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Tuesday, January 31, 2006

I Not Stupid Too

Today, I met with my cousins and grandmother from Indonesia and we went to Plaza Singapura to watch Jack Neo's movie, I Not Stupid Too.

Tom (Shawn Lee), Cheng Cai (Joshua Ang) and Jerry (Ashley Leong)

It was a touching movie. The show centers around three kids, Jerry, his elder brother Tom, and Tom's friend Cheng Cai. The story is a narration by Jerry on how Singaporean children handle both school and family. Tom and Jerry belonged to a well-to-do family where money isn't an issue but communication is. The children tried to communicate to their parents but to no avail. Cheng Cai belonged to a family which consists of only him and his father, an ex-convict. His father wants him to pursue his studies to avoid being like him, but he doesn't listen.

There were some scenes that shocked me. For example, there was this scene where Tom (played by Shawn Lee, fixed ear studs! It was not one but many!). The other scene was this scene where Cheng Cai (played by Joshua Ang), smoked! I don't know how they manage to do all these...but those scenes were something that I didn't expect from the two home-grown actors who have a good-boy reputation. I won't reveal too much in case I spoil the movie for those who have not watched it yet.

I would recommend it to everyone, especially Singaporeans for it touches on issues close to the Singaporean. The most obvious one is the gap between parents and children as parents are busy because of their career-driven life. There were laughter and sobs throughout the whole show. I myself was moved to tears especially the part where Cheng Cai's father fell down and knocked his head on the was a sad scene.

The movie I feel is much better than the previous one (I Not Stupid). As it's funnier and more touching than the previous one. Also, it talked about issues that the majority can relate too. I would say that it's a good Chinese New Year movie to spend your hong bao money on.

There's one thing that I learned from the movie. That is the movie's definition of FAMILY.
FAMILY = Father And Mother, I Love You.
I find this definition witty and interesting. I agree with it as I believe that as the parents care for their children, the children should love them too. A happy family is priceless.

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This Week's Blog

Okay for this week, we have Calvin, a fellow Singaporean studying in polytechnic. His blog has a rather personal tone to it where he writes what he thinks and feels on issues that goes around the globe and Singapore. Unlike some other blogs that write about political stuff, he writes from a wide range of topics, from Chinese New Year oranges to President Bush's opinion on Brokeback Mountain, you can find a number of interesting posts in here.

So do remember to visit his blog :D

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Monday, January 30, 2006

Canon In D

Found this from Google Video. It's Canon in D, a favourite song of mine. I have transposed the song into C as I find black keys not "user-friendly" than white This version of the song is...hmm...not the ones that you normally hear.

Enjoy :D

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My computer was a bit sluggish these days and the internet speed was fluctuating every now and then. It sounds like there's some spyware in my computer. So I typed in "online spyware scanner" in MSN Search and got here.

Trend Micro™ Anti-Spyware for the Web, is a very useful application where I got to scan my computer online. I found that there were around 17 files that were spyware/adware/malware...etc. It's a good thing that the service is free so that I can scan and remove all these unwanted "guests" from my "home".

After the use of the nifty application I found, everything worked smoothly. It's nice to know that there's a free online scanner out there (and importantly, it's free :D)

Note: It uses ActiveX to install a program and only works in Internet Explorer. It didn't work when I was using Firefox.

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Sunday, January 29, 2006

Happy Birthday !!

Guess what? Me blog is one years old!'s has already been a year at blogging and I must say that it was quite fun. My blog has gone through quite a few "changes" in the past year. They are:

1. The changing of the template .
2. Adding Technorati tags.
3. Adding a tagboard without pop up ads.
4. Adding an ORD counter (10 months 1 week 3 days to ORD loh!).
5. Adding a poll.

I have posted some articles in the past year which I found to be quite interesting and meaningful. I will share them with you on this special day. Hopefully you will find these posts as interesting and meaningful as I did :)

  • A Funny Post

  • A Prayer

  • How Do You Know If He Likes You

  • How Do You Know If She Likes You

  • Chaos Theory

  • Office Politics In Young Children

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    Saturday, January 28, 2006

    Chinese New Year 2006

    Wishing everyone there a Happy Chinese New Year 2006! Hopefully the hong baos (red packets) collected will be more "prosperous" than last year's...haha :D

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    Thursday, January 26, 2006

    National Service

    As I read her letter, I can't help but wonder whether Ms Cheyenne was being sarcastic or not. But Mr Leonard took it from face value.

    Cheyenne talked on a few issues. She talked about Melvyn Tan and the uproar he brought about. The issue of whether Singapore should be "mature" and accept someone who defaulted his NS (National Service). She also mentioned that "it is ok for [women] not to do [NS]", and that "the moment you are born male here, you have to serve NS".

    1. Melvyn Tan has no doubt brought not only his musical talents back to his homeland, he also brought about the spark that changed the law for people like him. The fine has been increased to $10,000. The law has also included jail terms for defaulters.

    2. Mature. How do you define maturity? The ability to forgive someone no matter what he has done? If that's the case, then who is mature? Humans being humans lack the capacity to forgive totally. Imagine someone who has gone through almost 12 years of high-keys and low-keys, do you think he is "mature" to forgive Melvyn Tan? I don't think so. The time spent...the weekends burnt...time that could be spent with your family...all of these gone in the name of "reservist". It's for the country you say. I agree. If it isn't, who in his right mind will be a reservist? But how about he who defaults? I leave that for you to decide.

    3. Women for NS. Will it ever happen? There are females in the army, yes even officers, pilots and chief clerks. But how about National Service for women? If such a policy were implemented, I don't think there will be any females who will be for it. First of all, society has always seen the male as the stronger one (don't call me a MCP here now...) and the female as the weaker one (you may call me a MCP now...) (but seriously, it's what society says). Singapore I think won't be ready for a female conscription system.

    Now how about the second writer, Mr Leonard? Well, here we hear from the mouth of what we call a NSman. For someone who sprinted for 2 1/2 laps and continued running for the next 13 laps, he is definitely speaking from experience. I believe that he expressed what many NSmen are feeling when he said,

    "I did it without any reservation, I believed it was my duty to “stand on the wall” so that my family, friends and fellow Singaporeans could sleep peacefully.

    I told myself that anyone who intended to cause harm to people like you would have to deal with me first.

    I will readily put myself between you and harm’s way. Thousands of men and women do it everyday. Some have paid the ultimate price. They are there ... for you."

    Seriously I don't think I can say such words. Yea, even though I am serving my NS now, his passion definitely outshines mine. Don't misunderstand me. I still love the people around me and my home. It's just that the words that he said are heavy and only if you are passionate about it can these words come out of your mouth.

    So what can we learn from these two letters? National Service is I guess what being Singaporean is. It's hard to say that someone is a Singaporean when he did not serve his NS. There are many who are against it and for it. Whatever their stand is in this issue, most of them still go through it.

    So are we "mature"? Can Singapore forgive Melvyn Tan? Will women ever be conscripted? That I'll leave it to you :D

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    Wednesday, January 25, 2006

    Left Behind

    I saw my brother reading this book "Left Behind" (by Tim Lahaye and Jerry B Jenkins which talks about being left behind on earth during the second coming of Christ) when suddenly it hit me like a bolt of lightning.

    Right In Front! It's the opposite of Left Behind! many times do you find the opposite of a group of words and find that they have meaning in them?

    (Okay, in case you are getting confused, "Right" is the opposite of "Left" and "In Front" is the opposite of "Behind" so by association, I can say that "Right In Front" is the opposite of "Left Behind"!)

    When I told this newfound discovery I had made to my brother, he tilt the book a little and said, "That's so lame. Please, I am trying to read here."

    Anyway, not only did finding-the-opposite (here I am talking about "Right In Front") made sense, it could also be used with the parent-group (talking about "Left Behind") in an actual sentence! Example:

    "He's not left behind but right in front!" that's English :D

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    Tuesday, January 24, 2006

    Huang Shi Yun

    That's her! It must be her. The face, the nose, the eyes...everything! Especially her fair skin. I was on the bus again today one stop before my place when I saw her at the bus stop. Her name is Huang Shi Yun if I remember correctly.

    So who exactly is this lady? She's one bandmate from my secondary school who managed to melt his heart. My friend's heart. His name is Thirapon.

    She's Singaporean, he's Thai.
    She's a clarinetist, he's a saxophonist.
    She's slender, he's well-built.
    She's from the best class in Sec 2, he's in my class in Sec 2.

    It all started when he was sitting beside me for one of the school term (can't remember which one).

    T: "She's so nice and pretty".
    Me: "Who?"
    T: [Smiling]
    Me: "Shi Yun is it?"
    T: [Shocked] "How did you know?"
    Me: "Well, I must say that she's nice and pretty...but she ain't my sort."
    T: [Laughing] "Why not? She's so fair and pretty...who wouldn't want to be her boyfriend?"
    Me: "Well, does Shi Yun know about this?"
    T: "Shhhh...don't mention her name in such a loud way! If not people will know!"
    Me: "So we give her like a code name?"
    T: "Why that's a great idea!"

    Before I continue on, now I realise how childish it was giving a girl (especially one that your friend likes) a code name.

    Me: "So what's it gonna be? "See You" because her name's Shi Yun? SY...See You...Shi Yun..."
    T: [Dreamy]..."See You...why that sounds nice."
    Me: "Why not Copper?"
    T: "What? Copper?"
    Me: "Well, Copper's name in the Periodic Table is "Cu", which rhymes with "See You". So if people managed to break the first code, at least there's a back-up."
    T: "Cool! Now we have two names for her."
    Me: "It's nice to have code names and such but what's the point if she doesn't know that you like her?"
    T: "True...I will try to tell her then. Thanks...see you then...haha"

    Sadly, Shi Yun didn't really accept Thirapon's love...however she did show signs of acceptance. I guess that's how hard girls can be at times. You just don't know if she likes you or not. My friend ended up being broken hearted and sad in the end.

    Then there was this time when our senior liked Shi Yun. Age-wise, my Thai friend is older. But school-wise, he's a junior. Well, just imagine that jealousy that he had. It almost resulted in some physical punches.

    That was not all, he couldn't really concentrate on his studies because of his liking for Shi Yun. Especially when the teacher taught us the Periodic Table...

    Teacher: "Now class, can you tell me what's the colour of copper oxide?"
    T: "See You..."
    Teacher: "Huh?"

    So you can just imagine the many misunderstandings and embarrassing moments he faced.

    Then there's also band practices...

    Me: "Hey Thirapon I guess I will practice until here. I will be going home now, want to follow?"
    T: "Nah, it's ok. See you." [looks at Shi Yun]
    Me: "Ah...See You huh? Did you manage to tell See You? Haha...ok then, see you. Bye."

    At this time, Shi Yun was looking at us. I could see my friend's face blushing.

    : "Am I talking to myself again? Oh man...I am so sorry to disturb you with my crazy stuff. Just continue on with your saxophone practice. I seriously need help."

    At this point of time, my friend laughed and she laughed. Hopefully she didn't manage to crack the code name.

    Well, that's the sad story that I could think of when I saw that girl at the bus stop. She looked taller and dressed in a shall I say...less reserved? How about my Thai friend? Well, the last time I heard from him was that he went back to Thai. Heard that there's a girl chasing him there...not too sure though.

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    Monday, January 23, 2006

    This Week's Blog

    This week's blog is "Reflections In The Mirror". A blog by a mum that talks about her life's happenings. Also, her blog's worth is $23,146.14! This only goes to show how popular her blog is. Cool blog with a cool thingy that I found from it. Went to search for the cool thingy and found a source for it :D

    Presenting...the thingy...


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    Saturday, January 21, 2006

    Stomach Flu? Diarrhea? My Stomach Sure Hurts

    These few days, my stomach has been hurting badly. It all started on Thursday night. After coming back from work, I felt very uneasy (feverish kind of feeling). Then after a few hours, my stomach began to hurt. I became nauseous...felt like vomiting but can't . Then came the fever, 37.8 degrees. I went to the toilet very often due to my diarrhea. But I couldn't stand up for long due to my low blood pressure. If I stand too long, I will get very dizzy and may fall.

    Then my parents decided to bring me to NUH (National University Hospital). I was given 3 packets of Sodium Chloride for infusion. There were checks on my blood pressure every now and then, hoping that the infusion would improve it. However, it did not really rise at all, and if it did, it only rose by a little. In the end, I was given 4 days of MC. The whole trip to the hospital lasted from 10.30pm to 4.00am...that's around 5 1/5 hours. I guess it's due to the infusion which takes up a lot of time, especially if it's three packets.

    Before I got this, my mum followed by my brother got the same thing. They showed the same symptoms. Also, the people at the hospital showed also the same symptoms. It includes one officer, a lady. My auntie and cousin also showed the same symptoms.

    My father was saying that it's somekind of stomach flu virus, something that may be related to the bird flu virus. I am not sure how true this is though. I don't know if this is some kind of outbreak or what but hopefully it's not something very serious like the bird flu.

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    Wednesday, January 18, 2006


    Her face is not something new to Singaporean bloggers. More so are her posts in Xiaxue.Her name is Wendy Cheng a.k.a. Xiaxue. It looks like now she's gotten herself into more trouble. Previously, there was an uproar over her post on using the toilet cubicles for the disabled as they are more comfortable than the normal ones. Now, it is about some racist comments from her blog. There was one teen blogger who was sentenced to do community service because of the same thing. But will the same thing happen to her?

    People are not taking it lightly as there's even an online petition to ban her from Orchard Road! I mean...banning someone from going to Orchard Road? Wow...that's sad man. It may sounds ridiculous (you can't ban someone from going to places they want to go) but it just goes to show how much these people dislike her racist comments (or maybe her). Well, here's the petition:

    To: People of Singapore

    This is a petition to ban Wendy Cheng, of, from public places such as Orchard Road and for the public media to stop publicising her site.

    The racist remarks posted on the above mentioned site, is revolting and is detrimental to society harmony.

    There have been instances in her articles where the dressing of Arab women have been mocked, Malaysians were condemned on her recent trip to K.L and lately, she openly used vulgarities prefixing foreign workers.

    Under the pretense of proposing a ban for aerosol, she is diverting attention to her racists words of wanting to "ban the foreign workers from Orchard Road".

    Her dim wits do not compliment the beautiful christmas lights either, and her blunt words on the blogsite makes reading painful.
    Thus, we personally feel, banning her from Orchard Road is much more advantageous than her call to ban foreign workers.

    We do not wish to see her get away with such mindless remarks, blatantly and arrogantly criticising other races, especially when her blogsite is hugely popular with 50,000 hits a day.


    The Undersigned

    How does it sound? Harsh? Crude? Well, I will leave that for you to decide. Personally, I don't really like her posts as they are vulgar and sounds "ah-lian". It's just not my kind of read. But that's not the main issue. The main issue from all of this is this:

    "To what extent can a blogger express his/her views on the Net?"

    You can argue that whatever is in Ms Wendy's blog are just her own personal views on certain things that happen around her and it's up to her to say (or in this case post) whatever she wants to. Human rights...freedom of speech...all these issues are being questioned as to whether they exist in modern society.

    However, if you belong to the other side of the fence, you can say that it's only fair if freedom of speech is monitored by several "rules". Rules such as "Saying whatever you want to say as long as it doesn't hurt anyone" or "Be sensible and considerate in saying things that can be seen by people from all over the world". In other words, it's "controlled freedom of speech". Ironic huh?

    I will leave the decision to you.

    Then there's the issue of Ms Wendy "[removing] negative posted comments about herself."

    "Comments" are there for people to leave their comments on the topic discussed. If you remove it, it will be a one-sided discussion, which defeats the purpose of having "comments" in the first place. Discussions aren't meant to be one-sided but rather, objective. Deleting bad comments about yourself. Will you do such a thing? For me I might, provided that the person has gone overboard, scolding vulgarities and hurling verbal abuses. But if the comments are sound criticisms and objective in their nature, then I won't mind keeping them.

    How about you? Will you do the same thing?

    Well, here's just my two-cents worth concerning this event in the Singapore blogosphere.

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    Tuesday, January 17, 2006


    Have you ever encountered such a scenario? It sounds pretty dumb but it happens.

    A friend pays $0.10 for you because you borrowed a book under his account and it's overdue for one day.

    Friend: You know a not, because of you I need to pay $0.10 leh.
    You: Only $0.10 only wad.
    Friend: But it's still money right?
    You: Aiyah...ok lah. I pay you $0.10 now.
    Friend: But it's different. They deduct $0.10 from my GIRO account. So how? You pay $0.10 to my GIRO arh?
    You: No lah, I pay you $0.10 now. GIRO or coin it's still money right?
    Friend: ...
    You: Sorry, I don't have 10-cent coin with me now. Nevermind. I pay you $0.50. Now you owe me $0.40.
    Friend: -_-'''

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    Monday, January 16, 2006

    Those JC Days...

    My old JC (Junior College) notes are being cleared by me as my father was cleaning the house for Chinese New Year. Those notes brought back fond memories I had. The days spent in the library "mugging"; the last table in front of the prata stall where our class would sit; sitting at the stone table before assembly and many more. The friends that I got to know and the friendships forged were truly priceless.

    Newman, a fellow 03S21 classmate wrote this on one of my notes:

    "He's not a fool when he does not keep what he will lose and loses what he cannot keep."

    Chim (Profound) huh?

    Then there were these interesting puzzles I found on my Maths notes on "Contradiction":


    1. During Renaissance Italy, the Bellini and Cellini families were the only casket makers. Whenever the Bellini's member fashioned a casket, he always wrote a true inscription on it, and whenever the Cellini's member fashioned a casket, he always wrote a false inscription on it.
    A casket bore the following inscription:

    "This casket was not made by any son of Bellini"

    Who made this casket, Bellini, Cellini, a son of Bellini, or a son of Cellini?

    2. The Nelsons have gone out for the evening, leaving their four children with a new babysitter, Nancy Wiggens. Among the many instructions the Nelsons gave Nancy before they left was that three of their children were consistent liars and only one of them consistently told the truth, and told her which one. But in the course of receiving so much other information, Nancy forgot which child was the one who tells the truth. As she was preparing dinner for the children, one of them broke a vase in the next room. Nancy rushed in and asked who broke the vase. These were the children's statements:

    Betty: Steve broke the vase.
    Steve: John broke it.
    Laura: I didn't break it.
    John: Steve lied when he said I broke it.

    Knowing that only one of these statements was true, Nancy quickly determined which child broke the vase. Who was it?


    Hopefully you find these puzzles as interesting as I did. Looks like Contradiction in Maths can be applied in our daily lives...interesting. Those were the good old JC days...

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    Sunday, January 15, 2006

    Singapore Idol 2006

    It's here again, Singapore Idol 2006. It was Taufik Batisah then, but who will it be now? There have been a few changes from Singapore Idol 2005 but the most obvious one faced by many is that there no longer exist a hardcopy application form. All hopefuls must apply online via their website.

    Well, there was this applicant who wanted a shot at the competition. But when I looked at Joan's (name has been changed to protect the actual person) application form...I won't elaborate further, I will let you see for yourself.

    Joan's application form:

    FULL NAME: Joan Wong (changed to protect the person)
    NRIC/Passport No.: S1234567Z (changed to protect the person)
    ADDRESS: My House
    NATIONALITY: Singaporean Citizen
    RACE: Chinese
    SEX: Female
    POSTAL CODE: 455664 (changed to protect the person)
    DATE OF BIRTH: 05 JAN 1996
    OCCUPATION: Student
    Contact NO.: 45645645 (changed to protect the person)
    SCHOOL/COMPANY: Kranji Primary (changed to protect the person and primary school)


    So far I don't have any. I would like to try to be one.

    Quite good. My mum and dad says that I have a good voice :P

    Because I have a good voice? Also, I am 10, so I guess the recording industry will want to have me rather than someone older.


    My friend who laughed at my voice. Well, there was once when this girl that I hate laughed at me, saying that my voice sounds like a car that has broken down. Well, I wanted to prove her wrong and told her that I will show her how good my voice is and there's no better way other than to join Singapore idol


    No. Well, I am in choir. So I guess you could say that I sang in front of a panel of qualified judges in the SYF (Singapore Youth Festival). We got a Gold Medal in the end and also ended up as the top five choirs for our primary school.


    Just like what I have said above. I took part in the choir's SYF and ended up with a Gold Medal and top five position.


    I did, but admission won't let me try, saying that I was too young. I just reached the registration part of the whole competition.


    The SYF event (Gold Medal and Top Five position) and my mum and dad saying that I have a good voice.


    I have a good voice, mum and dad said so.


    Singing - 1
    Song writing/Playing - 2
    Dancing - 4
    Acting - 3

    This is Joan's application. Through the advice of mum and dad, she finally decided not to submit her application form.

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    This Week's Blog

    This week's blog is: "Sailing Down the Stream of Consciousness"

    What I like about this blog are the nice photos that he gives. Most of them are photos of nature. My favourite will be the "Sea of Fog". How many times do you get to see such things in Singapore? Go there and see what I mean :D


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    Friday, January 13, 2006

    Guess What This Is



    (Hint: Think drums)

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    Wednesday, January 11, 2006


    It happened so suddenly. Last night he was walking about joking with the whole family. But when I returned home today...I saw his bag and shoes at the door. He normally gets home after me. But today? Also, he has a test today...which means he would be back even later! I went to ask my father, and he told me that my brother is sick.

    He went to school in the morning for the test. But it looks like his condition was so bad that he took a taxi back home, after which my father brought him to the Polyclinic. The doctor gave him some medicine. After eating it he vomitted. He has diarrhea and vomits every now and then. He missed his test and his teacher will be giving the test on some other day.

    My father is worried and so am I. I guess when one member of the family is sick, the whole family suffers. I won't say that it's bad or what, but somehow seeing one of your family members in pain, it makes you worried. I guess he may have eaten something wrong. Or maybe the recent cold weather caused "wind" to enter (as some Chinese would believe). But I guess it's family that provides the support when one is sick. The support (bringing a glass of water, feeding, doing his part of the chores...etc) really is encouraging, especially so if you are sick. That time when my mother had kidney stones, the whole family could hardly sleep. When my father was hospitalised for dengue my mother cried. When I was hospitalised for asthma, my family visited me in my ward. Now when my brother is sick, it's our turn to care for him. I guess that's what "family" means...being there for one another when you are in trouble (or in this case sick).

    He's now resting. Hopefully he will recover soon.

    God Bless...

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    Monday, January 09, 2006

    Email Button Generator

    Cool huh? This is my email button. Send in your comments and suggestions here regarding my blog :)

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    The Nanyang Girl

    It's been going for some time now. She is from Nanyang Girls' High, the school where the girls wear white. She's always there at the bus stop. It was I was in Sec 4? That would be the year...2002. My it's been 4 years and she's still there. Well, I guess she must be in Sec 4 now. Every morning as I go to school / work, she would be there (ok, "every" is too much. How about "most of the time"?).

    I can still remember that time when I was in Sec 4, she would come to the bus stop with her mother. Now, she's by herself. She takes the same bus as me as her school is just beside mine, (Nanyang Girls' High and National Junior College are like just beside each other). Now, even though I am in NS (National Service), I still happen to take the same bus as her as the bus - 157 - passes by this bus stop with another bus that leads to my workplace. All I know about her is that she's in Chinese Orchestra (there was this time when she was carrying some Chinese Orchestra instrument), other than that, I know nothing about her. At times, in the bus, she would look at me...then and even now. Weird huh? I think she must be thinking the same thing as me...

    " come I see him again?"
    "Is he the guy that I saw when I was in Sec 1?"
    "Haha...he sure looks shuai (it means handsome in Chinese) in that uniform :D" - This is just my may not be true...or is it?

    Anyway, it's not that I like her or anything like that. It's just...weird...seeing the same person, even though you don't know him/her, and this has been on for 4 years! Well, I guess I will just ignore this whole thing as a "weird" event.

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    Sunday, January 08, 2006

    I Am Featured Here!

    I am featured here! Haha...can't believe that my face is actually up in the Internet!

    The article is about my research done in Institute of Materials Research and Engineering (IMRE). It was done when I was in the first year of National Junior College (NJC). I did it with my partner, Liu Yixin. The project was on Nickel / Palladium as a diffusion barrier. Haha...didn't expect that the research done then would be featured. I am so truly honoured :D This may be the beginning of my dream to be a material engineer/

    The article came about last year in the month of September, which was Science Month. I went to this Science Exhibition at Suntec and went to IMRE's booth. There, I met Mr Eugene Low who found that I was involved with IMRE's research programmes for Junior College students. He worked with my mentor, Dr Nikolai Yakovlev, Liu Yixin and me, to produce this article. Well that's a short history of how this article came about.

    "A junior college student discovers that there is more than meets the eye in research and finds a calling in materials science!

    Scientific terms or jargon like Time-of-Flight Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometry (TOF-SIMS) are so technical that they can be a big turn off to any lay person, not least our teenagers in schools"

    Click here to

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    Qn: What's big and sounds like a mouse?











    Give up?

    Ans: A house.

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    Saturday, January 07, 2006

    A New Layout

    Just changed my blog's look today. The old look seems kind of plain and white. And since it's a new year, why not a new look? The script have been changed so that the blog will look fine in both Firefox and Internet Explorer.

    So here it is, the new look :D


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    Thursday, January 05, 2006

    How Rich Are You?

    A few months ago, I created this new survey to find out how people are doing financially. The purpose? I guess it's just to have a rough idea of the financial status of the majority.

    I guess the majority of the people who polled are poor. Next in line are those who are financially comfortable. But there is a trend. As you go up the financial ladder, the number of people in that group gets lesser and lesser. I guess the financial pyramid of the poor being the majority with the rich high up there still remains in society even though Mankind has "progressed" from decades ago. I guess this is an aspect of society which cannot be avoided.

    Meanwhile kindly do the next survey that I have just created :D

    (Note: Not sure what happened to the tagboard...doesn't seem to be working. Oh man...and I have just installed it like a few days ago. Hopefully it comes back again after sometime.)

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    Wednesday, January 04, 2006

    Me A Groundhog?

    Do you believe it? I am rated as a groundhog! only means one thing...


    You Are A: Groundhog!

    groundhogGroundhogs are cuddly-looking and timid mammals that eat mostly grass, seeds, and other vegetation. As a groundhog you will rarely stray far from your burrow and will run in the face of danger, but you will defend their home fiercely from predators. Groundhogs are even given their own holiday in the US, during which a groundhog is said to predict how long winter weather will last!

    You were almost a: Duckling or a Chipmunk
    You are least like a: Mouse or a SquirrelTake the Cute Animal Test

    A holiday given to -> Stephen's Day.

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    Tuesday, January 03, 2006

    First Working Day Of The Year

    Today was quite different from any other days. It's the first working day of the year. I was expecting it to be slow-paced since everybody's just celebrated the New Year and are still in the mood. However, I was wrong.

    This morning, as I took the bus (157) to work, I could hardly find a place to seat. There were many people (mostly students) standing. Orientation! It must be the first day of school for them! Be it Junior College (JC) or Secondary School, they are all having their Orientation. There were CHIJ, Hwa Chong, Raffles, Nanyang students in the bus. Some of them were SMS-ing, while some of them were It's only the first day, what's there to mug? Well, the one who mugged came from quite a good JC, so I guess the stress is there. The whole scene reminded me of my JC days, both Year 1 and 2. I used to be one of them sitting here in the bus going to NJC (National Junior College). But now, I am going to NS while my juniors are going to school. Nostalgia. When the bus reached the place, I could hardly get down! I was trying to squeeze my way out of the bus saying, "Excuse me...erm...Excuse Me...*ahem* EXCUSE ME." After alighting, I took 177 to work.

    Work was ok today. Wasn't very slack nor was it hectic. At least it was slow-paced as I expected, unlike the scene in the bus. However, I needed to do some OT (Overtime) as something cropped up. In the end, I went back late.

    After work me and my friends, Evan and Kenny boarded the bus back home. I met my old Secondary School friend, Yong Xiang, at the bus. Asked him how he was and caught up with old times. After my stop arrived, I changed from 177 to 157 again. The bus was not crowded then. In it, I saw students waering different uniforms in groups. Some of them even paired up already! The girl was from a girls' school. I guess it must be the sudden exposure to boys that caused the pairing up to occur. It must be the JC Orientation. In the JC Orientation, you get to meet students from other Secondary School who will be your classmates or schoolmates. Some of them may even end up to be your best friends in the future. Sure reminded me of those times when I was in their shoes. Well, the day was fine I guess. Nothing much happened.

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    Monday, January 02, 2006

    Funny Clips

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    Sunday, January 01, 2006

    JanjiMu Sperti Fajar Pagi Hari

    Ketika kuhadapi kehidupan ini
    Jalan mana yang harus kupilih
    Kutahu ku tak mampu
    Kutahu ku tak sanggup
    Hanya Kau Tuhan tempat jawabanku

    Akupun tahu ku tak pernah sendiri
    Sebab Engkau Allah yang menggendongku
    TanganMu membelaiku
    CintaMu memuaskanku
    Kau mengangkatku ke tempat yang tinggi

    JanjiMu sperti Fajar pagi hari
    Dan tiada pernah terlambat bersinar
    CintaMu sperti sungai yang mengalir
    Dan kutahu betapa dalam kasihMu

    This song was sung in Church today. (Is it a coincidence that the first day of 2006 falls on the Lord's day? I don't think so.) Anyway, I like this song as it talks about an individual who is confused in life and troubled. But the promises and love of God sees him through life. Very nice song.

    Hopefully in this year, I may be a more matured Christian, drawing closer to God as the days pass by.

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    The Year 2006

    It's 2006!!

    (My first post for the :D)


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