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Monday, February 26, 2007

Waiting For The Right Girl/Woman

I thought about it for quite sometime. Should I blog about this? Hm...after much thought I decided to. Why? Simple.

1. I hope that those who are facing the same situation as me would be able to seek solace in the fact that they are not alone.

2. A blog after all, is an avenue where you pen down your thoughts and ideas.

So here goes...

At times when in the MRT / bus I do see couples together. Couples can be as young as secondary school students to working adults. I would ask a lot of questions. For example.

1. Is the girl / woman happy?
2. Is the boy / man happy?
3. Is the relationship true or does it exist only for the benefit of one party?

Okay, those are just some questions that go across my mind. However, one important question that I guess can't be avoided is:

"Are they the right one for each other?"

One advice my parents gave was this (keep in mind that I come from a Christian family):

"If the Lord has a girl for you, you will meet her when the right time comes. He knows who is best suited for you and loves you. So don't worry too much. When the both of your meet, your will know. Your parents and her parents will know and agree to the relationship.

So you better study hard and stop dreaming about all of these and get into the Dean's List!"

Okay, so maybe the last part on studying hard was added by me, but the gist of their advice was simple - wait.

Sometimes waiting can be the most difficult thing to do. Like waiting for someone to update his/her blog (right Exo?) or waiting for a bus that seems to take hours to come or waiting for your turn in a queue for the ATM machine or waiting for the day to end so that you can go home. The list is endless. However, waiting for the right one can take years. Now the measurement unit has changed from minutes to hours and to years. I won't go into the statistical details like how much percentage increase there is from one to the other. It's a big change.

As I wait I do hear from my friends questions like "Hey, are you attached?". For such questions it's easy to answer. I can shake my head or utter a one-syllable word that consists of two letters. Not a very tough job.

They would recommend me to go to pubs and get to know girls to expand my social circle. Okay, it may seem like bad advice from them, but I take it as they are just being concerned for me. However, I don't really like the idea of getting to know girls from pubs. It's just not my type.

While waiting, I do see couples and all. At times, it is interesting to imagine and try to think what kind of girl would I end up with? Long hair? Short hair? Specs? And the list goes on.

Having a girlfriend would be nice in that your birthdays would be more special. You have someone close to you to share your thoughts and ideas. However, with relationships there maybe problems and friction that arises to. Like misunderstandings differences between the two. So I guess before entering a relationship, both parties must be prepared.

Last December when I went back to Medan, my grand-auntie asked me this question:

GA: So do you have a friend already?

Senior people like to ask such questions behind simple words. I don't know why. I guess it's their way of being tactful. Anyway, I pretended to be dumb, not because I don't respect her, but I am just trying to be sure she meant that kind of friend.

Me: Yah. In fact I have lots of friends.

I know, it sounds stupid.

GA: What I mean is special friend.

Me: Oh...I see...I see. Sadly, no.

GA: Really?

I guess people my age should be married and have children. After all, two friends of mine just got married last year and their age isn't far from mine. When they were married I was shocked, because of their young age. I guess it's because of society and cultural differences here and there.

Me: Yes. Really.

GA: Well, wait. The Lord has someone for you.

It's that advice again. I appreciate the reminder to wait. After all, at times people can forget and need to be reminded at one time or another.

I feel that a relationship should not be rushed and forced upon. Why? If it's unsuitable in the first place, what hope is there in the future other than people getting hurt and all.

I had one advice from one of my officers when I was in national service. He said something like this:

"Try to get a girlfriend when you are in University. It's because with all the activities and events, there will be a lot of opportunities for you to get to know girls. If you miss getting one in Uni life, it won't exactly be easy when you go into the workforce. Why? Because the good ones would have been taken during their Uni days."

My thoughts on that would be this. If the right one comes, I don't mind. But if the right one doesn't appear, I might as well study hard. Also, it need not be exactly true that good girls don't exist in the workforce. It maybe less or more. It depends on the girl herself. A good girl may decide to pair of early and have one in Uni or later and have one when she's in the workforce.

So what's my chance of getting a girlfriend? Haha...just wait and see. Why? Because I don't know the answer

I better stop now as I need to get ready for work.

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Thursday, February 22, 2007

Who Is He?

It was a normal Thursday morning. I went out heading towards the bus stop.

As I walked towards the lift, there was this girl (my neighbor) from Jurongville who walked behind me. We waited for the lift. When it came, we took it. Once the lift reached the first floor, I think she said "Thank you". I guess she thought that I pressed the "Door Open" button for her. I did it the other time and she said "Thank you". She rushed out of the lift and walked away. Do I smell? Is my face that scary? I don't know. I looked at my watch and surprisingly she was early. Normally she doesn't leave her house at that time. How do I know? Nope, I don't stalk her. I happen to meet her like twice before and it's always around the same time, but today she was early.

Anyway, I walked to the bus stop. At the bus stop, there was this man who crossed the road over to where I was. I didn't really noticed him as I was waiting for my bus. Suddenly he shouted:

"What time is it now? You all better wake up!"

Huh? Who was he talking to? All of us? What is this? Your friendly neighborhood Alarm Man? It wasn't only me. The people around were shocked too.

"You there!"

Huh? What? Is he pointing at me? No. He was pointing at this Jurongville boy who seemed to be waiting for someone at the bus stop. The man continued by saying:

"Don't be stupid! You better go now!"

"You all better be in front of me. If not then you will know. Look at the time! It's late."

With that, groups of Jurongville students immediately quicken their pace towards school.

I checked my watch. Yes, it's late - only if you are going to school. It was then that I realized that he's either the school's discipline master or someone who is too free. The former seems logical. Nevertheless, for a school discipline master, he was quite pro-active.

Well, at least now I know that my neighbor rushed not because I am fierce or stink, but because of some man who's not afraid to yell at students in public bus stops.

I must say, that this morning was quite an experience.

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Wednesday, February 21, 2007

What Makes Me Amazing?

A few moments ago, I saw this test "What Makes You Amazing?" and I decided to give it a try. After all, who knows, I may discover something about me that I didn't know. Something like being able to jump over skyscrapers or scream at an ultrasonic frequency that bests the mosquito ring tone. Yeah right. If I could do that, I won't be here blogging, but fly around in the neighborhood saving people from raging lift aunties and angry bus uncles.

Anyway, here's my result.

Aw...that's so sweet. By the way, that's not my face up there. I am a guy in case some of you don't know. I guess my superhero power is sweetness. Somehow, the result reminded me of care bears, especially the one with a heart on his/her/its tummy. So it's sweetness. Anyone surprised?

(Note: The quiz requires you to register before you can do it. Rejoice though, because registration's free! I am sweet remember? Haha.)

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Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Chinese New Year 2007

Chinese New Year was fun. It was where people visited each other and of course give red packets to singles like me. On Monday, we went visiting our relatives starting with my father's side in the morning and my mother's side in the afternoon.

On my father's side, there were cousins who were married and had babies and cousins who brought their girlfriends. Surprisingly, no one asked me that question. The most, they only hinted. We caught up with old times and got to know new names and faces in the family. On the way there, we saw quite a number of "misplaced" oranges. The pictures below show what I mean.

The best one will be the "misplaced" orange in parking lot number 168. If you are Cantonese, you would know what I mean. For those who aren't, it basically means "Prosperous all the way".

After that, we went to my mother's side. There, we played some games on the PS2 while the adults talked among themselves. My grandmother and some of the cousins came from Indonesia and joined us in this gathering. Among my cousins is this young boy who may grow up into a handsome young man (that's what most of my relatives say). Among my cousins, he was the one who was most willing to share his smile. Not only is he cute and cuddly, he's also good with words. Let me give an example. There was once he went to some place with this lady and this conversation followed.

Cousin: Where were you?
Lady: I was late.
Cousin: How come? Did you know that I missed you terribly while waiting for you?
Lady: Haha, you sure have a sweet mouth.

Here's how he looks like.

Many people close to me said that he's able to melt a girl's heart with his face, words and innocence. One thing's for sure, I do not have his skills, I guess that pretty much explains why I am still receiving and not giving red packets...haha. Anyway, my cousin is cute. He is well-liked by all of us.

When all of us were gathered, we had a simple meal cooked by my grandmother. It was very sumptuous.

So how much did I collect for my red packets? I guess that's confidential :D

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Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Valentine's Day In NJC

It's Valentine's Day. I went to NJC to look at the research done by students with the various research institutions. I know, it's a geeky way to spend the day.

As I stepped into the small gate, a security guard came to me. He was different. He's no longer the chinese man with specs. He asked me where I am going to. Duh. NJC of course. No lah, I didn't reply that way. I told him I am going in to look at the exhibits and he allowed me in. As I walked through the running track, memories of the past came back to me. The stone table where everyone gathered, the table near the prata stall where we would eat and our classroom. Those were the days.

It was early, so I decided to go to the bandroom. It was locked. I decided to have my lunch since I have not eaten yet. I went to the prata shop but they didn't have prata. I know at times I can be lame, but to have a prata shop that doesn't have prata? That's awesome man! I guess you could say that it's the ultimate joke. The auntie asked me to try other stuff like rojak to which I politely declined.

The canteen was renovated and so is the place between the canteen and the staircase (I forgot the name of it). I went to the bandroom to see if it was open, but it was locked. While waiting for the event to start, I went to the wooden table outside the library and did some work.

When it was time, I went to the hall. There wasn't anyone there even though it's 3pm (it's suppose to start at three). After like 20 minutes or so, I walked out of the hall to look at the bandroom. Then one student came to me.

Student: Are you one of the research mentors?
Me: ( I look like one?) Erm, no.
Student: Oh okay.
Me: What time is this suppose to start?
Student: 3pm.
Me: Er...okay. So where's everybody?
Student: LT5.
Me: ! Oh okay, thanks.

Great, no one told me that it was at LT5. I forgot where LT5 was. After walking for sometime did I manage to find it. From the outside, I could hear people clapping and all, I guess it's the certificate award ceremony. In short, I am late.

I went in and everyone was clapping. Wow, I am late and they clapped for me. What a grand entry! Sadly it wasn't for me but for the certificate recipients. I hurriedly took a seat and looked through the brochure provided.

After the award ceremony, the thing ended and now is the time for the exhibits. Finally. I went to the hall and it seems that no one's there yet. I guess they were taking their time walking to the hall. So I decided to drop by the band room.

I went down and apparently, the band room became a music room. The new band room is somewhat smaller but higher. Anyway I asked them whether the percussion section leader was around. The guy playing with the snare drum directed me to this guy.

Guy: Yes, how can I help you?
Me: Is the percussion section leader around?
Guy: No why?
Me: Well, I am thinking of helping the percussion sections with the drums if they want to learn as from what I know, the band used to lack students who can play the drum?
Guy: Which school are you from?
Me: (I knew it. Why must it always be like this when I go to the bandroom) Erm...I graduated from NJC like in 2004.
Guy: Huh? Oh okay.

He thought I wanted to join the band. Nevermind.

I went up to the exhibit and looked at the posters and asked questions to learn things. Some of them impressed me with the knowledge they had. I also met Mr Felix Lim, my physics teacher. We talked and talked. Quite interesting I must say. I also met Mr Goh Hock Leong who is now the HOD of Science! Congrats to him. My mentor also came as he had some NJC students. After the exhibition, I went home.

Along the way to work, to NJC and back home, I saw a lot of girls carrying balloons and flowers. That's nice, someone appreciates them (unless of course they bought it themselves and act as if someone else bought for them).

It's Valentine's Day. I wish everyone a happy Valentine's Day. Here's a video from YouTube. Enjoy.

(Note: I received an email very early in the morning (about 1am plus). It was a comment I received here. It has a nice reminder to wait for the perfect one. Coincidence?)

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Sunday, February 11, 2007

On My Way To NTU's A Level Admission Talk

I noticed that being a bus driver is not just about driving. I went to Suntec City for an admission talk for A level students by NTU. Along the stretch at Orchard Road, there were some foreigners who spoke in english, asking questions like whether the bus goes to some place that they want to go. The bus driver was quite senior with grey hair, yet he was able to speak understandable english that answered those foreigners' questions. I guess it's part of being a bus driver. You need to know how to talk to people, especially tourists, as tourism generates some revenue for Singapore.

Then there was this senior looking lady who sat beside me. In her hands were quite a handful of plastic bags with stuff inside. When her stop came, she alighted. She stood up and one of her bags dropped. It dropped beside me. I decided to help her by picking it up and passing it to her. Surprisingly, she stooped down and picked it up way faster than I was! For a moment, I thought she was on drugs! It was so fast! After that this conversation followed:

Auntie: Why you want to take my things? You youngsters...old people still want to bully!
Me: But I was just trying to...
Auntie: But but but wad? I saw you trying to take my plastic bag.
Me: I wanted to help you.
Auntie: Luckily I picked it up first.

Okay, maybe the above didn't take place. But imagine the horror if it did.

Anyway, she said a "Thank you" and gave a smile. I returned her smile.

A few stops later, I reached Suntec. I looked at my watch and thought that I would be late. I rushed up the escalator. I saw the booths and posters. Then I saw this room with the words "Material Engineering". That's it. That's the room. I walked in and lo and behold...the talk has not begun...

After finding a place to sit, I cooled down and waited. The presenter was Associate Professor Ma Jan. He started the talk with this quote which I find interesting:

"Materials scientists explore what is, engineers create what has never been." Prof Theodore Von Karmen

Interesting huh? The talk was interesting and it motivated me to do well. I guess it's always good to keep in mind what you want to achieve and do in University. For with an aim, it's less likely to be lost. The talk basically introduced the course to would-be freshmen. After the talk was the Q&A. Interestingly, those who asked questions were parents and not students! This was a talk for students and the parents were the one who asked questions. Maybe the students are shy.

Overall, I would say that I learnt quite a lot today, especially on what I plan to achieve in NTU MSE :)

Well, here's a video from YouTube on Speaking English. Enjoy.

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Thursday, February 08, 2007

Examination Tips

I really pity this guy. What's worse is that it's the first question - $100.

Lesson? Have a good sleep before your exams! It's better to sleep early than to mess up in your examination questions. Also, don't be to hasty to say "Final Answer". Check your answers before submitting your papers for marking.

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Sunday, February 04, 2007

Valentine's Day Proposal

I had breakfast this morning while surfing YouTube. My breakfast was a simple wholemeal bread with cheese. Sounds cheesy, I know.

Since Valentine's Day is coming, maybe I should try to find something nice and sweet that really suits the theme of Valentine. I surfed around until I saw this video.

It really touched me. As I saw the ending, the bread-cheese mixture in my mouth simply got stuck. I guess I was touched. No one touched me though. The ending is nice I must say.

So without further delays, let me present to you this video that I found on YouTube. It is about a guy (Jeff) who proposed to his girlfriend (Natasha) on Valentine's Day without the girl knowing it.

The following video shows Natasha's reactions and how Jeff brought her to this surprise.

Aw...she cried, that's sweet ain't it? I think he cried too.

I hope you enjoyed these videos as much as I do. You can imagine the amount of effort Jeff put in and the amount of people involved. Just look at the credits part. It's nice to have supportive friends around you to help you with all of these.

Happy Valentine's Day everyone. You can share this videos with your friends if you want :)

(By the way, did you cry/tear?)

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Thursday, February 01, 2007

A Friendly Gesture

I was on my way home queuing up for the bus 334 at Jurong East Interchange when this guy suddenly approached me.

Guy: Eh, how come your face so buay song?

Me: ?

Guy: Don't act dumb okay.

Me: I am dumb.

Okay, so maybe the above didn't really take place. What actually happen was this.

Guy: Hi, is this the bus to Jurong East swimming pool?

Me: Yah.

Guy: So how many stops from here before I reach there?

Me: Well, I stay near the place so I can actually bring you there.

Guy: That will be great. Thanks.

Me: Welcome.

So both of us board the bus. It was quiet throughout the whole journey with a few questions asked.

After a few minutes, the bus reached the stop. I told him and both of us alighted. I asked him questions like whether he knew how to go home from the swimming pool and whether he knows where the nearest MRT (Chinese Garden) is. It was then that he made this comment.

Guy: Why is it called Jurong East swimming pool when it's nearer to Chinese Garden MRT than Jurong East?
Me: ???

I don't know what to say. I mean he's correct and has a point. This brought to mind the case of Redhill. Bukit Merah is malay for Redhill, but they are actually two different places! Interesting huh.

Anyway, I led him to street near the swimming pool and we departed after he gave a firm handshake and thank you. It feels nice to do a good deed :)

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