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Sunday, April 30, 2006

Remaining As A Virgin -> A Treasure Or Unwanted Individual?

(Warning: This post may have some adult references. Please read with caution. If you are below 18, please click here.)

Are you a virgin? If you are do you think it's good to remain so?

I was surfing around Yahoo! Answers when I saw this question "Do females find viginity in a man attractive?". I know the answer? Nope as first, I am not a female, so I won't know how the female mind works. Second, not all females think the same way. This question was asked by a male.

I went in to take a look...

Interestingly, there are some who prefer an "experienced" man.
cheeronu1: I like a experienced man. But if your in highschool or even just starting college hold off, till you feel you are ready. Every girl likes something different in a guy.

colie: Not really, unless your in high school then the girls probably like that but I wouldn't want to be a teacher. I like when a man knows what he's doing.
The majority however, prefer a man who is chaste.
some1karma: I certainly do, and don't look at you as trash or a wannabe. I appreciate a man's virginity. He will be just like me when we are married together for the first time.

ysa_ashenkin: Too be the first especially in a loving relationship or to know that he waited until we were married is one of the highest honors a person can give to another. There is only one first, and that one will be remembered forever, so make sure it's a memory you want to have and not a regret that will haunt you.

smile101: Absolutely, It makes a women feel great to know that she is the first and that the guy she is with is strong enough to have told all of the past girls "no". Keep waiting for the perfect girl.

tx_born_n_bred04: I find that very shows that he values himself as a person and is not afraid of what other people think of him. I am a virgin and I'm proud to admit it. Virginity is a gift that you should save for your husband or wife.
Then there are those who doesn't mind if the man has it or not.
krislh79: I would prefer a man to not be a virgin, so he know's what he's doing. However, I wouldn't mind if a guy were a virgin.
And here's the best answer according to the one who asked the question.
JustMe: YES, definitley. Knowing that I'm the first girl he ever cared enough about to share that gift with is definitley attractive :)
So I guess, the winning cup goes to the party that prefers a chaste man.

How about a virgin female? There's this question that was asked - "guys choose: Virgin or no virgin wife?". The asker is a female.

Interestingly, majority of those who answered this question prefer an "experienced" person.
Honey: An experienced partner is always better than unexperienced

TheAfrican: Either is fine, but experienced is prefered. I say that because of future reference.
Then there's this sad view.
james: We want to date easy women and then marry a virgin.
The best answer chosen by the asker is this.
prepelita1212: Im 30, single guy, girls say im cute, im a Christian but still as sinner. I am a virgin, and I would so love for the girl God has for me to also be a virgin. It's so rare to find in todays culture someone who thinks beyond todays pleasures. Yeah, we are all horney, im like a 9 out of 10 but I want to save that for my wife. I know very few couples that waited till marriage and none of them regret it. I want to share my story to my friends and children (when they are older) on how me and their mother waited for eachother and committed to only be with eachother. So thats the story from a guy from Michigan. I think I will ask a questin now, virgin or no virgin husband see what happens :P
Okay, after reading the two sides, I feel that it's quite sad that people no longer treasure their chastity as they used to. Personally, I feel that it's good to remain chaste. I mean, can you imagine how happy your spouse will be if you say, "I am still chaste and I would like to give it to you." It speaks volumes of your commitment and dedication in waiting for the person of your life. I know I would be happy if she said that to me as I know from there she trusts me and loves me to entrust something so precious that she has kept all these while to me.

What if someone is no longer chaste due to some sexual abuse early on in their life? I feel that it's still okay as chastity is more than just the physical, it involves something deeper, something that cannot be seen and hence cannot be taken unless the owner gives it. I believe that for such people, they still have it even though physically speaking it's gone. So I believe they are still chaste in that sense.

Conclusion? Treasure it, people around may say that you are "left in the shelf" or "unwanted". But hey! You have something that they don't. And that special someone in your life will appreciate it. If he/she doesn't, then he/she is not worthy of you.

I hope that this post will encourage you in keeping yourself for him/her.

"A moment's pleasure may result in a lifetime of regret, so don't throw it away." ~ Anonymous

(Note: These are views of different individuals, so please don't flame them if you disagree with them. Everyone is unique and hence think differently. Typos are kept as they are in the sites where they are shown.)

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Math Test

I was surfing around when I chanced upon this site. Here's what they have to say about themselves.
It's easy to see patterns where no patterns exist.. or do they?
Just get the next number in the sequence. It should be as easy as 1, 2, ..., err, what's the next number?
Basically, this site tests you on number sequences. Some are easy while others are hard. For example there's this sequence.

1, 2, 3, ?

The answer is easy. It's 4.

Of course, not all the sequences are that easy. If you are a Math enthusiast and love such Math work, you'll love this math test.

Here's my result:

I am a Math Geek.
I got 17/21 on the Math Geek test.
Take the test!

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Friday, April 28, 2006

Certificate In Toilet Cleaning

I knew that there was the RAS (Restroom Association of Singapore) But this? I didn't knew that there was such a thing until my friend told me.

Okay it may sound weird but there's a certificate in toilet cleaning. Why? Well, in society, you need certificates and licenses to tell people that you are "qualified" and "skilled" to do a certain job be it a waiter, chef, professor and yes, even as a toilet cleaner. Don't believe? Click here and here and see for yourself.

I understand if it's a certificate for a waiter or for a chef. But hey! It's cleaning toilets. I mean how hard can it get? How are lessons conducted? Like this?
"Class, please be reminded that the heavy responsibility of a toilet's cleanliness solely rests on your shoulders. Yes, every single one of you.

Our tools are simple. It's just a sponge, some detergent - and if you are promoted, you may be given a broom or a mop.

Pour some detergent - about a capful - into a pail of water. Then use the sponge or mop and plunge it in that pail. Stir for a few seconds and you are ready to begin your exciting job.

Wipe every crook and corner. For the gents, you have the urinals to take care of. The dirt and grime are the evils in this field of us. Wipe them all with Dettol and Kleenex! Feel the fulfillment of eradicating that stain. Be confident in yourself.

There are notes on the table. You may want to take a copy and read the guidelines relating to our job.

Later on we will have a practical lesson where each of you will be assigned a cubicle to clean in the toilet located just outside. For the ladies, Ms Tan will be assigning the cubicles to you.

I know it's dirty and unglam, but hey, you never know who may be using the cubicle that you just cleaned. For all you know, it may a CEO or some distinguished guest.

In case you don't know, there's a World Toilet Day. Surprised? Don't be. It falls on 19 November. There's even a World Toilet Organization for people like us to join.

So please don't feel sad or low in taking such a job. Instead hold your head up high with a mop on your right hand and a pail of water on your left. Look up and remember that the heavy responsibility of a toilet's cleanliness rests on each and every one of you!"

(The above speech is just a scenario thought up. It's purely fictional.)
Why would they need a certificate on such a simple task? For all you know, they may even have certificates on busking or selling flags.

I guess it's for the sake of "professionalism".

So next time you use that fovourite cubicle of yours at work, remember that someone else have to clean it. Make their job easier and do your job by using it responsibly, i.e. clean after use.

Remember that the heavy responsibility of a toilet's cleanliness rests on each and every one of you!

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Thursday, April 27, 2006

100 Things About Me

Here's my "100 things about me" list:

1. Born in Singapore, raised in Indonesia.
2. Able to speak English, Hokkien, Bahasa Indonesia and Chinese (not that fluent though).
3. Born as the first child in a two-boys family.
4. Played the drum at the age of 10.
5. Still playing in Church.
6. Tried to play the organ but couldn't keep up.
7. Learning the piano by myself.
8. Have a scar at my left toes due to an accident. I was having tuition then when I climbed the windows (I was still young, so don't blame me for being playful) when one of the window panes fell and cut my toes. Luckily my toes didn't came off.
9. I like Gui Ling Gao (some kind of Chinese herbal jelly).
10. Grew up in a traditional family (yup you guessed it, be back home before 10 else my parents will call).
11. I am made fun of due to my "traditional-ness".
12. Encountered the first girl who "like" me when I was in Primary 5.
13. Realised later that it was only puppy-love.
14. My first pet was a hamster.
15. It got lost after a few weeks later(It isn't my fault. It's the hamster's fault for running away).
16. Afraid of dogs.
17. Was chased by one when I was still young, about 7 or 8 years old then.
18. Played the role of a "turtle" and "reindeer" during my kindergarten play.
19. Forced to put on lipstick as the teachers claimed that it would make us little children "cute". Eww...the disgusting taste...the horror...where's children's right?
20. Favourite colour? Used to be green, now it's blue.
21. Favourite food? I don't play favourites with my food.
22. I am seen as a lame person by some, serious by some, anti-social by some and someone who can be confided with by some.
23. I love my family.
24. I am a Christian.
25. Born to a Chrisitian family.
26. I am already baptised.
27. I don't club. Don't plan to.
28. I have a friendster account but rarely use it.
29. I love to blog.
30. I have 300++ posts as of today in my blog.
31. Visitors wise, it's about 35000++ as of today.
32. I don't show the visitor count as I feel that it's the content and not the amount of visitors that's important.
33. Shucks, I am still at 33.
34. Oh well, it's 34 now.
35. I share everything with my family.
36. I am able to roll my tongue. Can you?
37. Until now, I sometimes still get mixed up on when to use "practice" and "practise". Do you?
38. I listen to classical, instrumental and Christian music.
39. Heavy metal and trance ain't my kind.
40. My blog's birthday is 30th January. Shucks...that's one more to remember.
41. I tell lame jokes.
42. Some like them while others don't.
43. I plan to go to NTU (Nanyang Technological University) after NS (National Service) to do Material Engineering.
44. Why? Because I find materials interesting. I was attached to IMRE (Institute of Materials Research Engineering) when I was in JC (Junior College) and it was there that I found out that materials can be interesting.
45. I came from NJC (National Junior College), CSS (Commonwealth Secondary School), Jurong Primary School, Methodist-3 (the name of my kindergarten in Medan).
46. I was from the Symphonic Band in NJC. I was a percussionist then.
47. I major in the drum set and snare drum.
48. People say that I don't have the drummer look.
49. Instead, they tell me that I look like a librarian.
50. Halfway through...
51. Used to have a drum set at home, but complaints from neighbours due to the noise saw my drum set sold.
52. Tried selling things on e-Bay, but to no avail.
53. I play the PS2.
54. My family serve in Church in their own appointments.
55. My father preaches the sermon.
56. My mother is a worship leader.
57. My brother is a worship leader/vocal supporter.
58 Myself? You've guessed it. The one playing the drums to make I mean.
59. Until now, some people still think that I am a female, well, sorry to disappoint, but I am a male.
60. It must be due to the title "Steph's Blog".
61. Do I plan to change the title? Nope.
62. Nicknames that I have include "Xi Di Fen", "Detergent", "Steph" and (shucks) "Nini".
63. "Nini" was given by my junior Yulin.
64. It was meant to be a short-form of "Stephanie". Somehow it became "Nini".
65. Now, my friends call me that. That's sad.
66. more to go.
67. My favourite subject? Physics, Chemistry and Maths. Biology is okay except for the fact that you need to memorise words such as "fibrillogen", "diuretic" and "pharynx".
68. Have I ever been in love? How do you define love then?
69. Yes, I am ignoring the subject.
70. Gave free tuition to one lucky recipient out of goodwill. The recipient saw an improvement from the Prelims and O Levels results ;P
71. I sleep early, about 10:30 pm.
72. I wake up early, about 4:30 am.
73. I am now 19 years old.
74. I bought a Chip (the squirrel from Disney) soft toy for my brother when I was in Primary 6. It burned a hole in my walletbut it's worth it, seeing how much my brother liked it. Even my parents found it cute.
75. Have I given anything to a girl before? Yup. Her printed notes.
76. One-quater more to go.
77. I am able to bend my thumb backwards such that it forms a 90 degree angle with itself. Can you?
78. I can wink. Can you? Of course you can.
79. I don't know much about actors and actresses except for the popular ones like Tom Cruise who starred in "Finding Nemo" and Nemo who starred in "Mission Impossible".
80. I am now using a Nokia phone.
81. If there's anyone I would like to be, who is it? Myself.
82. Am I happy being myself? Yes.
83. What's the most important thing in a girl? Her character, the side that cannot be seen.
84. Have anyone enjoyed my lame jokes. Yup, there's even one girl who had hiccups because of it (don't get me wrong, it's because she laughed too much and not because she was horrified.)
85. Firefox or Internet Explorer? Firefox.
86. The year I was born in.
87. My brother was born.
88. Is there a past-tense for "born"? Not that I know of.
89. My friends recommend me to play games with titles such as "Hug-Man" where your character goes around hugging bad guys. Seriously, I don't play such games.
90. They recommend that to me as they know that I can't play games with violence and gore.
91. So what do I play? Minesweeper.
92. 9 more to go.
93. I would like to have a mp3 player for my birthday. Either from Creative or Apple. Must be able to act as a storage media too.
94. Some people say that I look like a Japanese.
95. I tell them that I am Singaporean.
96. I used to play the "Tamagochi" which used to be a craze then when I was in Primary 6.
96. Now? I no longer play that.
97. Have I undergone any operation? No and I don't plan to.
98. How about surgery? Well, the wisdom teeth, all four of them.
99. One more to go.
100. Yay! It's finally done :D

Okay, you might say that the "100 things about me" list above is kinda lame. Well, at least I did it. Thanks for reading.

(Yulin: This is to keep your eyes away from the disturbing pictures and please, no more "Nini"s)

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Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Wisdom Teeth - The Pictures

Here are some pictures that I have taken. They total to 5. I warn you though that some of these pictures may be gross to some. So please proceed with caution. Don't proceed on if you plan to eat later. If you are on a diet, by all means look at them.

Here's the towel that I place my head on, the towel is there to absorb the blood that may flow out of my mouth. This I learnt from my previous experience where I woke up to a bloodied pillow. I can tell you that it looks (and smells gross). It's also bacteria-infested and takes a lot of effort to wash. The solution? Place a towel on top of your pillow.

If you look carefully, there are three "blood spots" on the right and one on the left. This is much better than the previous extraction as it was bloodier then. Too bad I didn't take a photo then for comparison.

Here's a close-up on the right side. Can you spot the three spots?

This is the left part. It's a bit tough to spot the one spot here due to the lighting.

Here are my two wisdom teeth.
Left: Lower wisdom tooth.
Center: Chip-off part of the lower wisdom tooth.
Right: Upper wisdom tooth.

The upper wisdom tooth is still a whole as it was extracted. However, the lower wisdom tooth was cut into two before extraction, hence the "big" and "small" part.

Here's a comparison to show you how big the wisdom teeth can be. The insect here is a beetle about the size of your thumbnail. It happen to be there and I took a photo. It's a bit blur though. The position of the teeth are still the same.

I don't mean to scare anyone with this post but would want readers out there to have a full understanding of what a wisdom teeth extraction involves. Hopefully after reading the posts (including the one before this) you will be mentally prepared for it.

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Monday, April 24, 2006

Wisdom Teeth - The Extraction

I ate a light breakfast, as the dentist ordered, and went with my father to NDC (National Dental Centre). My father went with me as I was still young to sign the consent form. It was to acknowledge that there's a small risk of permanent nerve damage. Along the way there, thoughts of the previous extraction came to my mind; the pain, the inconvenience and the bloody pillow that I will wake up to. Hopefully this time it will be much better.

After reaching there, it looked like I was the first one. My name was called and we went to see the doctor. I was asked to wear this garment, shoe covering, and head covering. Appearently, this is to minimise the amount of bacteria that may go into the air and enter my mouth during the extraction. My father signed the form and waited outside. I went into the surgery room...

The seat was familiar. I was asked to lie down on it while the nurses prepared for the surgery. The dentist injected 3 doses of some numbing medicine into my mouth. Imagine the pain! Steel needles were inserted into my gums five times! The last dose was injected into 3 different places. But I consoled myself saying that it will soon be over. After that the dentist left the room and told me to wait. He wanted the medicine to take full-effect, which will take about 15 minutes.

Meanwhile, there were two nurses in the room who prepared the stuff for the surgery. One of them began to start a conversation with me. She asked how old am I, which JC (Junior College) was I from, what I plan to do after NS (National Service) on so forth. After all those questions, she told me something.

"Did you know that I was the same nurse who attended to you during your last surgery?"
"Really? Wow...ok."

How could she remember me? I mean she attends to like a few hundreds of patients per month and it was seven months ago since I had my last extraction. I was surprised that she could remember me.

"How can you remember me?"
"Well, you look like one of the doctors here."

Haha...I look like a doctor. Thanks for the compliment. I guess it made me feel good. This is important as I am trying to keep a happy and optimistic attitude before the surgery. By this time, my lower-left part of my mouth (this includes the lips, gums, and cheeks) was numb. She covered my eyes with some kind of cloth and told me to relax. I guess it's to prevent me from seeing all the blood that will flow out later.

"Dr Lim's here and we are going to start the surgery."

What followed was a gruesome drilling sound that alternated with some scrapping sound. I could feel the dentist yanking my teeth out and I can tell you it hurts, despite the anaesthetic. He scrapped my gums (I think he's actually cutting my gums but can't confirm as I was blindfolded). After a while I could hear some cracking sound (I think it's my teeth being cracked). My whole body was tensed and stiff. I was telling myself that hey, it will all soon be over. The lower wisdom tooth took a longer time while the upper left one took seconds only. The two teeth were yanked out (the nurse had to hold my head steady as he was yanking so hard that my head moved here and there!).

After what seemed like 20 minutes, everything was over. They told me to rest for awhile to get over the shock and trauma that I may have. Then they told me the precautions to take such as:

1. No strenuous exercise.
2. Don't wrap the external part of the extraction site with warm cloth as the swelling will worsen.
3. Don't rinse too regularly as the blood need some time to clot.
4. Brush gently - dental hygiene is still important.
5. Rest.

I was given 5 days of medical leave and I went home. My mouth was still numb, albeit to a lesser extent.

I took porridge for lunch and went to rest. After three hours, the anaesthetic has wore off and the pain came. It's unbearable. I took some pain-killers prescribed by the dentist but the pain was still there. I tried to distract my mind from the pain by reading, watching news, surfing around the blogosphere but it was to no avail. I tried to sleep but the pain was too unbearable. It was only 15 minutes later that the pain had reduced. I googled the pain-killer and found that it's administered for people suffering from menstrual cramps. No wonder it took such a long time for the pain in my mouth (and not some organ that I do not have) to reduce. This time, it was not as bad as the previous extraction as my mouth muscles could move and not slump on one side, resulting in an uneven and scary looking lips.

This was what happened to me so far. Hopefully there won't be any swelling and fever. Wishing myself a quick and speedy recovery.

(Click here if you want to read about my previous extraction.)

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Saturday, April 22, 2006

Wisdom Teeth Extraction 2

I can still remember the pain, the agony of not being able to eat my favourite food, and waking up to a bloody pillow. I went for a dental check a few weeks ago and was told that there may be some decay under my wisdom teeth. It was also growing sideways instead of the normal upright way. This caused some of the food to get stuck in between the teeth and the gums.

There may be high-fever or swelling. But the one that concerns me the most is the permanent nerve damage. What's the percentage? I think it's like 1% - 5%. There wasn't any nerve damage (Thank God) in my previous extraction. Hopefully it will be the same case for this case.

Here are the posts on my previous wisdom teeth extraction.
1. Wisdom Teeth Extraction
2. Today's the day...
3. Here Comes The Pain
4. Presenting...My Wisdom Teeth (Warning: This post has pictures of my teeth. Some of you may find it gross.)

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Blog Mad

Recently, my account in Blog Mad have crashed and I couldn't log-in! I was like "Oh no!". I believe I am not the only one as there were other people who have posted the same experience in their blogs. I guess it must be due to them being in the beta stage still.

I emailed them and asked them if they could help. They responded within a day or two and now my Blog Mad account is back online. How happy I am :)

Thanks to the Blog Mad team for making my experience as a member there fun.

If you have not joined Blog Mad, please do so as it's the only site with a 1:1 ratio. Join and increase your readership.

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Friday, April 21, 2006


Anyone can guess the answer to this riddle?

The beginning of eternity
The end of time and space
The beginning of every end,
And the end of every place

(Hint: Think out of the box)

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Monday, April 17, 2006

A Pitiful Girl...

I was standing at the bus-stop waiting for 157. It seemed like any other Monday when I would wait for the bus to go home. It was then that I saw this girl in red running towards the bus-stop. Was her bus coming? When she reached the bus-stop, she stopped in front of this guy who stood in front of me. She reached out her hand to him. However, he just pushed her hands away! Oh gosh! I can't believe it! That was so rough of him. The guy seemed to be in a bad mood. They talked for awhile before the girl looked at the guy who was just ignoring her. She just stood there for like 15 to 20 minutes looking down, occasionally looking up at the guy's face. The guy however, was just looking in front, ignoring the girl's presence.

Are they like a couple? Or are they siblings. I don't know, the whole thing looked more like a couple thingy.

I don't know what happened between them but somehow, I symphatised with the girl. Her face was like "Please don't be angry". While the guy was like "Please go away, I am not talking to you". What did she do to deserve such treament? Was her cooking that bad? Did she spell his name wrongly? Or did she forget his birthday? I dare not ask as these problems are best left for them to solve amongst themselves.

Finally, after what seemed like 20 minutes, she finally said something (I was standing quite a distance from them, so their conversation was just mouth movements to me). The guy was silent, or cold for that matter. The girl just continued looking down.

Then my bus came. Eh? They boarded the bus too! The guy entered first, followed by me, and finally the girl. The guy sat down. I stood up as there was hardly any space for me to seat. The girl however, edged past me and went over to the guy's side. I was so touched at how the girl is comitted to that guy. There was an empty seat there, but she stood, showing her please-don't-be-angry face. I can't take it anymore. Was her cooking that bad that you need to treat her in such a cold way? Oh please, can't you just forgive her or at least be a gentleman and let her seat? Or was she too fearful to seat beside you?

No matter how pitiful the girl was, I feel that I can't really do anything as it's their personal problem. You won't want a third party to intrude into things that happen between you and your girlfriend/boyfriend right?

My stop came. Before I alighted, I took a quick glance at how the "couple" were doing. The guy was still sitting down with the "I-can't-see-you-and-won't-want-to" face while she had the "please-don't-be-angry-anymore-I-am-already-so-sad" face. I silently wished her all the best in this and got down.

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Thursday, April 13, 2006

Female Beauty

How do you define "beauty"? Double eyelids? Almond-shaped eyes? Wrinkle-free complexion? Different people have different yardsticks for measuring "beauty". In this website, a group of researchers went about studying the faces of the people around before coming up with a prototype of a face that is "attractive" and another prototype of a face that is "unattractive". So how do they look like? What are the features that defines a "pretty face"? Well, the answer according to them is below.

(Although I am talking about females, this picture is posted for those who are interested in the results of the study for males)

Do you agree with them? You can navigate around their website if you want to know more about their research project.

According to a study commissioned by Dove, most Asian women are content with their looks with the exception of Japan where more than half of them are not satisfied with how they look.

Which feature do you think plays a great impact on defining how "beautiful" you are? For Singaporean women, it's the face and shape of eyes.

Other interesting finds:

  • Fewer Than 3% of Women Call Themselves “Beautiful”
  • Singapore Women Near Bottom on Compliments (95 days on average since they were told they were beautiful)
  • Only 2 out of 10 Singapore Women Happy with their Breasts
  • Singapore women very “natural,” with least amount of skin whitening and second least usage of deodorant


    FAMILY RELATIONS: Malaysia, China, Philippines, Thailand
    ROMANTIC RELATIONS: Korea, Vietnam, Philippines
    FRIENDS: Hong Kong, Malaysia, Philippines, Korea
    BEAUTY: Philippines, Malaysia, China
    FINANCIAL SUCCESS: Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand
    HEALTH: Vietnam, Philippines, Malaysia

    There appears to be a strong relationship between happiness in other aspects of one's life, such as family and friends, and feeling beautiful.

    What if you don't have any of those features listed in the "attractive face" picture? Are you still satisfied with your looks? You can visit Dove's Campaign For Real Beauty and find that there are millions of girls out there who share the same sentiment as you. If you are feeling generous, you can even donate to The Dove Self-Esteem Fund. The fund aims to teach and show girls a wider definition of "beauty". Here's a commercial on bodily characteristics that girls are concerned about.

    Here are some comments by girls from the forum:

    Tasha: Hi. I'm a 14 year old girl with a low self-esteem. After seeing the advert i couldn't believe how much i could relate to it. There's so much pressure to be beautiful and skinny. I have been bullied many times (and still am) for being ugly and smart so i think what doves doing is really great:)

    Guest: hey.i know this self esteem site is about how you feel about how you look but i have problems with whats on the inside.i think im a good looking girl but i dont think i have a personality that anyone will want to know.i hvae no problems with how i look but,stupid as its sounds, i dont think im a person worth knowing.i dont feel i have an impact on anyones life and my confidence in myself is rock i sound stupid?

    Daniela Hooper: It is rare, in our world to see that real beauty is in fact the real thing, and what we should be proud of at all times. As a normal girl, I have always been influenced by the media, magazines, and theyre potrays of what beauty is. The truth is, thats how beauty sells.
    What beauty is, is something that they dont know about. Something that lies within every women, every soul. It is the fact that you can be beautiful, by being yourself. Love youself, your inner self and with that comes outside beauty as well. That is what I can see when I watch the DOVE ads, and that is the truth.
    THANK you for realizing.

    _-Sammy-_: When I saw the advert I was shocked how it was like me
    All my life I thought I was fat and ugly and people told me that.
    After seeing the advert I realised that there is beauty in me and I should ignore what everyone else says.
    My Boyfriend said "See even they say your beautiful!"
    Aww bless Him

    After reading all these, how do you define "beauty"? Is it the physical built outside or the personality inside that makes you unique as you are? The outside or the inside?

    Personally, I feel that even though your physical features does play a part in defining "beauty", but what is more important - and also the most overlooked part - is your personality and characteristics. Let me share something that I saw.

    Once, I was queuing up to collect the TODAY newspaper at Toa Payoh Interchange. There was this schoolgirl who looked like an average Singaporean girl. Nothing outstanding, just average. From her uniform, I could see that she's from a girls' school - CHIJ or some Convent school. She was standing at one corner. I was thinking to myself, "Shouldn't she be in school at this hour? It's like 7.15am." Then when the MRT (Mass Rapid Transit) train came and commuters streamed out of it, there was this other schoolgirl in the same uniform who was in crutches. The one who was standing at one corner, approached this other schoolgirl and helped her to carry her schoolbag! Oh man, I was so touched. She waited all this while for her friend to come so that she could assist her in carrying her schoolbag. Her friend initially refused but she insisted on, seeing how difficult it was for her friend to walk with her crutches and carry her schoolbag at the same time. Does she look nice? Average I would say. But it's her kind personality that makes her even more beautiful than the beautiful lady in front who just said the four-letter word.

    Hopefully this post will inspire you and help you realise that true beauty is not defined by your built, but by your inside - that is something you can change and improve on. The same can be said for the males also.

    "It's beauty that captures your attention; personality which captures your heart." ~Anonymous ~

    (Statistics, figures and findings taken from Dove's "New Study of Asian Women's Attitudes Reveals".)

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    Tuesday, April 11, 2006

    Japanese Independence Day

    If you have read my post on Japanese Matrix, you will definitely find this video familiar. Here he is reading the sub-titles of an inspirational speech from the movie "Independence Day".

    This guy is the best man! Just look at how excited he was at the

    Other than a few mispronounced words here and there, I think he's doing fine. I just love his accent.

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    Sunday, April 09, 2006

    New Look!

    Yay!! My blog has a new look. Finally I am able to make a 3-column blog. It looks great on Mozilla Firefox.

    But on Internet can see it for yourself.

    I have tried changing the value for "margin-left" for the main column from a "px" to a "%", yet to no avail. The issue of CSS differences between this two browsers are simply annoying. I have studied books on CSS before coming up with this new look. Didn't expect it to fail on IE though. At least it was not as horrible as boxes being all over the place. For those with IE, I am trying to find a solution to it. For those with FF, enjoy my blog's new look :D

    If you have any solutions or suggestions on how to improve the look on IE, please email me.


    (Update on 10th April 2006, 19:08)

    Many thanks to dawn marie for helping me out by introducing to me. From there, I was able to finally get the 3 column outlook that I wanted.

    Here's how it looks on Firefox. Here, everything is okay except that the tagboard is not working as it should and the font properties of the headers and title aren't displaying correctly.

    Here's how it looks on Internet Explorer. For IE, I have nothing to complain about except the fact that there are two white margins on each sides.

    Despite my blog still not showing the way I want it to, I am still content as at least the 3 columns are well-defined.

    Once again, thanks to dawn marie for her helpful solution :D

    If anyone has any idea on how to solve the problems showing in the two browsers, please tell me, I would be very grateful if you did :)

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    Saturday, April 08, 2006

    Japanese Matrix

    Somethings are best left for the experts. I am not saying that this guy is lousy, it's just his accent. If I was Mr Anderson, I would be laughing at him.

    Agent: Why are you laughing at me?
    Mr A: It's your accent dude. You sound Jap in that voice.
    Agent: must be the Matrix. The Jap accent is what you think you are hearing when actually I am talking normally. Your time has come.
    Mr A: Whatever.

    Other than his accent, everything's okay.


    (Note: He is actually learning English by reading the sub-titles. Kudos for his effort in this.)

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    Friday, April 07, 2006

    Optical Illusion

    Before I rest my tired eyes and body, I present you here an optical illusion. Doesn't seem to work on me though...maybe my eyes are too tired and I fell asleep while staring.

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    Worlds Apart

    My father and I were on our way back home from Potong Pasir where our Church had our prayer meeting.

    In the bus (334), I turned to check where my father was as the bus was very crowded. He was seating, reading a book written in the 1870s. It was some Christian book about Christian history I think. The guy beside him? Well, he was reading 8 Days.

    From there, I could see how different they were. In that scene were two people from two different worlds. One was my father, the other was someone around my age. I am of his (the guy) age group yet I behave like him (my father). Well, I guess you could say that my family's a tad traditional and still "backward", but personally, I don't find it a problem. In fact I see it as something unique about my family.

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    Sunday, April 02, 2006

    Lamb Of God

    Today's sermon was on the crucifixion of Jesus. Many a times, we just hear that "He was crucified" or "He was nailed to the cross", but do we really know the full extent of the suffering that He endured? Not many do.

    He was spit on, scourged and humiliated by the people around, all for His love for Man (for a more elaborate description you can click here). This brought to my mind this hymn which I heard when I was small titled "Lamb of God".

    Lamb of God

    Your only Son
    No sin to hide
    But You have sent Him
    From Your side
    To walk upon
    This guilty sod
    And to become
    The Lamb of God

    Your gift of love
    They crucified
    They laughed and scorned
    Him as He died
    The humble King
    They named a fraud
    And sacrificed
    The Lamb of God

    O Lamb of God
    Sweet Lamb of God
    I love the holy
    Lamb of God
    O wash me in
    Your precious blood
    My Jesus Christ
    The Lamb of God

    I was so lost
    I should have died
    But You have brought
    Me to Your side
    To be led by
    Your staff and rod
    And to be called
    A Lamb of God

    O Lamb of God
    Sweet Lamb of God
    I love the holy
    Lamb of God
    O wash me in
    Your precious blood
    My Jesus Christ
    The Lamb of God

    After the sermon, we had the Holy Communion. Today's Holy Communion meant a lot more as I've realised how much the Lord had sacrificed for sinful Man on Golgotha. For that, I am grateful.

    God Bless.

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    Saturday, April 01, 2006

    April Fool's Day

    I needed help on a particular game (the boss of a particular stage was toying with my main character. No matter what the main character did, he still lost), so I went to GameFaqs for help. However, to my horror, I saw this picture at their main site.

    (Picture taken from

    Oh no! The site is hacked! Ahh...I can't continue on with my game like this. How? Does this mean that the main character is forever doomed to be finished by the evil boss?

    Not wanting to give up, I scrolled down...and saw this:

    "No, GameFAQs really hasn't been shut down by some crazed group of video game developers insisting you spend hours plowing through their games without any help. It's an April Fool's Day joke. The real home page is still right here, or you can just wait 60 seconds for it to pop up all by itself."

    I was like, "Oh man! It's April Fool's Day!". Luckily I managed to get the help that I needed from the site.

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    SAT - Scholastic Aptitude Test ?

    It's been a long time since I've last blogged. I was thinking of what to blog but when I saw my tagboard, I was inspired...

    What comes into your mind when you see "sat 730!"? I saw it in my tagboard from ulean yesterday. The first thing that came into my mind was a SAT score of 730 for one of the components! If you google "sat", it will bring you to College Board, a place where you take your SAT (Scholastic Aptitude Test). The exclamation mark there emphasised the fact that whoever wrote this was extremely happy; something like, "YAY!! I got 730 for SAT (either Math or Verbal)!!!!".

    However, as I checked my tagboard this morning, I realised that the tagger actually meant "saturday 7.30pm". it just me or does everyone else know that it actually meant "Saturday 7.30pm"?

    Here's the whole conversation:

    27 Mar 06, 21:43
    ulean: ackkksss. ur videos are soOOO FUnNY! MORE. hahaha. OH MY. all the UNWs.

    28 Mar 06, 09:38

    Steph to Yulin: Haha...glad that you enjoyed them too. I find them funny hence I put them here to share :D What's UNWs?

    28 Mar 06, 23:01

    ulean: go ask ur juniors and find out lorh

    29 Mar 06, 10:10
    Steph to Yulin: Thanks it some expletives? Or some technical jargon like undulating nano-seismic workings?

    29 Mar 06, 23:18
    ulean: erm. nope. ask ur juniors! hahaha. (: wanna come for a band concert? moulmein! this saturday.

    30 Mar 06, 13:29
    Steph to Yulin: This Sat? Sorry, but I have lessons man...btw, I know what's UNWs :D It's "You Know What". Right?

    30 Mar 06, 22:44
    ulean: sat 730!yups. its you know what!

    31 Mar 06, 09:37
    Steph to Yulin: 730? For Math or Verbal or Essay? That's a very good score :D

    31 Mar 06, 23:11
    ulean: erms. saturday 7.30pm....

    If you think that it actually meant "Saturday", raise your left hand. If you think that it's "A SAT score of 730 for one of the components" , raise your right hand.

    (Credits to Yu Lin and Steph for their funny conversation.)

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