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Monday, February 27, 2006

New Poll

I have a new poll. I hope that you guys will do it. So what's the purpose of it you may ask...well, it's to get a glimpse of what the majority thinks about this issue. This is especially so after Tammy's Saga, where bloggers realise that a lot of young people are bahaving rather...ahem.

Do participate in the poll okay? Thanks :D

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This Week's Blog

For this week, coffeestoned is the blog. So come over and pay a visit. I like the post titled "Top Gun Brokeback Squadron", as it's an interesting spoof of Brokeback Mountain and Top Gun.

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Ni Ke Yi Zuo Ba Ba Le (You Can Be A Father Already)!

Bryan and I were in the bus standing near the door. As the people entered, there was this 2WO in front of us with a SSG and a DXO. They were talking like it was some coffee shop. Then the 2WO suddenly looked at Bryan and said, "Ni na me nian qing, ke yi zuo ba ba le! (You are so young, you can be a father already)".

I was like erm...he is still in NS. I looked at Bryan and we both shook our heads. The 2WO goes on by saying that young people can be fathers already and some other stuff which I can't really understand. It's true that BIOLOGICALLY it's possible but LOGICALLY it is not. There's still other factors such as having a stable income to support the family and choosing the right one for yourself.

That was not all. When Bryan was about to alight, the 2WO said, "Na me kao jing hai da she me bus? Zou lu bu si ke yi le ma? (You live so near, why bother to take a bus? Can't you just walk?)". Seriously...he's commenting on Bryan since the start till the end of his journey in the bus. However, his tone was a joking kind of tone. So I guess it's not that bad. But seriously, would he say the same thing if Bryan is some 3-star General? Maybe not, he may pick on me instead.

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Sunday, February 26, 2006

The Tammy NYP Saga

I guess most Singaporeans already know the infamous story behind Tammy's handphone. But for those who are still in the dark, here's the summary of it.

Someone stole Tammy's handphone and found clips that showed intimate moments between she and her boyfriend. The video was circulated around her school and soon into the Internet. Now, she's infamous for that few minutes between them. People are cashing in on this opportunity, selling T-shirts and even domain names because of this. When interviewed, Tammy regretted what she had done.

But the issue doesn't stop there. The whole Tammy Saga uncovered this shocking truth: many other young Singaporeans are doing it too (The Straits Times, 26 February 2006).

It's something traditionalists would abhor. 50 years ago, I don't think anyone would be doing such things. Why? First, it's the lack of high-tech equipments. Second, is the higher moral values that society has. When my auntie was in MGS (Methodist Girls' School), there was once when she was walking home and a man who cycled past touched her. She went home and cried! But now, it's different! Girls (okay, not all of them) tape themselves in intimate moments! This is very sad.

Once, there was this question brought up.

A: Do you think that your wife whom you will get in the future will be pure?
B: Pure? Please lah, just look at our society! It's like that! I don't think there's anyone out there who is still pure
A: Are you sure? That's a bit of an overstatement ain't it?
B: No it isn't.

Such a society maybe advance technologically ("Hey! Look at me and him!), but morally it's deplorable ("Hey look! There's another video there.)

Last year, there was this issue that talked about students in university hostels not studying but...ahem. Is it good ("They are practising for their future.")? Is it bad ("Seriously, they shouldn't be doing this!"). I leave that for you to decide. So it was no wonder when this girl chose to rent a place near her university instead of staying at the hostel (which cost much more less). Her parents obviously wanted her to study and not...ahem.

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Friday, February 24, 2006


The bus 157 came. As usual, I flagged it (okay, it's the woman in front of me who flagged it) and boarded it. As I made my way into the bus, lo and behold, he was there sitting...

My brother laughed. I laughed too. I guess it's too much of a coincidence for two brothers to meet up in the same bus. One in Ngee Ann Polytechnic and the other in National Service. I stood beside the chair where he was sitting and took my handphone.

My brother: Stop being lame lah.
Me: Hello, is that Sam? Where are you?
My brother: (laughing) Wah lau, stop being lame lah.
Me: Oh, you are in the same bus arh? Okay okay...bye.

Obviously, that was some stupid stunt.

Anyway, as the bus journeyed on, more people boarded the bus. I walked to the end of the bus and there, I saw my junior! My junior from Commonwealth Secondary School. She was in Student Council and it was there that I got to know her. I don't really know her as a close friend, I just recognise her face. Apparently, she didn't recognise me too (at least that's what I think).

She was sitting on those seats that faced the sides of the bus, where three people can sit. The first was taken by someone, the second was empty and the third was taken by her. After a few stops, the guy on the first seat left. I took the seat.

Then a few stops later, there was this old lady that came. I thought that since the second seat was empty, she would take it. But no. She stood in front of the second seat! My junior gave her seat up for the old lady. I was like...stunned. The old lady was staring at me throughout the whole journey! As if I didn't let her sit down. There was an empty seat - the second one, but she didn't take it and now she's staring at Maybe it's because she doesn't like me or she hate guys in uniforms. As soon as my stop arrived, I alighted straight away.

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Thursday, February 23, 2006

New Cars Available!

Ever Felt That You've Never Got The Respect That You Deserved?

Well, now is your chance to show the world your new car! Tomota is proud to present two quality-crafted vehicles...

Farari Destroyer

Show road-users who is the BOSS!

With a double barrel cannon in front and a heavy turret on top, you will never ever face a road jam again! With the push of a button, you can destroy that pesky yellow car that your neighbour has. You can have the assurance that no one will ever dare to overtake you, for doing so will only make them easier to shoot at. You can also drive along the Istana and who knows, your car may be in for this year's National Day Parade! The Farari Destroyer's cannons are able to launch a wide variety of shells available at our outlets island-wide. From the classic tank-rounds to the puny seashells, the cannons will strike fear in the hearts of enemies around. You can even help out the Nation by defending it with your car!

The new-and-improved wheel system no longer has wheels but are replaced with tracks! Mudslides, snow, grass, the Padang, there's nothing that can stop the Farari Destroyer. Drive this to your workplace and you will be noticed immediately!

"It's terrific I tell you! I was able to drive on the road without any cars around me! The cannons proved entertaining when I shot the the trees at East Coast Park, turning them into fireworks! My date was so impressed that she agreed immediately when I proposed to her in this car with the fireworks that I just made!"
Mr Tan

(Recommended for violent and aggressive drivers.)

Monda Cruiser

Our Monda Cruiser features the latest jet propulsion engines that brings you the Mach speed that you've always wanted. Without any ground contact, high speeds are no longer a problem. Crusing along the PIE (Pan-Island Expressway) will be a cruise for you. With speeds of up to Mach 1 and four turbo engines, you won't want to stand behind this vehicle when you press that little red button that says "TURBO!".

The Monda Cruiser is more road-user friendly in that it has no destructive weapons like the Farari Destroyer. Instead, it has two electrodes in front that helps to generate electrical energy as you move on the road. The energy is stored in the revolutionary fuel cell battery stored inside.

An optional Revo-Speaker is available for those who are interested in it. With it, you are able to play the Budget Speech, National Day Rally and the Election Speech from 1965. If it's an important speech, we have it. Broadcast and share these speeches with fellow Singaporeans as you travel down Ang Mo Kio or Tan Tock Seng Hospital.

Afraid of the Traffic Police? Fear not, there's an EMP (Electro Magnetic Pulse) Amplifier located at the back that shuts down any vehicles that you target at. There's even an ejection seat for those who are about to meet up with an accident or have been caught by the Traffic Police (assuming that the EMP Amplifier has failed, which is highly unlikely).

"Whoa...this is unlike anything I have ever seen! It's metallic cover and cool futuristic features was all that I could ask for! The people around loved my broadcasts of the recent Budget Speech, especially the part on the Progress Package. My wife loves it and my kids drive it! I would recommend this to eveyone!"
Mr Riad

(Recommended for those who thinks that their grandfather owns the road.)

So what are you waiting for? Call 1800-No-One's-Here and get the ride of your life!

(Note: Please do not take this post too seriously as its purpose is purely for entertainment.)

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FAMILY is...

"Father And Mother, I Love You"


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Monday, February 20, 2006


At first I was nervous. I've never done it before and I am suppose to do it today. If I make any mistakes, it may mean more of it. No one likes it but yet there are some who need it. For me, I guess I need it too. It's something that we call "duty".

I am suppose to learn from Benjamin the basics of doing duty, but due to some unforeseen events, my friend, Evan, called me last night, asking me whether I could take his place for today's duty. He sounded like he had something urgent. He was planning to take urgent leave today. But I have never done it before. It was too risky. If anything happens, it's the duty personnel (which in this case is me) who would get into trouble. I tried contacting one more person, Daryl, to see if he's free to do duty. Sadly, he isn't. Alas, I have no choice but to take that risky offer. I did it not because of folly, but because my friend needed my help.

The next day, I sought the advice of my fellow friends: Alan, Benjamin, Bryan, Daryl and Wee Yen (sorted in alphabetical order...must be the excel-spreadsheet effect). They taught me a lot of stuff. But it's not the theory that I am afraid of. It's the practical, which will take place on the same day at 5.00pm. I tried my best to absorb as much as I could...

Duty for us all is basically being the scapegoat should something goes missing. We are in charge of keeping the keys and making sure that none is lost. Switching off the lights, locking the doors, keeping the place clean...we do mundane stuff such as these.

It was 5.00pm, I was still doing Ms Teng's work. She needed it very urgently. But I have my duty to do! In the end, I went for my duty as taking it was already a risk and I don't want anything bad to happen. Call me selfish or whatever but in the end, I still completed her work.

After 6.00pm, the keys started to pour in. I was busy running (okay, it isn't exactly running, but you get my point) here and there, keeping track of the various keys. I am thankful to the people who helped me during my duty time. They are Benjamin and Evan. They helped me by answering my calls and SMSes. I was particularly touched when my fellow NSF, Wee Yen, called me. He asked whether I was doing fine and whether I needed help. It's nice to know that you have friends who care and help you out in times of need.

Then at around 9.00pm, the place is left with me, one officer and one Big Boss. Okay, the Big Boss is really BIG, so it's like I won't go to his room to check whether he is there. Instead I will stand at one corner and listen to the typing sounds of the keyboard. I was being tactical, pressing my ears against the wall, concentrating on the keys pressed...(okay I am getting a bit overboard here).

Anyway, as I was saying, he's BIG. Not in terms of size, but position and rank. At 9.40pm, the officer left, leaving me with the Big Boss. His office lights was still on and the doors open, so I waited for him to finish whatever he's doing (if he ever finishes it in the first place) before closing the doors and switching off the lights.

I waited until around 10.15pm. It was too long. Normally a no-rank guy like me will be ignored by a high-ranked guy like him. But it was too late. I wanted to go home. So I went to the side door and tried to pick up any signs of life that maybe coming from that room, be it typing or a cough or SMSes. I leaned sideways towards his door, trying to see if he is there. It's so difficult! I even thought of taking out my shoes (as they were creaking so loudly, which isn't tactical at all) and walk to his office. But it's all too troublesome. So in the end, I just walked to the front of his office...

He isn't there. He isn't there! Oh man...he must have left without telling me! Argh...I guess it's something that newbies go through (or is it just me?). I switched of all the lights, locked the doors, returned the keys, took a cab back home (I am going to claim my cab fare) and switched on the computer.

Hopefully, everything turns out fine...

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Saturday, February 18, 2006


Today I was on the way to Potong Pasir just like any other Saturdays. It was in the MRT (Mass Rapid Transit) that I saw two boys (around the age of 16) holding hands and laughing. There was also this aunty behind them. It was a really touching scene...

One of them was handicapped in that he could not walk properly. His friend held his hand and guided him as he walked out of the MRT at Outram Park. The aunty is apparently the handicapped's mother. I too alighted at Outram Park as I need to take the NE (North East Line) to Potong Pasir. I walked beside the group of three to find out more...

The handicapped boy's name is Benjamin. Both the boys are in some special school. Not special as in gifted but special as in needing special attention. However, Ben's friend (I couldn't get his name), seems normal. They were talking on things like...

"What are you going to do after this year?"
"I think I will go into Delta."
"Delta? Why don't you continue on? I think they will provide jobs for special people for us here."

Is Delta like Secondary 4? Or is Delta their version of Junior College? That I am not too sure. But Benjamin didn't talk much. His friend talked the most. Ben's mother helped Ben to answer questions asked by his friend.

Looking at this scene really touched my heart. It's nice to know that there are people who are fortunate to have friends to accompany you and your mother to your home. In today's society, good people are hard to find.

Earlier on in the day, there were secondary school children doing CIP (Community Involvement Project) by asking for donations. There are a lot of people who refused to give. I am not saying that Singaporeans are heartless, but I guess it's that the various organisations have been doing the same thing for years of Saturdays, to the extent that it loses its meaning.

Then there was this lady in the MRT. When the MRT stopped at one of the stops, a small boy accidentally stepped on her toes. Her face turned black and she hissed! The grandfather of the boy was embarrassed and said "Sorry", but that lady did not accept his apology as her face was still black. It wasn't fortunate for me as she was standing in front of me as I was leaning against the glass pane at the sides of the MRT door. I looked out through the glass panel at the door, avoiding her killer stares (yes, she was that angry).

For goodness sake, the boy is still young! Why get so angry over it? I am sure that lady has stepped on other people's toes when she was young too.

As I was returning home, it was raining. I was waiting at the traffic light with my umbrella, waiting for the green man to light up. Then there was this man (in his 40s) beside me under the rain. I stretched my umbrella out to him. He didn't say anything (or maybe he did but it was soft) but he didn't refuse my offer either. The green man appreared and we crossed the road. As we were crossing, he did not say a word. In fact he was walking so fast that I had to quicken my pace to catch up with him. It seems that he is rejecting my But when we reach the other end of the road, the man said "Thanks". I was like "Welcome...?"

I guess Singaporeans are not used to kind acts from strangers. So much so that when they are on the receiving end, they feel awkward and "pai seh". I guess the courtesy campaign here still have much to do.

As for the student from China that I have, she's very hardworking. She is the first student that I have who is willing to stay back after lesson time to practice on the drum. The only complain I have is communication. Communication was a big problem. As expected, she asked for the Chinese names of the various parts of the drums. I was like wo bu zhi dao (Translation: I don't know). She asked me questions in Chinese and I answered her in Chinese and English. I felt so pai seh, speaking broken Chinese in front someone from China. She also has that "China accent". She talked so fast I was like "huh?". But after a while, I got used to it and teaching her was okay. She's a hardworking student who takes down notes and practiced after lessons.

This reminds me of the competition that I will face from students from China when I go to university. Getting to the top 5 won't be that easy anymore. If learning to play the drum is already taken so seriously, how much more getting a degree!

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This Week's Blog

WordUp By Chad Gramling is a blog by someone whose passion is in writing. So it is not surprising that he has embarked on an e-book. He has some interesting posts in his blog. The one that I find most interesting is the one on the Olympics. I too was once interested in the Olympics and would keep track of the gold medals earned by each country. However, it isn't so. I guess the hype about the Olympics has died out in me. I am not a sporty guy to begin with, so I guess the Olympics and me don't match.

Remember to visit his blog and view some of his posts :D

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Thursday, February 16, 2006

A Chinese Student

(Note: This post does not mean to discriminate anyone, anything or myself. With that in mind please proceed on to the post itself.)

It seems that I will soon have another student! The school called and told me that my next student will be having her lesson starting this Saturday! But...she can't speak English. Haiz...I don't know what I should do. Lol...

The student is around 30 to 40 years old. She's from China (I guess it's true that China's an opening market) and isn't really good in English...I wonder how the lessons are going to be held...

Me: Hi, today we are going to learn on how to play the drum.
Student: ?

Waa...I guess it's gonna be an interesting experience. Honestly, I can't really speak Chinese fluently. Wo zhi hui yi dian dian er yi (Translation: I can only speak a bit of it). I know that I am a Chinese Singaporean and I should know how to speak the language...blah...blah...blah, but I grew up not speaking Chinese. Instead, I grew up speaking English, Hokkien and Bahasa Indonesia. Well, it's a long story...which I will leave for some other time.

The thing that bugs me the most is that I don't know the terms in Chinese. Like what do you call a "crotchet" or a "minim" or even a "bar"? Also, what do you call the "bass drum"? Da luo gu (Translation: big drum)? The cymbals? Na ge hen duo sen ying de dong xi (Translation: that thing that makes a lot of noise)?

I guess I will leave that for Saturday. Now, I will just watch Spiderman...with the subtitles of course!

Crazy Japanese Spiderman

It's around 20 minutes. But it's worth it if you have a lot of time and are into crazy and funny parodies.
Note: Mild adult references

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Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Valentine's Day

The day is here. I would like to take this opportunity to wish everyone out there a Happy Valentine's Day. So who am I spending this special day with? With my family :D

Valentine's Day need not be a day where you must spend time with your boyfriend/girlfriend. You can also spend it with your loved ones like your family or close friends.

"Love" is a very common word used on this day. Couples saying it to each other, family members showing it to one another and gamblers losing their money because of it. So what's your idea of love?

Here's mine:

4 Love suffers long and is kind; love does not envy; love does not parade itself, is not puffed up;
does not behave rudely, does not seek its own, is not provoked, thinks no evil;
does not rejoice in iniquity, but rejoices in the truth;
bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things.

1 Corinthians 13:4-7

Here's a story from my grandmother. It's about love - a mother's love.


There was this poor family in a village in China which consist only of a mother and her daughter. The father, who was a farmer, has passed away due to poor health. The mother is left to bring her child up. She worked in the fields planting sweet potatoes. Everyday, she tilled the ground, prepared the fertilizer and made sure that there was something for her daughter to eat. She worked for her school fees, always strengthening herself in the thought that her daughter will one day be successful.

Mother: Girl, make sure you study hard so that you will one day be a successful woman.
Daughter: Okay mum.

The girl only had her mother, so it was not surprising that she was especially close to her. From her favourite food to the one bullying her in school, she would share everything with her mother. They would spend the night talking and sharing what happened through the day, laughing and crying together. Then as bedtime comes, she would hum that particular song for her to sleep.

Years passed and the daughter was all grown up.

Mother: Well, you are all grown up now and soon will be studying in a reputable university.'s been a long time. But I guess it's worth it seeing you all grown up and on the way to success.
Daughter: Thanks mum. I will write to you once I reach there.

As the years past by, the mother's health began to deteriorate. The letters came in less frequently. The daughter was worried that something may happen to her mother anytime, so she decided to postpone her studies for awhile. She wrote a letter informing her mother of her decision. After settling all the administrative matters, she took a train all the way back to her village.

It was already night when she reached her village. As she walked closer to her house, memories of her childhood days flooded her mind. The stone table which she used to study on, the grass patch where she accidentally started a fire and her favourite eating house which has already closed down.

As she stepped closer to the familiar hut, she could see a frail figure sitting at the front door, humming a familiar tune. That tune brought back memories...

"Hey Mum, what's this green thing?"
"'s a grasshopper. Your father and I used to go around the fields catching some to sell."

"It's not my fault! The fire started suddenly when my lantern fell!"
"Why are you so fired up? I am not blaming you. All that matters is that you are safe. It wasn't easy defending you from verbal abuses and threats from neighbours but it's worth it."

"Erm mum...something's happening to me."
"Haha...relax girl, you are growing up now. It's ok. Don't be too stressed over it.:

"Guess what! My application is successful!"
"Congratulations! I am so proud of you my dear. Study hard and make me proud. I will miss you but I guess it's a sacrifice I need to make."

Daughter: (tears in her eyes) Mum...I am back.
Mum: (still humming) I have been waiting for you. I am so glad that you are able to spend this day with me.
Daughter: Yah mum, I am happy too that I am still able to see you.
Mum: Relax girl, don't cry. Why should you cry? Today's a happy day and I've cooked your favourite snack - boiled sweet potatoes.

It was a shabby hut, with simple food. There was no red carpet, nor was there a limousine to fetch her. What's inside was just a straw mat with some simple utencils for eating. The only ones around are the crows looking for food and crickets that chirp to attract their kind. Occasionally, some stray cats would meow outside. Other than that, there was no human voice, except for the two of them. They shared with each other stories from the city and the village. Then as time for rest came, the daughter hummed that familiar song as her mother slept.

In that hut was two very happy people.

That day was February 14th 19XX.


Happy Valentine's Day :)

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Sunday, February 12, 2006

Valentine's Day Is Coming...

I found these articles in TODAY a few days ago. Since Valentine's Day is coming, I would like to share these two stories featured in the newspaper with you. To read the article, I suggest that you click on the pictures to read it.

Out of these two stories, I prefer the first one. Why? Maybe it's because I grew up in a Church environment and was taught to find "the other person" in Church. My family is very traditional and is very concerned over the kind of people I mix with, especially "the one". Lol...I think I may be the only with such a family in this modern society.

As for the second story, I feel that while difference is good, too much of it is bad. I don't know, people say that "opposites attract" but if there's too much "opposites" won't there be more chances for the couple to disagree and argue on? Well, this is just my thoughts. I know of people who are totally opposites but still grew old together.

Well, I guess it's the commitment in one's relationships. I believe if any couple, be it "opposites" or "likes" or "in-between", are committed enough, they will be able to see through any ups and downs along the journey.

What do you think?

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Saturday, February 11, 2006

Drum Lessons And Stuff

Today, I went to Potong Pasir to teach drumming. I took the MRT (Mass Rapid Transit). During the journey, I read the "10 years series" for Advanced Theory for Driving. During the trip, there was this guy beside me who was talking to the girl beside him. It was hard for me to concentrate but I still managed to finish 100 questions. Anyway, the guy was kind of weird. He was not sitting with his back against the back of the chair. Instead, he was leaning in front throughout the whole journey. Then when he talked with the girl beside him there's this distance between them. As in he was facing the girl but he edged towards my side. I guess may be he is nervous or whatever. Then throughout the whole trip, there would be this period of silence where no one talks, then the guy will cook up some stuff to talk about before entering into another period of silence. It was so weird. As if they were forced to go out together. This is just what I think. I may be wrong.

Then when I alighted at Outram Park for the NEL (North-East Line), there was this stop where people in groups of 4 entered. They seemed to be in some "Amazing Race" competition. The back of their T-shirt wrote "Uniquely Singapore Race". I wonder what it could be. So I went to their site and found this:

"The Uniquely Singapore Race 2006 is a 2 day one night round-singapore adventure, akin to Amazing-Race style competition, with 100 teams of full time tertiary students from polytechnic and universities battling out to be the top positions in the race. The fastest teams for the race receive prizes worth over $4000 dollars!

Young adults can learn about just how unique Singapore can be, and even introduce these perhaps unknown places and facts to their tourist friends next time they visit - through a pumped up adventure! The non-profit event is organised by approximately 30 pumped up young adults from NTU."

Upon reaching the place, I went to teach my students drumming. I would say that it's a community service thing where kids are able to learn to play the drum. Currently I have three students. They are all very eager to learn and show different talents in drumming. Some learn fast while some are good in keeping beat.

1st student:

A boy aged 12. Able to catch things very fast.

2nd student:

A girl aged 17. Oldest student and the first student I had. Shows improvement and eager to learn. Listens to English than Chinese songs.

3rd student:

A boy aged 10. Youngest student who started today. Extremely hyped up as I was showing him the basics.

Well, so far, I have three students. Hopefully they will be able to benefit from my lessons.

Then as I was going home, I saw this man with a bag placed in front of him. In the bag was a dog. Now, scenes such as this isn't uncommon. The other day, I saw an auntie with a pram and in it was a dog. I guess it must be the "year of the dog" thingy that makes people do such things. Honestly, it's the first time in my life that I actually see such things happening. It really brings a whole new meaning to "walking the dog".

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Thursday, February 09, 2006

Across The Pond

Across The Pond is a blog by a soldier. Reading his blog reminds me of my BMT (Basic Military Training) days as a recruit. What I like about this blog are the insightful posts on the life of a soldier. For example, his post on "Suicide Prevention" made me realise that suicide is one thing that soldiers face. Not only is this true for his country but for Singapore as well. There are stories in the old days telling how recruits comitted suicide. Some are facts and some fiction. If it's real, I guess it must be the culture shock that they face during the transition from a civilian to a soldier.

Do check out his blog and who knows, you might learn a thing or two.


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Tuesday, February 07, 2006

It's Her Again! (And) The Auntie!

I was surprised to see Shi Yun again on the bus today. The other day, it was her on the bus stop and me in the bus (you can read about it here). But today she was in the same bus! I was standing and as the passengers alighted, she moved from the front to my place. Now she's in front of me. I think she may recognise me, after all we used to be from the same band. But I just acted dumb.

Don't misunderstand me, it's not like I am thrilled to see her or anything like that. But it's just that maybe I don't like her for causing my friend to be so...haiz. Also, my friend was not the only "shou huai ze", there was this other guy was like our senior by 3 years. He was some bigshot in the Student Council of our school. However, he got into this relationship with the same girl and things started to...turn bad. But I guess it's all in the past now, maybe she's a much better person now.

Then as I was taking the elevator up to my house, there was this auntie who came in with me. Being a gentleman, I asked her which floor she would like to go to. She just mumbled some stuff and pressed "10". So the door closed and the elevator went up. You won't guess what happened next. She burped! It was so loud! Oh man...I've never heard someone burped that loud except for this other guy in the same office as me. She said "Excuse me" after that. Lol...but it was not the end of it all. Next, she began to dig her nose...I was like...okay...

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Saturday, February 04, 2006

NJCSB At Fish & Co

Just had my dinner together with my band friends from NJC (National Junior College). We had it at the Glasshouse near Park Mall. At first, I didn't know such a place existed until today. When my SL (Section Leader), told me that we are eating at the Glasshouse, I thought we were going to have some hydroponically-grown lettuce and tomatoes. Thankfully it isn't so.

Anyway, getting there was a problem as the bus that I took, 502, didn't travel on the normal route due to Chingay Parade 2006. So, it went through a large detour before reaching the stop. Thankfully, I was on time.

We went there and talked a lot, catching up with old times. Then there was this conversation between Sean and me.

Sean: So what are you eating?
Me: I think I will take the fish and chips here.
Sean: Fish and chips? Isn't it like "normal" food where you can eat at some other place? Why don't you try something else?
Me: Hm...okay. I think I will try "The Best Fish & Chips in Town!" as stated here in the menu then.
Sean and Eileen: Haha...hehe...hoho...etc.

As time passed by, more and more people came to join us as they were late and our stomachs were grumbling. It sure was fun, catching up with old times and asking people what are they studying now, which unit they are from and how's life been going on for them. I was expecting the juniors to come, but sadly, it was only my batch and my senior's batch that turned up. Even so, not everyone turned up. Nevertheless, it was a fun time that we had together.

The food took a long time before it landed in front of us. I would say that the food is good, especially my "The Best Fish & Chips in Town! - New York Version". Here's how it looked like. The fish was cooked with cheese! This makes it more "salty" than the normal version. I wonder why is New York associated with cheese.

After eating, we took some photos here and there. The photo below shows those who went for the dinner (Marcus and Yun Qi are not inside as they left early).

This photo shows my section, the Percussion Section, with one senior. (My eyes are not balanced! Argh! Must be the flash)

Peekae, Me, Sean, Eileen, Eejin (seated)

This photo shows my "angel" Wan Rou. It all began in NJC when my batch just entered the band. So the leaders decided to play the "Angel and Mortal" game so that we juniors won't feel so lost in the band. The game works by having an "Angel" assigned to a "Mortal". The "Angel" will write letters, give gifts, or encourage his/her "Mortal". The "Mortal" can write back to his/her "Angel" by placing letters on a designated table so that the "Angel" can take without the "Mortal" knowing who he/she is. The "Mortal" won't know who the "Angel" is until the end of the game where the "Angel" will reveal to his/her "Mortal" who he/she is. So this is my "Angel" who wrote letters and gave me presents. She's a nice and caring person I should say.

Wan Rou and Me

The photo below shows the place where we had our dinner. Nice photo huh? Haha. There's this conversation linked to this photo.

Eileen: Hey, why don't you take a photo of the logo there so that you can tell people that you've eaten their "The Best Fish & Chips in Town!"?
Me: Yah, I took the photo already.
Eileen: Haha...nevermind.

I guess she didn't expect me to take the photo. But I did.

It all ended with goodbyes with me going back home while the rest continued on. It was quite late already so I couldn't join them anymore.

Here's some lame jokes that can be found in the menu. This picture is an edited one from their website.

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My BMT Buddy!

I can't believe it! I saw him!'s been a looong time. I was going back home when I decided to buy lunch at Jurong Point. I went to KFC and saw a bunch of teens in black long pants and white collared shirt with the OCS (Officer Cadet School) logo at the collar. It was there that I saw him.

The last time I saw him was June 7 2005, the day Scorpion Company POP-ed. It was also my birthday, that's why I still remember that day. His name is Yeo Yong Xiang, from VJC (Victoria Junior College). He was my BMT (Basic Military Training) buddy. He's a nice friend and good buddy. We helped each other out during field camps, night training, digging trenches...etc. So what's he doing now? He's at OCS , waiting to be commissioned as an officer.

I could still remember the time when our platoon was required to fall-in during field camp. I was ready to fall-in with the rest of the platoon but he was still busy finding something. So I helped him find it. Apparently, by the time he found it, we were late. As punishment, the Platoon Sergeant, ordered the whole platoon to do push-ups saying, "Thank you for giving us this ****." My buddy, me and a few others who were late just stood in front of them listening to them thanking us for being punished. It was hard on my buddy since he was the platoon leader. Imagine, you being the leader, because of your lateness, the whole platoon is punished. My buddy felt terrible. Seeing him in such a state, I told him to relax, saying that they don't really mean it. We were in a closely-bonded platoon, so things was not that bad. Our platoon mates still supported him after that incident.

Now, he's in OCS, a place that he wanted to go to since BMT. And me? ASA (Admin Support Assistant). He told me that the attire (black long pants and white collared shirt with the OCS logo) was their booking-out attire. What a cool attire for booking

Well, I wish him all the best in OCS.


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Friday, February 03, 2006

Singapore's Brain Drain

Whether we know it or not, Singaporeans are going to greener pastures. Mr Lim Boon Hee asked in TODAY (2nd Feb 06), "Why are so many middle-aged
university-educated professional Singaporeans leaving?".

He gave the reasons of National Service, education, changes in society, lack of welfare and the influx of foreign talents. It is true that there are people complaining about these issues here in Singapore but the one highlighted by Mr Lim is the issue of foreign talents. Now you can say that it's beneficial or not. Beneficial because as these talents come, they contribute to the growth of the country through their own talents. They also create jobs for the unemployed when foreign firms brought by these talents come over. It's not beneficial because they take away jobs that Singaporeans could have taken. The presence of foreign talents also increase competitiveness in Singapore as citizens need to work harder and longer to show their bosses that the coming promotion should be theirs. He ended his letterwith this:

"This vicious cycle cannot be good for Singapore. Yes, we welcome foreign talent but not at the expense of our own sons and daughters born and educated here."

The next day, 4 people wrote in concerning this issue.

Mr Jeffrey Law Lee Beng suggested of offering incentives to young talented Singaporeans to prevent them from going to the greener side, causing a brain drain in society. Who wouldn't want "healthcare and welfare"? Who would want "to compete with much sought-after foreign talent in Singapore"? Well, I guess the answer is obvious.

Next is Mr Ebenezer Jeyaraj who refute Mr Lim's statement which attributed the brain drain to the foreign talents in Singapore. Instead, he attributed the drain to the lack of bonding among family members. Family ties which aren't strong, resulting in people leaving their families behind for the other side.

Mr Chen Dong pointed out a very interesting point.

"If no foreigners came, would such Singaporeans be more willing to contribute to their homeland? Perhaps, we should drive all foreign talent away to see whether these Singaporeans who migrated to greener pastures come back."

If yes, then it only goes to show that Singaporeans leave their country for their own reasons and not because of external factors. But if it's no, then I guess the problem is due to the foreign talents.

The last person is Mr Leong Kum Chuen who says that "to each his own". Even though his friend's reasoning of leaving for Brisbane for a better life seems reasonable and sound, he still decided to stay here for he "prefer[s] competition".

So what's my point of view? I would say that humans are generally selfish, they will consciously or unconsciously work towards paths that benefit them. I am not saying that there isn't any selfless people here. What I am saying is that it's rare. Ultimately, it's the choice that you have of whether you want to stay or go. Be either a "stayer" or a "quitter". Whatever path you choose no one can say that it's wrong for it's your life and it's up to you to set your own personal goals and dreams. If it means staying here, then it's good. But if it means migrating, then it's also good. But seriously, the fact that capable and talented Singaporeans leaving the country is a serious one which needs to be checked. If not, it will only result in the majority consisting of people from the lower pyramid of society.

Is this good?


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Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Me For Singapore Idol?

Two of my friends suggested that I go for Singapore Idol. But I can't sing, I can't to survive?

"Well, tell them your lame jokes." ~ Ben and Bryan

Now, before I continue on, my friends have a very unique impression of me. They think that I am some guy who tell lame jokes. So lame that "there's no hope for the rest of the world [where] [everyone's] gonna die from a lack of humour" (quoting from Ben). But not all produce the same response. There's this girl from my Junior College who actually find them funny. To the extent that she laughed until she had hiccups. For once, I thought I was that funny. She even dubbed me as some missionary spreading lame jokes. Ouch...

So what would it be like? Would I be Singapore Idol? Or just some lame loser? Telling lame jokes in national television ain't easy. Even more doing it in front of 4 Singapore Idol judges. Well, I can only imagine...

(Warning, the following may be distasteful to some)

(You have been warned)

Judge A: So what are you going to do?
Me: Erm...tell lame jokes...hehe
Judge B: Eh?
Judge C: Well, that's something interesting.
Me: Can I start?
Judge A: Sure.
Me: Okay. What's big and sounds like a mouse?
Judge C: I thought I've heard that one before.
Judge B: I don't know...a big mouse?
Me: Nope :)
Judge A: A genetically engineered mouse?
Me: Wrong.
Judge D: It's a simple, how to answer wrongly?
Me: Hey! You are so right!
Judge A, Judge B, Judge C: D, are you like...ok?
Judge D: There's something fishy about this lamer but I like his jokes.
Judge A: I don't believe this. He doesn't sing but tells lame jokes.
Me: So do I get to be the Singapore...
Judge B: This guy annoys me.
Judge C: Yeah!
Judge D: He does have his talents. Kid, we will give you one more chance. Do you want to sing us a song? I like your style but these guys obviously don't.
Me: I can't sing. So I guess I will just tell another joke.
Judge A: Lame joke you mean.

Me: Ahem. What's this? (Waving my hand in front of them)
Judge A: I am not answering.
Judge C: It's your hand?
Me: Nope.
Judge B: Five fingers?
Judge C: Your hand with five fingers?
Judge A: Why are your talking to him? He's obviously wasting our time.
Judge D: You are good. I give up.
Judge B, Judge C: Yup we too.
Judge A: I was not even playing in the first place.
Me: Ahem...well, it's not "Your hand" but the answer is "My hand"!
Judge A, Judge B, Judge C, Judge D: -_-"
Judge B: Huh?
Judge C: Why is it so?
Judge A: Please go away, I don't want to see you.
Judge D: Seriously, I think you should go for Singapore Lamer.

If you are still reading until here, I hope you won't be offended with this.

This post is dedicated to Ben and Bryan who believed in my lameness and would understand what this post is talking about.

To the rest, I hope that I haven't offended you.

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