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Wednesday, May 31, 2006

What Is The One Thing You Wish A Guy Will Do For You?

I was browsing around MIW when I saw this.

I went there and saw some interesting opinions from our female friends. Well, these are what they want their guys to do for them:

Erlina: Surprise me with a home cooked meal.
Nadirah: Give me little surprises from time to time like pop up suddenly in front of me when i least expected it.
Kathy: Make me a romantic home-made dinner all by himself.
Janelle: Ask me to be his girlfriend.
Faizah: I wish that he will not irritate me with his actions or give me problems that might ruin our relationship.

Have you done any of these to your special someone? I know I haven't.

By the way, today is World No Tobacco Day, so please don't smoke. That's something most girls hate.

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Monday, May 29, 2006

Week's Wick: Life's Fragility - Yogyakarta Quake

Week's Wick

Life's Fragility - Yogyakarta Quake

"Mum, please bring me to the river tomorrow to catch some fishes!"

"Tomorrow will mark the beginning of our partnership."

"You'll be getting married tomorrow!"

"Let tomorrow come that I may see you again."

Alas, all these came to an end when a 5.9 quake shook the grounds.

Treasure life, make full use of it when you still have it.

In memory of the lives lost in the quake at Yogyakarta [1] [2].

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Saturday, May 27, 2006

"Fat" Is Not "Bad"

Society tends to bring down people who are fat. Newspapers quote studies with frightening figures of how many obese people die out of heart attacks, various types of cancers, and yes, even car accidents due to clumsy movements!

Are these studies true or are they "sponsored" by dieting companies to take a slice of the "Hey I hate being fat" economic pie? I am not saying that being fat is good, what I am saying is that just accept them for who they are. It's not like they have killed someone or burn your car. Some of them are simply suffering from some metabolism problems, where energy stored in their body is not metabolised normally like the others. It's not like they pressed the "Fat" button when they came to this world. So why penalise them for something that they have no fault in?

Discrimination against obese people starts from small. They call you "fatso", refuse to be in the same soccer team as you, and offer you sweet snacks out of "goodwill". Then when you grow up, jobs seem harder to secure than cleaning the lawn. Certain jobs shake their heads when they see any fat applicants. And that's not all. When you grow old, your family doctor nags at your deteriorating health condition, the clogged arteries, and the fact that you have three more months to live. Such a life is truly sad.

Isn't there at least something good in being fat?

Well, here's a short clip that speaks on the advantage of being fat. Now you can be free from the guilt of snacking in-between meals.

Don't cry for "fatso's" help next time when you are kidnapped.

(For a discussion on the advatages of being fat, go to this forum.)

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Friday, May 26, 2006

Letter From Mom

(Letters from two mothers to their daughters regarding their daughter's wedding night)


I know I've been very busy lately with my appointments and hectic schedule, but I would like to let you know that you are still very dear to me.

I am so sorry that I couldn't attend your wedding dinner as I had a very important client to attend to. She is someone very important to our company and if she signs the contract, it may mean a new car for you.

I know that it's hard for you to cope with my not being there, expecially so on your big day, but you can always come over and visit me with your family.

Hugs and kisses,
Your Mom.

Ah Huay,

Pai seh to make you lose face during your wedding dinner hor. I know ta-bao food not very class but as family, didi at home also need to eat one leh. We cannot leave him out. How can do that one?

Your ta-po very shuai and hao xin leh. gentleman. I very senang you can get such a nice man. He help me to get food and ta-bao for your didi. Don't scold him hor, I ask for his help one. Very heng can get such a good man.

Remember to come and accompany me play mahjong arh.

Don't worry be happy,
Lin Bu.

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Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Singlish / Hokkien Flash On The Da Vinci Code Movie

Lol...found this from Tomorrow.

It's a flash cartoon that dispels the untrue messages that come from the movie. It was made by Singapore Youth For Christ, to educate the public on the errors of the movie. I must say that it was entertaining. The Hokkien and Singlish flavour allows Singaporeans to identify with it, since it's the language and culture that we grow up in. It's a short movie, around 1 minute or so, but nevertheless it's still informative. The short song in the end sums it all up.

So tan simi? There's the Hokkien and Singlish flavour for you to try somemore leh! So go lah, wait wait for what? Must see one! Don't see also must see! If not you rugi!

Click here for the flash cartoon.

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Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Think Out Of The Box

Using only one action, how do you make the above equation true?
Action here can be an addition of a numeral, rearrangement, shifting, drawing a line...etc.
(Hint: Think out of the box)

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Monday, May 22, 2006


"You are different from other guys I know..."
I know. So?

"Kind of old-fashioned. But I believe that there's someone there who likes your kind of person."
I don't know...but thanks for the compliment anyway auntie.

"You know something? She came early just to see you."

"There she is! Aren't you going to say something?"
She may like me, but I don't.

"Are you ignorant or what? Sheesh, you are blur..."
I am not. I just don't want to hurt her by giving false hope.

" you. Bye."
Wait! I'm...

How do you put this...

"Can we still be friends?"
I guess "friends" is okay as long as it stays there.

"See what I told you? I was right aren't I? Now, it's the girls that chase the guys. So be careful."
I know grandma.

"I am saying this a friend. There are "distractions" along the way. You will know that she's the right one as God will give signs and confirmations through the people around you."
I know, I've been told of this before. Thanks.

"I believe that there's a family out there who keeps an eye on their daughter just like what I am doing son."
I know Dad.

"Not many people think like you, but I guess it's what makes you unique."

(Those are some of the words that people have said years ago...)

Somehow, I know that there's someone out there. I won't call it instinct or insert-some-mumbo-jumbo-word-here. I would call it faith. I had this kind of feeling since I was small. An assurance that God has thought of this matter and solved it way before I came to think about it. He knows everything!

Somehow, I know that there's someone out there...for me. Someone whom I will be very happy to spend the rest of my life with. It's just that now may not be the time, but I know that in His perfect timing, He will reveal who she is. My family will be happy with her and her family will be happy with me. What a wonderful day it will be! Call me someone who daydreams and fantasizes, I still believe in it.

So in the meantime, I will just have to wait in faith and surrender this matter to God. My father taught me to pray for her. I know it sounds weird to pray for someone you've never seen before, but I guess it's never to early to start praying for something that will affect a major part of your life.

"A mistake may result in a lifetime of regret, but a wise choice results in a happy family." ~ My Dad.

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Week's Wick: Humpty Dumpty

Week's Wick

Humpty Dumpty

Did Humpty Dumpty fall on his own or was he pushed down?

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Sunday, May 21, 2006

Is It Me Or Is The Fridge Not Opening?

Have you ever experienced this?

After closing the fridge, try opening it. It's harder...right? I experience this whenever I have second thoughts about snack-ing after meals.

I was curious and went to google it. Who says you can't think on a snack-less stomach?

Anyway, here's the explanation. When you open the food-tub, warm air enters the fridge. Closing it cools the warm air inside, creating a small vacuum. Hence, extra carbos from the snack yesterday is required to open the fridge.

So here's one more reason why you shouldn't eat after meals. Unless of course you wait for a few seconds (or maybe minutes) later for air from the outside to enter inside and negate the small vacuum inside.

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Friday, May 19, 2006

Of Superman And The Da Vinci Code Movie

I was reading today's TODAY when this article caught my attention.

When I first read the first few paragraphs, I thought that it would be another article on how young children can be influenced by superheroes who fly at will and the dangers it involves (children trying to fly who end up with injuries). However, a few of the words and phrases used made me think otherwise. I can't help but notice that the article, "A super dilemma", somehow sounded like a subtle protest against the controversial movie "The Da Vinci Code" with some Christian references.

(Text in blockquote and italics are taken from the article itself.)

(The article "A super dilemma")

"Take for instance this upcoming movie, which is fiction masquerading as fact, about a baby from a faraway place who comes to earth, and grows up possessing supernatural powers that he uses to save the world. Yes, of course, I am talking about the new Superman movie, Superman Returns. I think we should ban this movie. At the very least, try to get an NC16 rating for it."
The Da Vinci Code movie was said by some Christians to be one that hides under the guise of fact when it's purely fictitious.

"Superman Returns" was given a rating of "G". However, "The Da Vinci Code" was given an "NC16".

"You may think we are over-reacting. You may be thinking, please lah, the truth about man not being able to fly unassisted has survived thousands of years. Many have tried to prove otherwise, but failed."
This was the arguement - an over-reaction - that many supporters of the movie gave in view of criticisms from the Christian community.

"some people were martyred and fed to lions in order to force them to renounce their belief"
This was true for early Christians who were fed to the lions in colosseums because of their steadfastness in their faith. It was a form of entertainment for the Romans then.

"So, I have taken the liberty of organising a Parents Against Superman Teaching Obscene Reasoning. Together we can lobby the authorities to ban all things that go against our beliefs."
The acronym for "Parents Against Superman Teaching Obscene Reasoning" is "PASTOR". Coincidence? According to
  1. A Christian minister or priest having spiritual charge over a congregation or other group.
  2. A layperson having spiritual charge over a person or group.
  3. A shepherd.

"But I tell you, when an unsuspecting person who knows little about science reads this comic and watches this movie, he will be more likely to believe the falsehoods there. Before you know it, he will start believing"
This is the danger that many churches fear. That people may have a wrong understanding of what Chrisitianity is.

"“But if people watch the Superman movie, maybe they will get interested in science and ask questions and actually investigate the theories of flight and other fascinating aspects of physics?” you ask. We cannot risk this. They may get brainwashed!"
This is a rebuttal to the statement made by Tom Hanks. Read the article (above in blockquote), then read what Tom Hanks said below. Do you see a connection?

(Picture taken from article, "What's all the FUSS?", TODAY 19th May 2006)

"“But I heard some people say the movie and even the book is not very good to begin with. Won’t your actions just make them look credible?” Surely not. I think it will make them look even more untrue, and then people will stop reading this trash and believing silly things."
A refutation to what Reverend Dr Gordon Wong had said:

(Picture taken from article, "What's all the FUSS?", TODAY 19th May 2006)

There are "noises" to make the main movie of the article "Superman Returns".

Examples are:
1. "burn any blankets or towels that can be used as a cape"
2. "Yes, of course, I am talking about the new Superman movie, Superman Returns"
3. "confiscating all the red underwear"
4. and many others.

In all, the whole article seems to be one that subtly calls for a ban on the controversial movie behind the mask of "Clark Kent and Lois Lane". If this article's purpose was really one related to the controversial movie, I must say that it's a very good article with its own "twists and turns".

Kudos to Mr Brown for this article! I am not referring to Dan Brown, but to Mr Brown a.k.a. Lee Kin Mun.

Am I being overly sensitive to a simple article that talks about a red-caped hero? You be the judge.

(Note: Article taken from TODAY. This blog post is just my own viewpoint on the article by Mr Brown. Original file is in pdf format and can be downloaded from here under 19th May's issue.)

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Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Good Dog University

This is for all dog lovers out there. It covers a range of topics that a dog owner may face. From "Babies and Dogs" to "Come When Called", it's a great tutorial for dog owners and those interested in getting one. By the way, it's a video tutorial! No more boring words with white spaces. If you don't own a dog, you can also go there and "Aww..." at those cute little dogs.

Enjoy :D

Click here to learn more on becoming a better dog owner.

(Picture taken from:

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Monday, May 15, 2006

Week's Wick: Google

Week's Wick


Go to Google, search for "Steph's Blog", and click "I'm Feeling Lucky". What will happen? Who do you see?

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Sunday, May 14, 2006

Mother's Day Church Service

Today's Mother's Day service was the best one I had so far.

After service, the choir and children stood in front and sang a song dedicated to mothers in the Church (I was in the choir). The song was about a mother's prayer for a child. It was slow and sentimental. As the choir sang the song, I could hear sobs from the audience. Most of them were mothers themselves. My mother was also one of them who sobbed. Her face was red and I could see tears streaming down. The whole scene was very touching - children singing a song dedicated to their mothers. Aw...

After the first verse of the song, more sobs were heard. This time, the sobs were from the choir itself! Oh my. I looked around and true enough, some of the choir members were sobbing. You can imagine what kind of sound we produced. It's like someone sobbing and trying to sing at the same time. Most of them were females. I guess the song's sentimental tune struck a chord with females there.

After the chorus, the choir members went out to the congregation and gave flowers and gifts to their mothers. Some of them hugged each other and cried while others shook hands. It was then did I realise that Mother's Day can be a sentimental thing among females. Even those who were not mothers were there sobbing. When asked as to why they cried, they said that it reminded them of their mothers even if they were not there. Mothers whose child were not there were also given gifts by some of us as they are still mothers in someone's hearts. After the giving of gifts and flowers, we all returned back to the front and continued singing (some continued to sob).

It was so sentimental and touching. I almost cried seeing how everyone cried. Shucks...I guess I am a sentimental guy.

These are the gifts my mother received.

By the way, this rose was the first rose I have ever given to a lady. That lady is my mother and the day is Mother's Day, 14th May 2006 :)

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Happy Mother's Day

I remember my mother's prayers and they have always followed me. They have clung to me all my life. ~Abraham Lincoln

It was at night, breathing was difficult and the wheezing was there. I was having some difficulty breathing while trying to sleep. It was 9.30 pm, the time I was supposed to sleep.

At the age of 5, I didn't really know the dangers of having a cough and flu late in the night. It was just an uncomfortable experience that's all. But for my mother, it was something that could endanger my life.

She said a little prayer and hummed a Christian song. I guess it was a point of desperation for her. The medicine prescribed was of no use, traditional treatments from my grandparents had no effect and my father was still at work.

Thinking back, it was tough for her.

She continued on with the song while cuddling me to sleep. I couldn't remember the song, but I knew the voice. The song was comforting and her prayer assuring. After a few minutes, I was asleep.

Now at the age of 19, I could still remember that scene. The bed I slept on at that time (it's already thrown away), the bed lamp in front of my eyes as I hear her sing (also thrown away) and her hands around me, occasionally touching my forehead for signs of fever.

For all that she have done, I am truly thankful.

Happy Mother's Day Mummy.

A mother's arms are made of tenderness and children sleep soundly in them. ~Victor Hugo

Here's an e-card for all mothers. Click it, you deserve it.

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Saturday, May 13, 2006

When "I Love You" Has Lost Its Meaning

The Straits Times on 9th May 2006, reported in the "Home" section that "Most teens say no to pre-marital sex". They reported that "95% of under-16s opt for abstinence". This portrays a totally different image of Singaporean teens than the "Tammy Saga".

There are a lot of stuff and info that can be found in that article (I can't provide the link to the report as The Straits Times requires payment to read it). However, the thing that really hit me was this:

The phrase "I really really love you", is used as one of the ways that boys use to get girls into bed.

Now this is very sad. "I Love You" has been cheapened to a tool for selfish gains. It is no longer the expression of love where an individual expresses his/her feelings for the other. With such inappropriate usage of those three words, its true meaning becomes misunderstood.

Imagine if your daughter goes with a man who says to her "I Love You" because he wants to bed with her. How would you feel? Sad? Happy?

Imagine if your daughter goes with a man who says to her "I Love You" because he wants to be there for her for the rest of his life. How would you feel? Happy? Sad?

Those words are said between two people who are emotionally attached to each other; between people who cared the other more than themselves; between couples who have decided to grow old and spend all of life's ups and downs with. It is said when a couple is TRULY in love. To use it for a selfish gain simply pales in comparison when you consider its true meaning.

So please, don't use "I Love You" just for some selfish reasons when it should be used when you really love that person and you mean it with your heart.

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Friday, May 12, 2006

Gift For Mother's Day

Have you thought of what to give your mother as a Mother's Day gift? In case you wanted to send a photo as a gift, please don't do it like these guys...

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If you have been reading my blog, you would notice that my blog has a new look. The main reason for the change was due to the source code not displaying correctly in both Internet Explorer and Firefox. So I decided to revamp the whole source code. It was also a chance for me to flex my CSS and Javascript muscles :)

Anyway, I hope you enjoy the new look and please feel free to leave your comments.

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Wednesday, May 10, 2006


How do you pronounce the word "Evol"?



I don't know. At first sight I thought it was "evil" spelt wrongly. Either that or it's a short form for "evolution". However, I was wrong (well that was what she told me).

Anastasia showed me this word and asked me to guess what it was. I told her that it was "evil" spelt wrongly. She shook her head and asked me to try again.

She knew the answer, I could see it from that grin on her face. I guess she was just playing around, asking me to guess words that don't exist at all (I may be wrong, for all you know, Urban Dictionary may have a meaning for it).

Is it her foreign friend's name? Nope, it was not.

She smiled this time, obviously getting the kick out of frustrating me with a silly "Guess-the-meaning-of-this-crazy-word" game. I gave up.

"Hey! You are no fun at all! Come on, try again. As they say, "the third's a charm". Now, what's "evol"?"

"Okay fine, since you want me to guess, I'll just come up with another answer."

"So the answer is...?"

"It's "love" spelt backwards."


"What? It's just some lame answer that pop-ed into my head that's all. Why the surprised look?"

"You're correct!"


""Evol" is "love" spelt backwards! Congrats!"

Seriously, I wasn't expecting any correct answer from what was meant to be a lame answer. I guess it worked this time.

"So why share with me this "evol-love" thing?"

"Nah, just wanted to share with you something that my boyfriend shared with me."

"Well...considering his way of thinking, I guess it's no surprise that he could come up with such things."

"Aww...cute ain't it? And I find it very romantic."


So that was my first ever encounter with "evol". No, it's not "evil", it's "love" spelt backwards.

If you guessed it from the beginning, you are simply a genius. Please don't spread this "evol-love" thing with your boyfriend/girlfriend. Not all people find it cute.

"What's "evol"?..."Evol" is "love" spelt backwards...And I find it very romantic." ~ Anastasia

(Note: I came back home and checked with Urban Dictionary. True enough, Anastasia's definition of "evol" was there. Scary ain't it?

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Monday, May 08, 2006

Week's Wick

Starting from this week onwards, I am planning to start a "Week's Wick". It will consist of some thoughts or questions that I may come across during the week.

Why a "Week's Wick"? Well, some memes are named with a certain day like "Monday Something" or "Tuesday Something". Being so, it needs to be posted on that particular day of the week, else it defeats the purpose of naming the meme with a certain day. I find it very hard to stick to as I may be busy and not be able to blog on that day.

Solution? I decided on a "week". 7 days should be enough time to do a meme post in your blog. The Sunday break or the Thursday early school dismissal can be used for a meme post. Also, 7 days should be enough for ideas and inspiration to come about.

As for "wick", it speaks of a candle's wick. This imagery is used as candles used to be the light source for people to write. Through writing (today we blog), they tell others of the ideas (meme for us) that they have. As they influence others through their writing, so does memes today influence bloggers.

"Week's Wick" consists of 1 to 7 sentences in a paragraph. The paragraph can be anything from a poem to an inspiring story. Remember that the limit is 7 or less sentences.

For me, I would start with questions with 7 or less sentences.

Feel free to participate in this meme and spread the picture below around so that others like you can join in the fun! Enjoy :D

Week's Wick

"If there's no "I" in teamwork, why should I work?"

For information on what a "Meme" is, you can click here.

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Sunday, May 07, 2006


Okay, my friends have been calling me "Nini" for quite some time now. They got it from the last syllable of "Stephanie" which is "nie". My name is Stephen, but being friends, they like to make fun of my name, and so they use the feminine version of it. It's nice to know that you have friends who are concerned about your name's feminine side. I won't say that I am pleased with it, but I know that it's all in the name of "friendship and fun" and "I-want-to-irritate-you".

Anyway, I checked it out at Urban Dictionary and guess what, by their definition, I am "the pressiest most hottest girl". Now, that's sad because I am a guy. No, I don't wish to be a girl or anything like that. I am happy being myself.

Here are the definitions for "Nini":

1. the pressiest most hottest girl

2. Nini derives from 'night, night' when saying goodbye to someone online. First used in 2002 by my cousin Sam.

a. someone, a girl for that matter, who's CLEARLY unable of using the supperlative correctly and therefore embarrases herself by grammatically marring what is obviously a downright LIE.

b. a whimpering resentful wench.

c. another name for mares.

4. a newbie/too young boy(age)without knowledge on sth ...usually it's used to bring sb down..

5. wimp, mommas boy

When I check for "Stephen" (my real name), there was no result for it. The next nearest word was "Stephen a". I decided to check it out. According to their definition, "Stephen a" is: "He is totally cute! Smart, adorable, witty!". An interesting definition for a weird word. In view of this, I would prefer "stephen a" than "nini".

I went on to check for my friend's nick "Benji" whose name is Benjamin. You can check the result by clicking here. I am not posting it as the list is long and there's a certain definition that may not be suitable for young readers.

Go on, you can try looking for the "definitions" of your nicks, I can tell you that you will find some weird and totally unexpected "definitions".

Have fun :D

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The Lamest Sentence

In my opinion, this sentence is the lamest one. You can get it from the movie "I Not Stupid Too" in the scene where Tom's father (played by Jack Neo), tries to bond with his son (played by Shawn Lee) in a restaurant.
Both of them were in the restaurant and a waiter was there taking orders.
Waiter: Sir, may I help you?
Tom's father to waiter: "Sure, may I have a lame chop?"
Here's the video with the scene:

If you know of any other lamer sentence, feel free to contribute.

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Saturday, May 06, 2006

Steph's Blog

My blog was reviewed by a kind soul from BloggyAward who took the effort to read through my blog and gave a very nice review.

There are 5 categories they judge on. I did good on some and bad on some. The scores are all upon 10. They are:

Visual Aesthetics - 5
User Friendliness - 6
Reading Enjoyment - 8
Useful Info - 7
Overall Experience - 7

This was what they have to say on "Overall Experience".
Interesting and full of fresh material, this young man tackles his daily intersts with such thought and gusto ( always with links), his blog crosses over from being a typical teen read, to one with somewhat more substance (albeit humorous). If not for anything else, those in need of a good chuckle should definitely swing by Steph’s.
Do you agree? Hopefully yes :D

You can click here to read a detailed review of my blog and please leave some comments while you are at it.

You can also submit your blog for a constructive review at their main page.

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Friday, May 05, 2006

Vietnam Idol

My brother came back home from school and shared with me this video from YouTube. It was shown during break-time in a lecture on "Entrepreneurship" in Ngee Ann Polytechnic.

It's a funny video showing a Vietnamese singing an English song with his accent. The "lyrics" of the song is posted below in case some of you can't make out what he's singing about.


Do you know I love you and miss you so much
Night after night I cannot sleep so well
You leaving me because of money
I don't know I who have nothing I just love you by my heart my soul
I don't know what to do
No car, no job, no money, no home
I will die very soon
Honey, come back you can save my life.

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Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Paper Clip Floating On Water

Can a paper clip float on water? I've read from a book that it can. So today, I went to try it out. The stuff needed for this simple experiment is simple. All you need are:

1. A simple paper clip.
2. A plastic container to store water.
3. A pair of forceps to help you place the paper clip (optional).
4. Some tissue paper for drying the clip (optional).

My first attempt of placing the paper clip on the water surface failed. It sank.

Then I thought of another method of placing the paper clip on the water surface. Why not use your hands? You place the clip on your finger like this, and gently lower it down on the water surface.

Voila! It floats!

The excitement! I decided to extend my experiment a little further by "opening" up the clip. I wanted to see if the "enclosed area" of the clip affects it's ability to float. "Enclosed area" is defined as the surface area enclosed within the frame of the clip.

Yup, it works. How about opening it up a little more?

It still works. But is there a limit for the "enclosed area" before the clip sinks?

Your guess is as good as mine.

So from this experiment, I can say that the tendency of the clip to float is inversely proportional to the size of the clips "enclosed area".

Care to explain why the clip floats?

Aw, fine, here's the answer.

It floats because of surface tension where the water molecules have intermolecular bonds holding them together like a sheet of paper. That's why you see a depression around the object that floats on it. The depression is due to the weight of the object on the "skin". In fact, it's because of surface tension that stick insects are able to glide across water surfaces.

Am I wrong? Hopefully not :)

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Monday, May 01, 2006

Happy Labour Day

Here's wishing everyone a Happy Labour Day. Here's a small video for you guys to watch and enjoy. I've enjoyed it and hopefully, you'll enjoy it as much as I did.

Happy Labour Day!

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