that looks like white bihun). While the owner of the stall was making our order, I asked if I could take some photos. He just kept quiet and smiled. I took that as a "yes".

I guess that's all for photos. Looking forward to another trip :D

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Friday, January 18, 2008

The Keychain (Part 1)

She saw him at Lee Wee Nam and a few days later, she saw him at the Cherry Boom Concert. Now she's on her way for something...

Kat: So what are you buying?
???: Well, it's something for him.
Kat: What? That guy?
???: You know which guy?
Kat: Yeah...that guy. The one you talked about where you saw him at the concert.
???: Yeah...that's the guy.
Kat: are the one buying. So I will just keep quiet.
???: Haha...thanks.

She, accompanied by her friend Kat, went to one shop to get a gift for him. She looked around and finally saw an item. It was a keychain.

???: Would this be appropriate?
Kat: A keychain?
???: I'm afraid he may not understand it.
Kat: You see, if he's meant for you, I am sure he'll be able to understand it.
???: I guess you are right.

She went over the counter and made the purchased.

???: Erm, excuse me, do you have a small box for this?
Salesgirl: Why sure...wait a while.
???: Thanks.
Kat: Does he know that you have something for him?
???: I'm not very sure.
Kat: En, sometimes guys can be clueless at such things. Unless you hold a banner in front of him that screams "I Love You", I'm afraid he may not get it.
En: Haha...he's not like that.
Salesgirl: Here you go.
En: Ah...that's just nice...thanks.

She bought the item and went back.

Back at home, she carefully took out the keychain and looked at it, unsure whether the message will be received by him. Nevertheless, she got some wrapping paper and wrapped the box.

En: I just hope that he understands what I'm trying to say.

Before she closed the box...she remembered something.

En: Maybe I'll write a note. Something that will reveal what I've been keeping.

She wrote the message and kept the keychain and message into the box.

En: I hope that someday, I will be able to pass this to him...


He was there beside her. She had just obtained the gift back from Kat whom she entrusted the gift to for safekeeping. Both of them had returned from a long walk only to find that the Lee Wee Nam library was closed.

He: I guess there's not much we can do huh?
En: I guess so.

Should she pass to him the box? After all she had walked quite a distance to get the box.

En: As a way of thanks. I have something for you.
He: Huh?
En: Here's something for you...

She took the gift from her bag and gave it to him. As he reached his hands out to receive the gift, she prayed that he would not hear how fast her heart was beating.

He: Thanks. This is quite unexpected.
En: You are welcome.

She wanted to stay on and see his reaction as he opened the box. Would he be happy? Would he be sad? More importantly, would he understand the message behind her gift? She wanted to stay and see.

As he untied the knots and unwrapped the wrapping paper, her heart beat faster and faster. What if he wasn't happy? What if he rejected the gift? It would hurt her a lot. Then she decided that as much as she wanted to see his reaction, her fear of rejection made her leave.

En: I need to go now. Sorry...but I hope you like it.

With that she took her bag and walked off. She dared not turn behind to see. She walked as fast as she could towards the bus stop. Then suddenly, he could hear him call her.

He: En!

Should she stop? No, she should just act as if she didn't hear. After all, if she walked back and he returned the present to her, it would be a sad event. And so, she left and went back home.

At home, she couldn't sleep. Was he happy with the gift? Did he understand the full meaning of it? Would he contact her since her number was in the gift? A lot of questions flowed through her mind...


It was Thursday night. En was in the bus on the way back home. Why didn't he call the number on the back of the paper? En was afraid that he didn't want to call her. What should she do? She can't do anything but wait. As usual, she ate her dinner and took a bath. After her bath her mother asked her:

En's mum: Why didn't you pick the phone? It was ringing for quite sometime just now.

Could it be him?

En: I didn't know as I was bathing.

En's mum: I see...well in case it rings, just answer never maybe some important...

Then suddenly, the phone rang! En jumped and ran to the phone. She picked it up...

???: Hello?

It was him! She recognized that voice.

???: Hello?
En: Hello?

Finally contact was made and he finally called! En was so happy and wanted to continue talking. However, her mother wanted to test this new guy. After all, she had to protect her daughter from bad guys. And so the "interrogation" began. While her mother talked to him, En sat beside her mum praying that he will say the right things and not offend her.

After a few minutes or so, her mother hung the phone and said:

En's mum: He's a nice boy.

En smiled immediately, knowing that that sentence meant that her mother approved.

En: So what do you think of him?
En's mum: He's polite and nice.
En: Oh yah, why did you say I was busy?
En's mum: Well, it's not that nice to talk so much in the first phone call.
En: Huh?
En's mum: I have a feeling that he will ask you out.
En: do you know?
En's mum: Let's just call it "Mum's Instincts". And if he does call you out, remember to take your specs off.
En: But...
En's mum: Yes I the past I always told you to wear your specs as I didn't want boys to come knocking on our door. You look much better without your specs.
En: But what if he laughs at me?
En's mum: Laugh? Well, don't think so much. Just go to sleep.
En: Like I can sleep like that...
En's mum: Haha...I guess this is what you call growing up.

With that mum and daughter talk, En went to her room. She looked at herself in the mirror. She put on her specs and looked...then she took off her specs and looked again. She wasn't sure if he'll like her look without the specs. Then she lay on her bed and thought if he really understood her gift. More importantly, will he ask her out like what her mother said....time will tell...

(To be continued...)

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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Never Ever Buy This Game

1. Read the title of this post.
2. Watch the video.
3. Be glad that we don't sell such games.

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Sunday, January 06, 2008

Sentuh Hatiku (With English Translation)

In Medan, I got to hear this song when I went to my auntie's house. My brother and I were over at her house with her husband and her. We were talking over how things are when her husband switched to a channel and it showed a sinetron (sinetron is an Indonesian drama) titled "Sentuh Hatiku". The channel was RCTI. It was then that her husband said that it was a Christian show with the theme song "Sentuh Hatiku". I listened to it and it really touched me. It's a nice song.

Below is the lyrics of the song with the unofficial English translation.

Sentuh Hatiku

Betapa kumencintai
How I love
Segala yang t'lah terjadi
All that has happened
Tak pernah sendiri jalani hidup ini
I have never been alone in this walk of life
Selalu menyertai
But always protected

Betapa kumenyadari
How I realised
Di dalam hidupku ini
In my life
Kau slalu memberi rancangan terbaik
You have a wonderful plan
Oleh karena kasih
Because of love


Bapa, sentuh hatiku, ubah hidupku
Father, touch my heart, change my life
Menjadi yang baru
To be anew
Bagai emas yang murni
Just like pure gold
Kau membentuk bejana hatiku
You have shaped my heart

Bapa, ajarku mengerti sebuah kasih
Father, teach me to understand a kind of love
Yang selalu memberi
That always gives
Bagai air mengalir
Let it be like a flowing stream of water
Yang tiada pernah berhenti
That never ends

I have found two opening videos for the show "Sentuh Hatiku" from YouTube.

I love this song :)

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