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Sunday, March 26, 2006

Malaysian Idol - Roti vs Susu

This post is dedicated to my cousin and her class of friends from SJC (Saint Joseph's Convent). She refused to reveal her class claiming that she has amnesia. Seriously, I think she needs help. I am glad that she and her friends have enjoyed "You Cannot Parking Here!". Here's another one from Malaysian Idol...

For those who couldn't catch it no matter how many times you listen to it, here's the "lyrics" of it:

2 dollar...2 dollar...
Susu segar susu segar
It's fresh and cold
A milk a day a milk a day
It's all to make your day

Arr...roti roti roti roti
Make you strong like me
Come here auntie buy my roti
You can even eat it plain

Kopi susu yene susu
Goes with anything...orh

Roti kaya roti sardine
Any roti also can

Hope that you've enjoyed it :D

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Saturday, March 25, 2006

Friendster Testimonial

I was checking my email today when I saw this:

Woo...a Friendster testimonial from someone. Interesting. I went to my Friendster account and logged in.

"new testimonials" it reads. Who could it be? I clicked on it...lo and behold...

Apparently, my cousin sent me this "testimonial" so important that it was sent twice. It reads:

"Hi! why your profile so empty one ar?
and why dont you put some pics in it???"

Eh? What kind of weird testimonial is that?

To my dearest cousin who sent me this "testimonial":
I appreciate your interest and concern in my blank and pic-less profile. However, such messages are not deemed as testimonials.

Please refrain from sending another testimonial that reads "Eh, how come u publish my testimonial 4 u in ur blog?" or any other similar messages. Thank you.

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Thursday, March 23, 2006

Thought Of The Day: "Normal"

Normal: The usual or the expected state, form, amount, or degree.
(Taken from

I don't know how many people have realised this but what's "normal" to you may not be "normal" to others.

In Indonesia, it's "normal" to eat with your hands, but in Singapore, it's weird if you eat with your hands.

In India, arranged marriages are the "norm", but in Singapore it's seen as a last resort to finding a partner.

In Japan Cosplay is something teens would participate in, but in Singapore there's hardly anyone doing it.

In Thailand, you have pig's blood as a delicacy, but in Singapore it's not "normal" to find a stall selling it.

Sometimes, we can't accept other people/cultures/acts for being "abnormal" just because we live in a "normal" society. Let me explain...

Case 1:
"Mum, I love to dance and so I want to be a ballerina when I grow up!"
"Cannot arh! Ballerina can't earn money one."
"But Mum, dancing is my passion."
"Girl girl, it's not that I don't allow you, but in Singapore, it's best if you be a doctor, lawyer or the President."

Case 2:
"Whatz up Dad?"
"Yo man, I said whatz up."
"Can you talk properly? I don't know what whatz-up language you are using."

Case 3:
"I like him."

Now, all three cases represent certain groups of people in my society. Previously, it's not normal to follow a career in arts nor is it cool to say "Whatz up". But as society progresses (to some it's "declines") "normal" totally takes on a new definition.

You eat with your hands? Well, I eat with my hands too - only that I use a spoon with it. You want to be a ballerina? There's NAFA (Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts) for you. You like durians? Why not stay in one at the Esplanade?

It maybe "abnormal" to see people behaving intimately in public, but as society gets more open-minded, it soon becomes "normal". Why there's even people who takes videos of themselves in intimate acts. What's "abnormal" is getting more and more "normal". What's "normal" is getting more and more "abnormal". Let me explain the latter.

"Yo man! Why are you tucking in your shirt?" Tucking in is not "normal" at this point of time.

So what determines "normal" then? I would say that it's time. As time passes-by, "normal" takes a new meaning to it. Why? Because the mindset of the people changes with time. It is the mindset of society that defines "normal". Wireless used to mean that you have missing wires in your radio but now, it's something that allows you to surf without any physical form of connection. Racism was the in-thing then with the KKK and Hitler's anti-Jew CCA (Co-Curricular Activity). Now we (okay most of us) accept everyone! We even extend it to animals with animal activists around us!

With all these examples, it is obvious that our mindset changes with time and it is because of this that "normal" changes.

"Is "normal" abnormal? Or is "abnormal" normal? Why don't you ask the crowd?" ~ Steph

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Too Busy

A dentist had just started practicing in a local neighbourhood. In the afternoon, his secretary told him that he had a visitor. Wanting to impress his first would-be patient, he picked up the phone and pretended to talk.

"Haha...I am glad that the swelling caused by the wisdom tooth extraction has gone down (pause) Welcome (pause) Glad to be of service (pause) Bye."

Looking at his visitor, he asked, "How may I help you today?"

The visitor replied, "I am here to fix your phone."

Have this ever happened to you before? How embarrassing it would be if anyone would to be in his shoes.

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Wednesday, March 22, 2006

You Cannot Parking Here!

Some of you have seen it while some of you haven't. For the benefit of the latter, I will post this video here. The security guard is simply hilarious!

I just love the look on the driver's face :D

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Monday, March 20, 2006


What's that? Is it some kind of food? Or is it some exotic place? Well, it's the name of my friend from Medan, Indonesia. Her name's Kartika Riady. How did we meet? Well, it's a long story...

1997, the year I first met her. We were in a church in Medan practicing for a Christmas item. I was there for my primary school December holidays. At first, I didn't know who she was nor her existence. But there was this day...

I was sitting down alone after one of the rehearsals as many of them didn't really came over to talk to me. I guess it must be because of my nationality. When I spoke English, they were like "Huh?". Luckily, I could do with some Hokkien and a teeny-weeny-bit of Indonesian. But that didn't really helped in bringing people to talk to me. It was so until this girl came over...

(Note: Conversations were in Hokkien, but for the benefit of those who don't speak the dialect, I will translate it to English)

She: "Hi! So what's your name?"
Me: "Huh?"
She: "What's your name?"
Me: "I am in Primary 6."

(I was not being stupid. I was just not very interested in girls.)

She: "Haha. I think you heard me wrongly. What's your name?"
Me: "Orh...Stephen."
She: "I see..."
Me: "So what's your name?"
She: "Kartika..."

(That was the first time in my life that I've heard of such a weird name. But in Medan, that name is pretty quite common. It's like "Timothy" or "James" in Singapore.)

She: "So which year were you born in?"
Me: "Erm...1986. Why?"
She: "Just asking :) For me it's 1987. Why are you so quiet?"
Me: "Quiet? I guess I am just being myself. I am a quiet person after all."
She: "Really? Well, you got to learn to talk more."

After that short conversation, I began to get to know her even better. She would call me a quiet boy, while I would help her in her Christian life. After a while, I realised that she's a good friend.

(Coming back to 2006...)

She came over on Thursday along with her brother and mother. They went to Orchard Road, Lucky Plaza, shopping centres...etc. Didn't have time to bring her around due to my NS (National Service). On Saturday, she went out with her friends and the only time that was available for us to meet and catch up on old times was on Sunday at my church - the same setting where I first met her only now it's in Singapore.

I invited her and her friends but only she could make it. Why her friends? Because I will be playing the drum and she will be left sitting down there with the congregation. It isn't nice to invite someone over to your Church and have him/her sit alone. But she understood and didn't complain. Interestingly, that Sunday was the only time when I almost flipped my drumsticks while playing. Furthermore, it was a slow song! I guess my grip was bad.

After Church, we celebrated the birthdays of those born on the month of March. Among them is my cousin Jia En. He's a nice guy (and also one of my students).

(Jia En and Steph ~ You can see how much he respects me)

(Jia En and Kartika ~ She's the one with I've been talking about)

We ate and talked. My Church friends knew her also as they were from the same church in Medan. It was quite an enjoyable time. I learnt that she's know taking interior design in one of the schools there. Time passes by very fast when you are enjoying yourself. After eating, we had another conversation. Only now, it's between two young adults (or a young adult and a kid as some would see it).

(Note: Conversations were in Hokkien, but for the benefit of those who don't speak the dialect, I will translate it to English)

She: "So will you be free after Church?"
Me: "I need to check with my parents first. Why?"
She: "Nevermind it's ok."
Me: "So where will you be going after this?"
She: "I guess I will be meeting my friend later and explore around Orchard."
Me: "Okay, enjoy yourself then :) "
She: " :) "

That day was her last day in Singapore. She will be leaving to Kuala Lumpur at midnight on the same day. So before midnight at about 10.30 pm (I was about to sleep), I SMS-ed her...

"Before you go, I would like to say a few things. 1. Thanks for coming over to church. 2. Stay strong in your faith. Remember that you were baptised."

Her reply,

"Thanks! I would like to say a few things too. 1. Thanks for the invitation. 2. Don't forget to keep in touch! We are best friends right? 3. Be careful in your NS, I still need you as a friend. 4. Thanks for everything!"

My reply,

"Haha...relax man. We are all brothers and sisters in Christ. So of course I am still your friend."

Her reply,

"Glad to hear it. If I need someone to talk too, I will share it with you ok? You can share whatever you have with me too!"
(This I don't really understand. What share-here-share-there thing. At least she tried to SMS in English - that's what matters)

(Note: We are just close friends.)

The End

(Untuk KR: Kalau kamu lagi baca ini, ingat untuk baca Alkitab mu. Tuhan Memberkati.)

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Sunday, March 19, 2006

Nanyang Technological University (NTU), Material Science and Engineering (MSE) Tea Reception 2006

Yesterday, I went for a tea reception by MSE (Material Science and Engineering) from NTU (Nanyang Technological University). It was held at the Hotel Intercontinental. I went there with my father to hear what the profesors and students there have to say about MSE. This is important to me as I will be going there in the year 2007. I've attended the tea reception last year and the open house this year. Call me a bit kaisu but I just wanted to make sure that I've made the right decision for this important part of my life - my university education.

When we reached there, we registered ourselves at the registration counter. Then we walked into the room, waiting for the talk to start. The emcee for that day was Prof. Alfred. Surprisingly, he wasn't the typical professor who wears big glasses with Einstein-like hair. Instead, he looks like the modern teen from Singapore. If he didn't say that he's a prof, I won't know that he is

The speaker for that day was Professor Freddy Boey Yin Chiang. He is known for the Biodegradable Drug Eluting Stents from NTU. Basically what this stent does is release multi-drugs simultaneously in a controlled release. This is applicable for urological, coronary, vascular and cranial therapy. Interesting huh?

Anyway, he started his talk with a joke which he heard from Australia where he used to study. It goes something like this...

There was this airport from Australia. The airport had a pilot who would like to agitate the guys from traffic control by flashing the lights, saying "Guess who? Guess who?".

The guys in the traffic control tower knew who he was but just ignored his joke.

However, this pilot once flew a late-night flight and it so happens that there's only one person on duty for traffic control. That person was having a bad day due to personal problems.

The pilot came in as usual with his lights going "Guess who? Guess who?". The one on duty was tired of all this joke and decided to teach the pilot a lesson. He switched of all the lights and flashed the lights saying, "Guess where? Guess where?". The pilot panicked.

(This joke is better than Steph's jokes)

The crowd enjoyed his joke. He then goes on by going through the talk, touching on matters such as what to expect as an undergraduate in MSE, financial aids and the course's syllabus.

He shared with us that many Singaporeans have actually seen a product made by him all over the island. From the primary school kid who just failed his CA to the Department Head who has just been promoted, they have all seen this product of his; provided that they have taken the MRT (Mass Rapid Transit) before.

Did you know that the gantry gate's retractable red blockade (the one that hides itself when you tap your EZ-Link card), was made by him? Interesting huh? It came about as there was this time when the previous blockades were made of a hard material. A pregnant lady was walking through the gantry gate when the blockades suddenly closed in. Obviously LTA (Land Transport Authority), found that it was a grave problem that needs immediate attention. They gave this assignment to Professor Freddy Boey. He came out with the current red blockades now seen all over Singapore. Interesting story.

There were many other things and stories which he talked about. But that would take up too much space for this post :)

After the talk was the tea reception itself. The food was great! It's the Hotel Intercontinental hello? I met fellow NJCian and camp friend Li Chung. We ate the food there and asked students and professors around on certain issues that we were still unclear about.

I met Ms Meilianty Gunawan from Jakarta who is now a PO (Project Officer). It's intersting to meet someone from the same country where I grew up in. I found out from her during her batch, students from her place required to go through certain tests and exams before being able to come over to Singapore to study. After hearing that, I was grateful that I need not go through all that to come to MSE...haha.

I also met Mrs Jenny Lun-Tan Yong Soo who is a Teaching Fellow in MSE. My friend Li Chung and I took turns to ask questions and listening to answers for the other. I asked about the early enlistment program for NSF (National Service Full-time) that was announced in the papers a few months ago. Her answer was that it's not only available this year, but also for the coming year (2007). In the program, you are able to take some electives for yourselves.

I talked to Assistant Professor Lam Yeng Ming on the research opportunities that they provide for their undergraduates. I am happy to learn that they do provide such opportunities provided you are the top few percent of the student comes free.

After that, Li Chung and I lingered on (because of the food :D) before going off.

I would say that the whole experience has been an enriching one. It's definitely going to be an interesting experience there at MSE. One thing I like about MSE is the "family" feel they have between professors and students.

(By the way, they even have someone called Mr Happy in their Research Staff. Cool huh?)

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Saturday, March 18, 2006

Here Is Love Vast As The Ocean

On the Mount of Crucifixion
Fountains opened deep and wide
Through the floodgates of God's mercy
Flowed a vast and gracious tide

Grace and love, like mighty rivers
Poured incessant from above
And Heaven's peace and perfect justice
Kissed a guilty world in love

I was looking through the old collection of CDs that I had and chanced upon this beautiful hymn "Here Is Love Vast As The Ocean". Listening to it really made me thing of the love and grace that Jesus has shown in my life.

Nowadays, many no longer listen to hymns. How many would know titles such as "When I Survey The Wondrous Cross" and "Blessed Assurance"? Not to mention the famous hymn "Amazing Grace"? It is sad that this generation no longer listens these hymns.

Here's the complete lyrics for the song "Here Is Love Vast As The Ocean":

Here is love vast as the ocean
Loving kindness as the flood
When the Prince of life, our ransom
Shed for us His precious blood
Who His love will not remember?
Who can cease to sing His praise?
He can never be forgotten
Throughout Heaven's eternal days

On the Mount of Crucifixion
Fountains opened deep and wide
Through the floodgates of God's mercy
Flowed a vast and gracious tide
Grace and love, like mighty rivers
Poured incessant from above
And Heaven's peace and perfect justice
Kissed a guilty world in love

Let us all His love accepting
Love Him ever all our days
Let us seek His Kingdom only
And our lives be to His praise
He alone shall be our glory
Nothing in the world we see
He has cleansed and sanctified us
He Himself has set us free

In His truth He does direct me
By His Spirit through His Word
And His grace my need is meeting
As I trust in Him, my Lord
All His fullness He is pouring
In His love and power in me
Without measure
Full and boundless
As I yield myself to Thee

Update: 21 January 2007

Here is a YouTube video of the song. I can't find any sound file, so here's a video file. Hopefully you'll find it useful. Sadly, this video doesn't enable embedding, so below is a link to it.

Update: 29 November 2007

The video in the link above has been removed. Here's another link you can try.

For those interested in learning how to play this song with a guitar, here's another video I found from YouTube.

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Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Things To Do In The Bus

If you have been reading my blog entries, you would have realise that I have quite a number of stories from taking buses. Some of the stories can be found here, here and here (part 1) (part 2).

Today, along the bus, I thought why not make up a of list things that you can do in the bus? Especially when the journey is long.

So here's my list.

Things To Do In The Bus:

01. Tell the guy beside you that you need a new body.
02. Sleep while using a paper bag to cover your head.
03. Give up your seat to someone who needs it more than you do. E.g. a lamer.
04. Instead of pressing the bell, shout at the driver, "Uncle arr! Kai men ke yi ma?" (Translation: Uncle, can you let me alight here?)
05. Don't scream, instead use sign language, hoping the driver will notice you from the rear mirror.
06. Do chin-ups using the bars at the top.
07. Try to find the "Volume" button at the bus's TVMobile.
08. Sing Chinese Opera in the bus.
09. Ask the driver whether the bus leads to Pulau Tekong.
10. When the guy beside you has finished talking through his handphone, pick up your phone and repeat what he said.
11. Put a box at the rear door when the sign "Door Closing" flashes and alight.
12. Make race car noises when anyone gets on or off.
13. Stand at the rear door and shake the person's hand when he/she gets off the bus.
14. Congratulate everyone for making it this far for the Amazing Race.
15. Stand at the rear door and place your hands on your head. When the door opens, say, "I did that."
16. Salute the driver when you board the bus.
17. Practice some slow-mo tai chi inside the bus.
18. Make explosion noises when anyone presses a button.
19. Place a mat on the floor and suggest to the other passengers to join you for a picnic.
20. Offer to polish their shoes. When they say no, tell them you need the money to feed your ten starving children back home in Tekong.
21. Play musical chairs with everyone onboard.
22. When the bus has reached the last station, ask for a group hug before singing Auld Lang Syne.
23. Breakdance.

(Note: Attempt all of these at your own risk.)

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Saturday, March 11, 2006

Science Centre / SSEF 2006 / L.I.F.E @ NTU

Science Centre

I went out with my friends to Science Centre. I reached at about 9.00 am. I went to MacDonald's and saw Kenny and Sam.

(Obviously not ready for the camera)

(Sam with his laptop)

I sat down and talked with them. Sam brought along his notebook and played some games. While Kenny and I crapped and argued about some stuff. Wee Yen was out with his girlfriend taking photos.

After a while, we got bored. So we went out and decided to play "Dumb" (where we = Kenny and me). We played half-way and quit. Why? Because it's dumb.

(Kenny and me playing Dumb)

We took another photo before going in.

(Getting ready for the photo)

(Sam, Kenny, me and Wee Yen)

We went for the Star Wars exhibition there. I am not a Star Wars fan, so I don't really find it interesting. But there was this segment called "Foley Studio". That's interesting. There, this guy taught us how sound effects (like rustling leaves and people getting beaten up) are incorporated into the movie. Quite an interesting concept.

However, as I wondered there, I saw this other event...

SSEF 2006

Wow! It sure brings back memories. I was here 2 years ago with my project on SIMS (Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometry). I scouted around looking for a name...

"Dr Nikolai Yakovlev"'s him!

He was there! Not only did I find the students under him, but also the teacher himself! Wow! I took a photo with him and of his students.

(Dr Nikolai and me)

(Dr Nikolai and his three students)

The two projects were tutored under him. One from NJC (National Junior College) while the other is from HCJC (Hwa Chong Junior College). Quite interesting projects concerning SIMS.

(Team NJC)

(Team HCJC)

After chatting with the group, I went off to NTU (Nanyang Technological University) for their open house.


"I think, therefore I am." - Rene Descartes

Nanyang Technological University (NTU) is ranked among the top 50
universities in the world by The Times Higher Education Supplement
(THES) in a 2005 ranking of the world's best universities. Placed 26th
among technology universities, NTU sits within the upper echelons of
the world's best science and technology universities.

NTU's 12 schools span diverse disciplines - from engineering, sciences
and communications to humanities and social sciences as well as art,
design and media. The university has a strong engineering college
focused on innovation, a business school that is among the top five in
Asia, an internationally-acclaimed National Institute of Education, one
of the best communication and information schools in Asia, and a
biological sciences school at the forefront of Singapore's life sciences
initiative. The Institute of Defence and Strategic Studies is a world
authority on terrorism issues.

(Taken from L.I.F.E@NTU Programme Booklet)

Here are some photos I got from there.

(Research Projects Gallery)

(Engineering booths)

(GIP - Global Immersion Programme)

I was particularly interested in one of their courses - Materials Science and Engineering.

(MSE - Materials Science and Engineering)

I asked the people there what's life like as a first year undergraduate. Most of them said that it's rather relaxed. They said that life there's quite ok and it's not that difficult if you really study. After that, I went to look around the booth.

They had a cool futuristic soldier there at display. I asked about it. They said that the soldier is equipped with smart materials that converts heat generated by the body to other forms of energy. This is to prevent detection via infra-red scanners. Cool huh?

(The future soldier)

Here's a common microscope connected to a computer for data compilation. I guess if I am going to Materials, I will be seeing this quite often.


After making further enquiries on some other issues like the syllabus and scholarships available, I took the shuttle bus provided back to Boon Lay.

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Friday, March 10, 2006

Have You Experienced This Before?

Okay, a strange thing happened to me just now on my way home. I took the 157 bus at Toa Payoh. I went for the seat near the exit which has this cushion thing at the left side. The journey was long (it's Toa Payoh to Jurong) and I was tired. So I fell asleep.

Suddenly, I woke up, feeling weird. It was only later that I realised that I was almost drooling. It almost dripped down. Oh man...the shame and embarrassment! I quickly wiped it away and went to sleep as if nothing happened. Did anyone notice it? Hopefully not. Even if they did, at least they don't know my name.

Before all the "Eww!" and "That's disgusting!" comes out from readers of this post, please understand that I was tired. To drool is human, to accept is divine. How many bloggers would post such embarrassing moments? We have one from Steph's Blog.

Then as my stop arrived (like 45 minutes later), there was this fat and bald man who stood near the exit and looked at me. I looked back at him and he looked away. A few seconds later he looked at me and I looked back at him. This happened again, totalling to three times. What's wrong? I was not drooling...or at least I don't think so. Maybe he wasn't looking at me but the guy behind me. I don't know, my eyes were half-closed from the sleep. Anyway, I ignored him and walked back home.

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Thursday, March 09, 2006

Evil Boss?

You know how some games end with insanely difficult boss fights. However, there was this interesting game with an interesting boss fight. (I am not making this up. See if you can guess the title of this game.)

The game period is somewhere around the Nazi era. The main character (let's call him Main as I forgot his name already), and his group of friends (let's call one of them Main 2), stumbled upon a secret Nazi project that experimented on human beings to create a super human soldier. They journeyed through dungeons, forests, and swamps to learn the whole story of the classified Nazi project.

Before reaching the final boss, they were fighting mutated gunners, wobbly grenadiers and shadowy snipers. After all that ordeal, they came into this chamber with the sign "WARNING - DO NOT ENTER". As all game characters do, they entered the chamber...

Main: Shucks! He has finally brought to life that detestable creature!
Main 2: Oh man! Now we got to kill it!
Mad Scientist: Mwahahaha! It'a alive. IT'S ALIVE! Now you shall all die under my creature.
Monster: ARGH!!
Main 2: It's coming! What should we do?
Main: I don't know. Maybe give it a potato or something?
Main 2: I know that you love humour but at a time like this?
Main throws a potato at monster.
Monster: AARRGGHH!!
Mad Scientist: No!!!! It's carbohydrate intolerant!
Main 2: Seriously, are you a super-hero or some kind of madman?
Main: I guess we'll never know.

I stared at the screen and like...carbohydrate-intolerant? That's the lamest weakness a boss - mind you it's a FINAL boss - can ever have. I was trying to get over the shock as the credits rolled and the screen "Thank You For Playing" appeared.

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Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Let Your Boss Speak First

Found this interesting joke from Collection of Random Stuff. Hope you'll enjoy it :D


A clerk, a sales rep and the manager were walking to a nearby cafe for lunch when they saw an antique lamp. The clerk was curious and rubbed it. Out came a genie. The genie says, "I will give each one of you a wish."

"Me! Me! I was the one who rubbed the lamp! I want to be in the most beautiful beach the Earth has to offer without any cares or worries." says the clerk. BAM! She's gone.

"I am next! I want to be free from all financial trouble and live as a multimillionaire with my family." BAM! The sales rep disappeared.

"Hm...I want those two back in the office after lunch."

From here, we can see that it's always good to let your boss have the first say.


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Ci Ko Pek (Dirty Old Man)!

I was in a 157 double-decker bus on my way home. Then there was this man who's around his 50s. He was sitting in front of me (his row of seats was in front of the row of seats I was sitting on). He was looking intently at the girl sitting two seats on my left. He was looking should I put it...he was looking below her waist.

I was can you do that to a JC student? Furthermore, she's from NJC! Oh man...that's like my alma mater. If I don't do something, my junior here beside me will be stared at by him. So guess what I did...

I stared back at him (at his face obviously). He didn't notice it at first. So I stared harder. It took him quite awhile to notice that he's caught red-handed. After that, he sheepishly turned his face away.

Haha...I've managed to defend my junior! So proud of it. Then an older man who was sleeping beside the man woke up and stared at her...

I gave up...

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Monday, March 06, 2006

The Hunted - Some Men Must Be Found

Survival Tip 20

"The safest place to hide is in a crowd. Generally, downtown landscapes have a wide variety of places where large amounts of people gather."
(Taken from

The Hunted is about a man, Aaron, who has gone over the edge due to many violent encounters he experienced during his missions as a member of the Special Forces. Now, he goes about killing people. The one who can stop him is none other than the one who thought him, L.T. Even though he was reluctant to take the offer to stop him, the guilt of training a killer makes him change his mind. Furious at his master for not replying to his letters that hints at his sanity, Aaron even goes to the extent of trying to kill L.T. Who will win? The teacher or the student?

The movie has a lot of action scenes, with military training concepts such as "moving without detection" and "taking the element of surprise". Other than that, it's a gory movie. The plot is quite interesting as the movie goes to show how the teacher-student relationship turned from that of respect to that of detestment.

Such master-student relationship can also be found in some schools if you pay attention in class...

Student: Where were you when I needed someone to enlighten me on Bernoulli's equation?

Teacher: I am sorry...I was busy with the other students.

Student: Sorry? Is that all you could say? It came out for the A Levels and I had no idea of what to write. All I wrote was...argh!!

Teacher: I think you've gone over the edge man...

(Warning: The following are lame stuff totally made up by the author. If you hate lame stuff, please don't read. You've been warned.)

Student: Over the edge? Fine...I will now annoy the students around with differential equations. Unless you accept my duel, I am going to take all the mouse pads in the computer lab AND irritate the students.

Teacher: I've taught you. I've endowed you with knowledge. I've given everything that a teacher could ever give...and this is how you repay me? You shall be caned in public after this...

Student and Teacher enters a 5-minute heated discussion on Fermi's Equation, Quarks, Detritivores and Friends.

Student: Alas...I was a fool to challenge the potter.

Teacher: You sure are right you lump of clay.

Student: That was the unkindest cut of all...

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This Week's Blog

For this week, it's The thing I like about this blog is it's clean and elegant feel. The post "ACE RACES TO SAVE LIVES", is quite inspiring. It talks about how one guy tries to raise funds for "leukemia, lymphoma, Hodgkin lymphoma and myeloma".

So go, click and donate that dollar for a good cause :D

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Sunday, March 05, 2006


I was having a conversation with my brother just now. We were bragging about how much we know about "chim" (profound) stuff about Singapore.

Me: Since you are so smart, do you know what does ISD stands for?
Brother: So easy! It's Internal Security Department lah!

Shucks...he got the right answer. Not wanting to admit defeat, I replied...

Me: Haha...wrong! It's I See Doughnuts!
Brother: Oh man...

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IQ Test

I found a site that measures your IQ based on 36 questions. You can try the test for more than once. If you score above 124, you will be invited to join the International High IQ Society.

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Saturday, March 04, 2006


First, I went to Plaza Singapura to buy a CD for my student to play along with. Along the way, I saw gigantic children sitting on top of a bus stop! Have the police took down their IC numbers? I don't think they have (nor can for that matter).

After buying the CD (which can only be played in radios and not ripped into my computer - I've been ripped off!!), I went to Potong Pasir just like any normal Saturdays. After alighting from the NEL (North East Line), I saw this!

A dead frog in front of the escalator that leads to the exit. How often do you see this? When I was preparing my camera for this shot, there was this auntie who stepped on it! Oh was gross...I could hear the "squish" sound. If you can't find it, try to look more carefully. It's there.

Anyway, I went to MacDonald and had a simple meal that cost me $3.00. Here's what I ate.

After the meal, I went to teach my student. Incidentally, her name's Tammy...but I don't think she has anything to do with the famous "Tammy".

After teaching, I went to Ben's place for his gathering. I was lost when reaching Simei. But kind Ben met up with me and brought me to his house. When he saw me, he was like, "Are you tucking in your shirt?" I guess tucking-in is not the in-thing in fashion now. Most of my friends say the same thing, shocked that the shirt can be tucked in. Anyway, there I saw Joseph. Then we took a photo.

In this photo, Ben is obviously making fun of me, pointing at my tucked-in shirt. Apparently, he thought that it's cool to tuck-in, so he did the same before the shot. Oh man...Joseph closed his eyes.

After the shot, we mingled among the group (where group = Joseph + Ben + Ben's mum + me). There was this other group which consisted of Ben's other friends. But I guess I am just We watched Ben's home-made video of the various stunts and tricks done by his friends skateboarding.

After a long while, Joseph and I went home. He dropped me at Bedok MRT where I MRT-ed to Boon Lay.

At Boon Lay, I saw this crowd of people gathered at this place. I was curious and went over. It appears to be some articles about Ah Took, the one accused of killing Huang Na. Apparently, they are asking for petitions for him to be acquited. My chinese is quite bad, so it's just my guess. It took quite awhile for the crowd to disperse before I could take the shot.

After this shot was taken, I went back home and blogged about today.

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Thursday, March 02, 2006

12? 13?

Check this picture and tell me if there are 12 or 13 people :D

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