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Sunday, April 24, 2005

Solar Plexus And Toilet Break

Solar plexus: A dense cluster of nerve cells located just below the diaphragm. If hit, it will cause great pain and may also temporarily halt visceral functioning.

In camp, we had our BCCT (Basic Close Combat Training). There was this particular lesson where we were taught to aim for the solar plexus of the enemy. After the training, one of our instructors gave us a debrief. He said something like:

"Remember that when attacking, you must not open yourselves to an attack by the enemy. Especially your solar system..."

I can't remember the rest of his sentence as I was busy trying very hard not to laugh as I was sitting right in front of him. I looked at my friend and he too was trying very hard to suppress his laugh.

That was not the end of it.

After our training, we were given a toilet break to empty our bladder. When we came back, the same instructor wanted to know whether we had went for our toilet break. So he said something like:

"Do all of you have toilets?"

At this point of time, there were giggles.

That instructor definitely has a poor command of English. But other than that, he is a nice person.

I will be back in camp again later on today. I will be confined for about 2 weeks again as we will be having our field camp which lasts for seven days.

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Saturday, April 23, 2005

A New Company And New Friends

Finally!! I am back from Tekong. I had already spent 2 weeks there as a recruit. The experience was tough but nevertheless, meaningful as I had made new friends in the two weeks.

I am in Scorpion Company, Platoon 3, Section 2. We have a total of 12 men in our section. The sergeants and warrant officers in charge of us were very slack (which is good :) ). I still remember my days in Mohawk Company. The officers and sergeants were very strict and fierce. We recruits were expected to be perfect in everything we do (which is obviously impossible, since we have just entered military life.)

Don't think that Scorpion Company is totally slack. They too have some form of regimentation and discipline. We have foot drills, arm drills and many more.

Now on to my section, the people who sleep with me in our bunk.

Bed 1 - Emanuel

Quite quiet at first. However after knowing him, I can see that he is quite a joker. A funny person actually. He is also childish as at times he will play childish games such as "Ci Go Pa" (A game played by Primary school students in Singapore) and "Scissors-Paper-Stone". Can you imagine soldiers playing such games? Well, I guess he still is a civilian after all.

Bed 2 - Lewis

A guy is always laughed at. But he does not mind it at all. Rumour has it that he is the "white horse" of our section. However I think that this is a rumour started to make fun of him. He SMSes very frequently everyday. He even borrowed my handphone battery to SMS. Later on did I find out that he misses his girlfriend, hence the frequent SMSes.

Bed 3 - Jerris

The second Platoon IC. His commands and actions are really funny as the Platoon IC. His commands are wrong, his marching needs improvement and his movemens are sloppy. This is why he is always being "tekan" (scolded) by the sergeants. However, he has improved a lot already. Sadly, another Platoon IC has been chosen.

Bed 4 - Shawn

A cool kind of guy. He is helpful and nice too. Hm...I think that's all I can say. (Sorry Shawn).

Bed 5 - Ryan

An easy-going guy. Joked a lot with him. There is one thing that the both of us in common - both our knees hurt. His knees start to hurt quite early. Mine began to hurt later on during the 2 weeks. However, we still encouraged each other to continue on with the training.

Bed 6 - Esmond

Nicknamed as "Teddy Bear" by our Section Commander. Both Esmond and me are the only ones in our section that are "Zero Fighters" (Those who can't do even one chin-up). He is quite a nice person too.

Bed 7 - Jack

Easy going and one nice. He talks on his handphone almost everyday...I wonder if he is talking to his girlfriend.

Bed 8 - Meng Yee

A very nice and helpful person. He impressed me on one occasion during the 2 weeks. Our platoon was suppose to clean our toilet one day as it was in a terrible condition. What made it worse was that there was a cubicle with a toilet bowl that is stuck with "human waste matter" piled up high. However, this Meng Yee volunteered selflessly to dig up the brown matter with his own bare hands. Everyone was stunned. But his selfless deed definitely made a deep impression on the people around him. In the end, we finished cleaning the toilet, especially the "toilet bowl". A candidate for OCS (An officer course).

Bed 9 - Kevin

Although he is very quiet, he is still very helpful and nice. He will help his bunk mates in filling up our green water bottles at night. He does it without expecting any reward.

Bed 10 - Ser Hwee

My assigned buddy. Realised that he is from NJC (National Junior College), the same school that I came from. He is also nice and helpful.

Bed 11 - Yong Xiang

My assigned buudy. He is known as the funny guy in our platoon. He is also helpful and nice. At times he will offerto buy drinks for the whole section.

Bed 12 - ME!

Haha...I sleep in the last bed.

Well, with bunk mates like these, I guess the tough training won't be that tough with the help and support from these guys!

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Thursday, April 07, 2005

Away From Blogging

Hey...I guess this will be my last entry for the next few weeks or so. I will soon be in camp for military training. The drills, cookhouse food, dirty environments, sergeants treating you like can tell that I don't enjoy it. Anyway, this is the fate of all 18 year-old and able-bodied Singaporean males.

See you all soon :) I come...

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Earning The Extra Income

I have search the Internet and found three more sites that help you to earn money.

1. Cashfiesta
2. Cash a Day
3. It Pays To Learn

1. Cashfiesta is a program where users will earn money by installing a program from Cashfiesta and surf as per normal. However, the rate at which you earn is really low. You can increase the rate by signing up for offers featured on their web. This will increase your rate at which you earn per hour of surfing time. Based on my calculations, I will only earn...1 cent for 5 hours of Assuming I surf 10 hours per day (which is quite a lot), I will get...$7.30 per year. pocket money per week is much more than that.

2. Cash a Day works by sending to subscribers e-mails. Users just need to read and/or click them to earn money. The rate is also very low and only increase if you refer friends to it. The rate is like 2 cents per e-mail.

3. It Pays to Learn is an interesting site. You do quizzes and do some conversion of the points to get cash. At least here you get to learn things. For me, I learnt that the timpany is also known as the kettle drum. How's that for online learning? Here you also get to refer friends to this program to increase your earnings.

Sadly, it is not easy to earn extra income from the Net. Guess I better focus on my University education for better employment prospects in the future. I guess nothing in this world is free, especially money.

"The love of money is the root of all evil", some-guy-whose-name-I-can't-remember

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Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Making Cash / Money Online

I have recently chanced upon these two sites:

1. SendEarnings
2. Inbox Dollars

They sound very attractive and tempting to join. So I decided to join both. So far, I have only earned a few cents ($0.30 actually). I am a non-US resident which may be the reason why I am not earning that much as their target population is mainly US citizens even though it is open to people from other countires. I was thinking that these sites may help to give me the extra pocket money I need. Sadly, it will take a very long time before I can even buy an MP3 Player.

Then there's CA$H GAMES by Inbox Dollars and Skill Jam. Tried it and it seems promising. I have already earned like $14.00 in just less than one hour. But the downside is that you need a credit card to actually get your earnings as I don't have one. Thought of applying for one but it seems unlikely that I will get it.

So any of you have any suggestions on making the extra income?


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Tuesday, April 05, 2005

YaGoohoo!gle this is a funny name. YaGoohoo!gle, an interesting search engine that uses both Yahoo! and Google to help you find your answers. After submitting a search, the window will split into two frames with Google and Yahoo! results in it. Weird huh?

Next thing you know, there might be MicroApplesoft.


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Monday, April 04, 2005

Orion Or Scorpion?

So close...just 3 more days and I will be in Orion Company. Or so I thought. When I went to check with HQ today, they said that I may be in Scorpion Company in 2 more days!! What is this man? I had everything planned before I went for my re-training. However, this new information may upset my plans. And guess what...HQ is not even sure whether I am in Orion or Scorpion. They said that they will inform me later on. However, the people working in HQ are busy with a lot of administrative work to do. So I guess it's all understandable.

The life as a recruit will soon come. The early morning exercises, drill lessons, marches, field camp and more, will soon come. However, I hope that whichever company I land in will not be as tough as the current company I am in - Mohawk Company.

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Saturday, April 02, 2005

My Friend's Friend Is A Miss Singapore 2005 Contestant !!

Hey!! Guess what? This girl here is my friend's friend! Wow...didn't know that he has a friend who is in Miss Singapore Universe 2005. Well, from what my friend told me, Rebecca studied in Victoria Junior College (VJC). She didn't get the first prize but instead got a runner-up. Well "all things work together for good". At least she got something, unlike the others who got nothing.

Rebecca's Bio:


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Miss Singapore Universe 2005

Today's the day where the judging takes place. 18 finalists but one crown. Sure everyone was anxious. Questions were answered with intelligent - and at times stupid - answers. But eventually, the winner goes to Cheryl Tay.

Cheryl's Bio:

Cheryl Tay

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Feeling Weird

Am I happy? Am I sad? Not too sure. It's weird that I am feeling so weird like that. Just hope that it will soon go away. It's a kind of feeling's just weird. Not too sure how to put it into words. Maybe it's just hormonal imbalance? Haha...weird for a boy to have such stuff. But looking on the brighter side of things, it just means that I am Hope that I will grow taller. (Weird huh to be able to joke even when I am feeling so very weird...well at least I am trying to be optimistic)

There's church tomorrow and I am not playing the drum. According to the schedule it's my younger cousin's turn to play. He's getting better and better at it. Maybe it's better this way. Used to play the drum but I guess life as a recruit really takes it toll on me. I don't really have much free time these few days after being enlisted into National Service. Isolation from the public and's tough man.

Planned to do the laundry today but it's already evening now. There won't be much sun later so it's pointless.

Still feeling weird after writing three paragraphs. However, can't stay in this predicament the whole day. There are things in life which I am grateful for. The first one that comes to mind is my Father in heaven who is always there...listening to my sorrows and joy. Even now.

(1 Chronicles 16:34)


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Final Fantasy Spoof

Found this old-favourite spoof of Final Fantasy. Hope you guys would enjoy it :)

Drop some comments about it if you can :)

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Friday, April 01, 2005

Shockwave / Flash Animation

Found this cool animation on the web.

Please drop some comments about it if you can.

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