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Sunday, October 30, 2005

Just Thinking Through...

I am going to work tomorrow. Hopefully the pain from my wisdom teeth surgery won't be much of a nuisance.

I am thankful for my family who have been especially helpful in helping me in my recovery. My father diligently cook for me porridge early in the morning. My mum bought and made fruit juice with my father's help. My brother helped me with the household chores (eg. washing of plates, hanging clothes...etc). Even though it still hurts now, but I am still grateful and thankful for the support my family has shown during my period of recovery.

So how was the day today?

Well, played the drum in Church. Songs were ok. Sermon was a bit hard to digest because of the pain from the surgery. The sermon's title was on "Justification by Faith", a topic Martin Luther talked about long ago that brought about the Protestant movement.

After the sermon, I was asked to announce some announcements because the one who normally does it is not around. It was my first time doing it and the hard part was...I must use Bahasa Indonesia in the announcement. The congregation laughed. The reason I guess was that they didn't expect me to speak in Bahasa. Some don't even know that I could speak

Then I went back home and watched "Blast From The Past" on Channel 5. The first thing that came to my mind was my A Level Project Work. The show was about this country boy, Adam, who went to the city to help his family in some stuff (forgot what was it). There he met "Eve", a city girl. Then the show goes on by showing how Adam and Eve go about in their relationship. The part I like most was the part where this guy (the one with a sun tattoo on his forehead) mistook Adam's whole family for some kind of gods. It was funny man.

Anyway, what made me ponder after the whole show was that deep inside a girl, she looks for a guy like Adam. Adam here equals to someone who is gentlemanly, honest, polite...etc (you'll understand better if you've watched the show). Is it really true? I am not sure. But it is every girl's dream to find the "perfect man" or "close-to-perfect man". Who doesn't want a wonderful spouse? As for Adam...well...he chose Eve, despite her questionable background. I guess it's love.

Lol...this whole thing really sets me to think, "I am still single. Anomaly or normal?" Lol...what can I say? I guess I am just not popular with the girls. I even asked my father regarding this. And he said, "The time will come...just wait. Patience is a virtue you know. And I am sure that your girlfriend will like someone who is patient." And I replied, "...".

I've posted an article concerning this quite some time and you can find it here. It's titled the Prayer. What better way than to trust your marriage into the hands of the Lord?

The time will come :)

As for now, I will finish my NS before concentrating on my studies. I hope I can go all the way to a PhD in Material Engineering :D


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Thursday, October 27, 2005

Presenting...My Wisdom Teeth

Well, here's the picture that I said I will post up once it's ready.

The one on the left is the wisdom teeth from my upper-right side. Then the other two came from the bottom-right side. But split into two as the dentist drilled it.

Looks kinda gross. But hey...I learnt something new. I didn't know that wisdom teeth had "holes" or empty spaces in them. Interesting huh? Maybe it's where the nerves are located. Not too sure about it though.

Anyway, my mouth still feels painful. Had difficulty in brushing my teeth and eating still. Hopefully it will recover soon.


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Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Here Comes The Pain

While waiting for my teeth to be extracted, I tried to comfort myself by thinking that it will all be over soon.

When my name was called, I got ready and went to this room to change into some blue attire. Then they told me to sit down on some chair. They covered my face, saying that it's to protect my eyes from the light. But I think they just don't want me to see how gory the whole process thing is.

Anyway, I felt about 8 jabs in my mouth. The jabs are to numb my mouth. After about a few minutes, my mouth became numb.

And that's where the whole thing starts...

I felt something sharp poking around the wisdom tooth area. The came the drill. The drill came and I could feel that the dentist was using a lot of pressure on my tooth. He was literally pressing the drill thingy down on my tooth. Thank God they covered my eyes or I might have fainted. Then came some plier-like-thingy. He used it to yank my tooth out. My does it hurt. Then came the second tooth. The second tooth was much less horrifying as it came out with ease.

After that they told me that I should expect some pain (actually it's not some but A LOT OF IT) and some swelling to occur.

Now I am at home. Tried to sleep but can't due to the pain (the after-effects I guess). Drinking and eating become so hard. It's like part of your mouth is dead (due to the numbness). So when I try to drink, water will come out of the numbed part of my mouth, as if the part is dead. Then when I look at the mirror, I realise that the numbed part is lower than the normal one. I guess the nerves and muscles are asleep for the time being. Hopefully it's not permanent or people can't tell whether I am smiling or frowning. As for eating, it's not easy either, you can't really chew the food as your teeth hurts. Thankfully it's porridge. So I simply swallowed my food to avoid any pain.

I wanted to post pictures of my teeth but my father is drying my teeth at the balcony so as to kill off the germs that might want to grow on it.

I will post the photo after it is dry and sterile.

Hopefully no complications will arise out of this whole extraction thingy.


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Today's the day...

Today I will be extracting my wisdom tooth...hope everything goes well...

Oh yah, this is my 200th post.

My blog has gone a long way since June...I am so happy :D


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Monday, October 24, 2005

Wisdom Teeth Extraction

Haiz...feeling kind of scared and nervous for tomorrow's the day when two of my wisdom teeth will be extracted.

I heard many things from friends and relatives. They said that it's a terribly painful process. The extraction itself may not be that painful, but it's the after-effects that's the main problem. After the numbness is gone, the pain comes. The gums may swell and you may have a fever due.

What dentists do is that they will cut your gums (you didn't read wrongly) and expose the wisdom teeth such that it will be easier for them to extract. If you have been taking care of your teeth very well (meaning that your teeth are healthy), they will jerk your teeth out of your mouth. I know of some cases where people don't really brush their wisdom teeth, causing it to decay. This makes the dentist's job more easier as less force is needed to pull it out.

Anyway, can you imagine you opening your mouth as the dentist starts to tug and pull at some place at your mouth which you can't really tell as you have been numbed.

Oh the pain...oh the trauma...oh the insert-some-word-here.

It's not a perfectly safe procedure as there may be a 5% chance that the nerves may be damaged. And if it is so, it may be either temporal or permanent. If it's damage, the affected part of your mouth will be numbed. Imagine not being able to feel a thing at your mouth. Pizza will taste no different from Gardenia.

Hopefully everything will go well for tomorrow's surgery.


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Wednesday, October 19, 2005


To SOME people,

The reason I am putting up this picture again is that there was some misunderstanding.

SOME people thought that the IP kid (the one in white) put his hand on the girl in front of him. He wants to say that it's not his hand but the hand of the lady in black.

If you (the girl in front of the IP kid) is reading this, please don't be offended.

The IP kid


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Monday, October 17, 2005

Funny Conversations

Have you ever encountered such situations before?


I was at home playing games on my PC when my friend called.
Me: Halo.
Friend: Halo, ABC arh?
Me: Yah.
Friend: You at home arh?


Me: Hi mum, I am now on my way back home for dinner.
Mum: Ok.
Then just before you hang up.
Mum: Are you coming back for dinner?


Friend A had applied gel on his hair on this particular outing.
Friend B went to touch Friend A's hair.
Friend B: Hey A, you put gel is it?
Friend A: No, I put glue.


Suddenly the lights in a camp went out.
Recruit: Sir, there's a blackout in camp!
Sir: No electricity?


Ah Beng found a handphone on a table.


There's an outing tomorrow.
Me: OK! SET! Tomorrow call me to wake me up can?
Friend: Ok lor. Remind me before hand can? I scared forget.


My friend,A, was walking with his girlfriend when the both of them was spotted by another friend,B.
B: Eh, your girlfriend arh?
A: No, she's my daughter.


A was sleeping when B called.
A: Hello? (Sleepy voice)
B: You asleep arh?
B: Did I wake you up?

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Saturday, October 15, 2005

NJC Open House

Inilah maktab bangaan kita...

Those were the days when I used to sing the song and play with the Symphonic Band the national anthem and school songs...

As I entered the side gate...the familiar red track seems I was excited that I am coming back to NJ after a long time. I could see my batch of Percussion friends and my juniors. Sadly, I could not get to see some of them.

Anyway, there's a way major change in NJ since I left. First, the toilets at the canteen has been relocated and renovated. It's renovated to a Plaza Singapura kind of toilet huh? Also, the place-where-we-place-our-bags-when-we-go-for-PE has been renovated too. The floor is tiled! It seems like a make-over.

Then I stepped into the bandroom...saw my section juniors. Three of them. One of them approached me and asked me:

Junior: Hi, are you our senior?
Me: Yah. I am your senior's senior.
Junior: Oh ok.

Then I wandered around...looking at the scores...looking at the new drumsticks that they have.

The band was having some kind of individual warm-up at that time. So I thought, "Why don't I impart some knowledge of playing the drums to my juniors' junior?" What followed was a series of tutorials. She was very eager in learning which is good. She's also a fast learner which is also good.

Me: Where's the rest of the juniors?
Junior: Some went for ushering.
Me: Oh ok.

Then the Student Conductor proceeded on to conduct the band. Before he started, he asked me...

Student Conductor: Hi, welcome to the band. This is the band (waving his hands around). Make yourself comfortable.
Me: (I just smiled)
My Junior: Erm...he's not here to join band. He is our SENIOR.
Me: (I just smiled)
Student Conductor: Eh? Oh sorry (followed by a bow). Well at least it's good to know that you look young.
Me: (I just smiled)

Lol...I couldn't help but laugh. The whole band also laughed. I guess I was the first senior to arrive. Hence they mistook me for some new guy. Anyway, that was not the worse of it all. This conversation happened before I left.

Junior 1: Hey, you know something?
Junior 2: What?
Junior 1: Well, when I first saw him I tought he's some IP (Integrated Programme) kid wanting to join us. But later on did I realise that he's our senior.
Junior 1 and 2: HAHA.
Me: (I just smiled)

People think that I am a Sec 3 kid!? Lol...I am serving NS now loh.

Anyway, I took a section photo with them.

Sadly, it's not a complete photo.

Then here's some pictures of them performing for some NJ-to-bes.

Percussion Section

Percussion Section

Woodwind section

Percussion section

Brass section

Well that sums it up for my day at NJC...feels good to be back in


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Wednesday, October 12, 2005


Time...something that we all need, knowingly or unknowingly.

Since the beginning, Time has already moved.
Man progressed in this world with the moving hands of Time.
As Time passes , Man either built the Taj Mahal or discovered penicillin.
He has even captured Time in crafting the first timepiece.

Will Time keep on ticking as it always had?
Or will it stop at some point of time?
"Time and tide waits for no man" says the wise.

At times we find that we have too much Time.

At times we find that we have too little Time.

But one thing is for sure...

Make good use of the time you have,
For Time and tide waits for no man.

(Picture taken from

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Tuesday, October 11, 2005


Found some jokes today and would like to share with you guys (the readers)...

Teacher: George go to the map and find North America
George: Here it is!
Teacher: Correct! Now, Johnny, who discovered America?
Johnny: George!

(Haha...this is funny)

Teacher: Can anybody give an example of "Coincidence"?
Johnny: Cher, my father and mother got married on the same day, same hour and same place. Also the people who attended are exactly the same!

(This is not bad either)

Teacher: George Washington not only chopped down his father's cherry tree, but also admitted doing it. Now do you know why his father didn't punish him?
Johnny: Because George still had the axe in his hand!

(Quite funny too)

Teacher: Where can you see a butterfly?
Johnny: In the kitchen. My little sister likes to throw butter out of the window...haha.
Teacher: Johnny, stay back after class today.



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Saturday, October 08, 2005

Weird Call

There was once when I worked in Tekong as an ASA in Mohawk Company that I received this telephone call from this lady...

The phone rings and I picks it up...

Morning. This is Mohawk Company. (I did what any good clerk would do)

Person on the Line:
Hi (Sounds like a lady).

Did someone call me? I am returning a missed call here. (Missed call? Why would we call you? Unless one of the Sergeants called his girlfriend using the office's number).

Hold on a while. (I asked around the room asking whether any of the guys had called a lady. All said No.)

Lady: the way, what did you say your Company was?


Mohawk Company? Where's that? What does your Company sell? (Peng liao)

I am so sorry but we don't sell anything. (Upon hearing this the Sergeants laughed. One of the even told me to tell her that we sell recruits.)

We are a Company in Tekong that trains recruits.

Huh? Really arh? Sorry.

It's ok.



Weird man...weird call.

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Saturday, October 01, 2005

The Art Of Lying

Don't tell any...they don't workout in the end.


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Chinese Chess Moves

Some moves shown by Chinese Chess Players:

1. Offensive move

2. Defensive move

3. Stupid move


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At NUS...

Today, I've spent most of time at NUS (National University of Singapore).

First, I went to IMRE (Institute of Materials Research Engineering) for a write-up in IMRE's newsletter, Perspective.

Upon reaching the building, there were many posters talking about the various projects done by many other different researchers at the various institutes. After looking around and looking as if I understood every single word on the posters, my friend finally came. Both of us were meeting our mentor, Dr Nikolai Yakovlev.

When we met him, we caught up with old times and found out how the other was doing. He's still the same person I knew. Friendly and helpful. I was fortunate to have him as my mentor. We took a few pictures here and there with our decent photographic skills.

After a few pictures or so, he gave us some advice on the choice of universities. He said that US is not a good place as compared to Europe or UK. Reason being US is not a safe place as people there are allowed to own guns. So you may be studying Quantum Theory in one moment and the next you may be running for your life. Second is that UK has a better education according to him. He also cited that certain great men came from UK and Europe. They are Niels Bohr, (someone he mentioned but I can't remember), (someone he mentioned but I can't remember) and (someone he mentioned but I can't remember). Upon knowing that I was going to NTU, he said that it was a good choice as I am supporting Singapore's

Anyway, after the photo-taking session, I met up with my NJC classmate, Eemin. While waiting for her, I was at the Central Library block browsing through the books. I went to the book shop at the first floor. Found some good books but they were very expensive. Now I know why education is an expensive thing.

After about 20 to 25 minutes, she came. Haha...she's still the same person I know. Talked about NUS and 03S21. We went to eat at "Techno Edge", which is just a nice name for "Kopitiam". I tried the chicken chop there which cost $2.20. It was reasonably nice. I met her friend Crystal (Or is it Krystal?) while eating. She's from the same Faculty as her. From the both of them, I gather that University life is not as easy as JC (Junior College). Scary huh? After eating, they went for their exam and I went home.

Quite an interesting day I should say.


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